LOR Samples

LOR Samples

When planning to study abroad, there are certain documents that are essential to your application and are instrumental in your selection to your targeted colleges. The LOR which refers to a Letter of Recommendation is one such document. A well written LOR can help your application stand out from the rest, since it is essentially a document from your employer or professor stating your achievements and contribution to an organization, thus adding credibility to your application. Writing a LOR that effectively communicates your skills is crucial and can seem confusing, here are a few LOR samples to give you a better idea.

Understand the Meaning of LOR Samples

The LOR is a document which allows the admission officer of the concerned university in getting a comprehensive insight into your suitable candidature for admission in a particular course. The primary aim of this letter is to get a clearer and favorable picture of your past experience, skills, achievements and contribution communicated by the recommender through the LOR. Any candidate who is planning to study abroad requires at least 3 LOR’s irrespective of the course that he/she is going for, in the concerned university or college. 

Types of Letter of Recommendation

Academic LOR

An academic LOR is a recommendation letter provided by the faculty member of your previous academic institution. This could be a teacher, school counselor or principal from your school if you’re applying for an undergraduate program or a professor, project guide or a dean from your college if you’re going for a masters’ degree in a university abroad.

Professional LOR

There are a lot of universities and colleges abroad offering MBA programs that have pre-defined work experience requirements. While applying for an academic degree abroad, universities ask candidates to attach a professional LOR along with an updated CV or a resume. The professional LOR comes from an immediate supervisor, team leader or a manager and the content varies from an academic LOR in terms of more specific information about the candidate’s work within the team, knowledge about the sector, his/her behaviour and leadership abilities.

To help you understand each one of these better there are LOR samples in the later section of this blog.

Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

A letter of recommendation is usually a 400-500 word essay, unless and otherwise specified by the university or college. This letter talks about the candidate’s skills, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. One of the most important points to be kept in mind is that the information must be accurate and ensuring that you are mentioning the nature of association and its tenure.

Below are some basic formats to be kept in mind while working on your LOR which are also provided in the LOR samples:

  1. Most of the universities require the LOR to be on the official letterhead of the previous institution or the company.
  2. While issuing a professional LOR, you must ensure that the recommender is someone who is still working in the company.
  3. You must understand that a LOR is not a repetition of an SOP because they are two different documents altogether.
  4. An ideal LOR is required to demonstrate various perspectives and aspects of your personality that are not stated in your resume or SOP. Therefore, the LOR comes from a recommender who knows you better and has witnessed the quality of your work and is satisfied with your contributions and excellence.

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LOR Samples: Basic Format

Usually universities request for 2 or 3 LORs from teachers and faculty members for candidates applying to the UG courses, however, it is recommended that you choose a recommender who has taught you the subject essential for your admission and course of study.

To Whomsoever It May Concern
First Paragraph: Introduction
The Introductory paragraph as demonstrated in LOR talks about the recommender’s credentials such as the name, title, college or company name, city and his/her relationship with the student. The following details are mentioned in the first paragraph: For how long has the recommender known the student. Highlight the student’s stand through accurate information about his/her work and attributes etc.
Second Paragraph: Discuss Major Quality
This paragraph deals with one of the essential qualities of the student such as research aptitude, academic prowess, leadership, teamwork, organizational skills, ability in thinking out of the box, taking initiative, work ethic and maturity. You can mention an example which relates to explaining these qualities in the student. This is considered to be an important aspect of a LOR depicting that the student is indeed filled with exceptional qualities.
Third Paragraph: Discuss other Qualities
These should be different than the one already mentioned above, highlighting another quality of the student through claims to support the qualities mentioned. With the help of such instances, the admission officer of the concerned university gets to know the potential of the student and that the recommender is not mentioning any false information. The LOR samples provide information on this point.
Fourth Paragraph: Talk about some more Qualities
You can talk about co-curricular achievements or anything in the field of sports. It can highlight qualities like teamwork, enthusiasm and an all-rounded personality.
Fifth Paragraph: The Conclusion
As evident, this is the closing paragraph of the LOR. It summarizes the student’s strengths through the enthusiastic endorsement by the recommender for their candidacy.
Salutations like Best wishes, Best regards, Yours faithfully or Yours sincerely
Name of the Recommender, Designation, School, City, Contact, Email are mentioned in this part of the LOR.

LOR Samples

There are different types of LOR depending on the course and recommender itself, but it is crucial to pay attention to the formatting style and overall hygiene of the document. To help you with the application process, we have attached a few LOR samples below:

LOR Samples for UG Admission

LOR Samples

LOR Sample for MS Program

LOR Samples for Professionals

The LOR is an important document in the application process and it cannot be taken lightly. Thus, it is essential for you to build a strong rapport with either your professor or your employer so that they can vouch for your dedication and hard work. 

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We hope you have understood the correct way to write a LOR through our given LOR samples. If you are facing trouble with your LOR, the experts at Leverage Edu can help you curate the perfect LOR to ensure that all your strengths and aspirations are being highlighted in the best possible manner. So that no stone is left turned on the way to your dream college.

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