Global Studies: Importance And Job Prospects

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Career in Global Studies

In a world where news and information have become so rampant and fast, keeping a track of events gets tougher for an ordinary person. But amid this chaos, there are people who study events minutely to draw a conclusion of happenings. If you are one of this kind, then a career in Global Studies is the right option for you. With its comprehensive framework, the discipline allows you to study a number of subjects like Politics, Economy, Legal systems, International Relations, Sociology, History, etc. With a rise in the number of global issues like inflation, humanitarian crisis, civil wars etc the relevance of Global Studies has increased in contemporary times. In this blog, let up explore various career options in the very field. 

Why Global Studies?

For someone who is passionate about keeping the track of events happening globally and studying them for possible outcomes, Global Studies offer the knowledge base required for the task. The subject will allow you to study the sub-disciplines of Social Sciences like political science, economics, anthropology, sociology, and geography. Either choosing to study a specific region with respect to the global scenario or studying an issue prevalent at the global level, the course offers you the free hand to explore its vastness. After completing the course, an array of options are there to pursue which makes it among the best career choices for the students looking for an informative course. 

Global Studies Courses

There are a number of different courses which come under the Global Studies arena. Here is a list of a few courses where you could pursue Global Studies:

MSc International Relations- Global Studies

The program aims at providing students with knowledge pertaining to Global Affairs. The changing of world politics in the past century requires a deeper understanding which is provided during the course of this program.

MS Global Affairs

This flagship graduate program provides global insight and contextual perspective to the students. This helps them in becoming well-rounded professionals in the global arena.

BA Global Studies

The B. A. in Global Studies degree program prepares you to participate in, and contribute to, a fast-paced, ever-changing world. Global studies students begin with an interdisciplinary course that introduces them to the broad and varied approaches that will be used in the program.

BA International Studies

A degree in international studies opens the door to professional opportunities around the globe. A selection of interdisciplinary courses will provide you with a broad understanding of globalization, the role of international institutions, the complexity of conflicts, and global economic issues. 

Bachelor of Global and International Studies

The course helps students in gaining a deep understanding of the global and international affairs of the world. It helps them in becoming leaders in their niches.

Universities to Pursue Global Studies

A number of universities offer a course in Global Studies worldwide. For an intensive course like this, the university plays a key role. A good one will provide you with a perfect atmosphere to explore and study the program Thus, while picking one for yourself, make sure to seek correct guidance and explore all available options. Career experts at Leverage can lend you a helping hand to search for the best university. Let’s have a look at some of the top universities to pursue Global Studies.

Job Prospects

One of the best aspects of studying Global Studies is that the multidisciplinarity of the course provides a solid foundation of various fields. Some of the job profiles open for the graduates are:

  • Human Rights Activist: To promote peace and ensure that the humanitarian crisis is addressed, the job of the human rights activist involves dealing with a number of issues. It requires a deep knowledge of cultures, geographies, laws and, economies around the world. The Global Studies degree equips one with all that takes to excel in this career path. 
  • Embassy Assistant: Embassies are in search of professionals who are able to handle responsibilities related to immigration, visa and more. The graduate has expertise in a range of subjects, thus suitable for this position.
  • HR for a Global Company: As a human resource representative for a global company, you are expected to handle clients and staff from different cultures. To do justice to the post, a person with Global Studies background can be hired. 
  • Journalist: Regarded among the well-informed section of professionals, journalists are expected to have a good hold of diverse topics like Foreign Affairs, Diplomacy, Trade, Geopolitics, Economy and many more. A degree in this discipline can add to your journalistic skills and help you become a better representative of society.
  • National Security Agent: Though the position of NSA is unchallenged when it comes to the country’s national security. NSA is a person with a lot of responsibilities and intense knowledge of International Relations. Opting for this career path after completing a degree in Global Studies can definitely take you to places. 


What is the scope of global studies?

Global studies is a professional degree that focuses on economics, society, governance, and urbanization. The course is meant for people interested in government roles. The course encourages students to learn about how the world works and the nations interact.

What are the benefits of studying global studies?

The benefit of learning global students is that it develops skills in the individual. For example, the student will learn how to balance personal and cultural beliefs with different ways of thinking, and working through conflict. Thus, building comfort for cross-cultural interaction in communities, work, and travel experiences.

What is the salary of Global Studies jobs in India?

Economists, teachers, diplomats in National Foreign Service, and risk analysts are some of the jobs a student can take up after completing Global Studies. The salary in India would vary on the basis of the job. For example, a diplomat in Foreign Service can earn approximately INR 4 lakh per annum, and risk analysts can earn INR 3.5 lakh per annum.

A career in Global Studies guarantees you a versatile job profile with immense scope of growth. If you are looking for a university to study this course, study abroad experts at Leverage Edu can curate a list of options suitable for you and help you choose your desired university. Our experts will help you throughout the process of application until you land up in your dream university. 

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