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Explore the Best Film Schools in UK

If you love being behind the camera and know just the right angles for shooting, a career in film-making is made for you! The film industry is growing at the speed of light. In just a few years, we have moved from props to VFX. This has made today’s film-making not just creative but a technical work of art. While there are several film schools around the world, UK is known to house some of the most esteemed film schools that have produced canonical films that have won awards. So if you are looking for building a career in this field, you must consider film schools in UK.

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London Film School

London Film School was founded in 1956. The school offers various postgraduate degrees, PhDs and short courses on filmmaking. It is the most prestigious film school in Europe and holds a great reputation internationally. More than 60% of the student population in the school comes from outside the UK. The Academy provides an immaculate experience of learning to their students as it is a working studio that produces about 180 films a year and the students get hands-on experience whilst completing their respective degrees. London Film School also provides masterclasses, sessions and workshops.

The most popular courses offered by London Film School are:

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Met Film School

The Theory of Everything’, ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘The Imitation Game’ are some of the many legendary films that were shot at the historic Ealing Studios, the headquarters of Met Film School. They provide their students with the best learning experience and a great set of filmmaking skills with practical knowledge. The school offers various undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses in camera, editing, cinematography, post-production, screenwriting, and producing. Students learn story and script, character and performance, acting methods and techniques, behind-the-camera skills, screen business, and specialist acting skills including automated dialogue replacement (ADR), voiceover, motion capture, and combat techniques. Popular courses offered by Met Film School are:

  • BA Hons Screen Acting
  • BA Hons Practical Filmmaking
  • BA Hons Film and Screen Business
  • BA Hons Content, Media and Film Production
  • MA Screenwriting
  • MA Post production
  • MA Film and Television Production
  • MA Producing
  • MA Directing
  • MA Cinematography

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National Film and Television School

National Film and Television School is one of the biggest and most famous film schools in the UK. Providing over 30 master, diploma and certificate courses in a fully functional studio, they share all the insights of the film and television industry. The campus is equipped with dubbing theatres, edit suites and three cinemas. It boasts the most number of Oscar nominations. Christopher Nolan (11 Oscar Wins) himself takes masterclasses for NFTS students, making the school all the more alluring and popular among students. So, naturally, admission into the school is extremely competitive with interviews, showreel materials and week-long workshops taken by the aspirants. The school provides bachelor, master and short courses in film, television and sports. 

The popular courses at National Film and Television School are:

  • MA- Editing, Producing, Screenwriting, Directing, Cinematography, and many others
  • Diplomas- Model Making for Animation, Cameras for Television Production, Sports Production, and many others
  • Certificate-  Casting, Filmmaking, Location Management for Film and TV Production, Character Animation and many more

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University of Kent

Almost 3 decades old, Kent University claims to be one of the best and leading institutions in the film industry. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and is host to over 20,000 students from every nook and corner of the world.

Popular courses offered by Kent University are:

  • BA (Hons) Media Studies
  • BA (Hons) Film
  • BA (Hons) Art History and Film
  • BA (Hons) Film and Drama
  • PhD Media Studies
  • PhD Film

University of Essex

The University of Essex focuses on the overall learning and development of its students. They provide a curriculum that is a mix of practical learning in fully equipped studios and theoretical knowledge around filmmaking. Let’s look at the popular courses offered by the University of Essex.

  • BA Film Studies and Literature
  • BA Film and Creative Writing
  • BA Film Studies
  • MA Film and Creative Writing
  • MA Film and Literature

University of Westminster

The University of Westminster teaches everything about film and TV production except acting. They have amenities like two soundstages, a set construction workshop, a TV studio, edits, a mastering suite, and more. They have a wide variety of students coming from different grounds of interest like fashion, filmmaking, design, etc. The University of Westminster provides the following courses:

  • BA (Hons) Animation
  • BA (Hons) Film
  • BA (Hons) Television Production
  • BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Practice
  • MA Film, Television and Moving Images (Part-time and Full-Time)

Goldsmiths, The Screen School

Goldsmiths is based in New Cross and markets itself as the next generation school. They focus on film production rather than acting and provides their students with purpose-built media facilities. The courses at Goldsmiths are:

  • MA in Filmmaking (Cinematography, Directing Fiction, Editing, Producing)
  • Sound Recording (with Post Production and Design)
  • Screen Documentary

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