Travel and Tourism Courses in UK

Travel and Tourism Courses in UK

Travel and tourism are an integral part of any country. According to Statista, the total contribution of the travel and tourism industry in the UK is estimated at 89.6 billion. Travel and tourism courses over a wide range of subjects like hospitality, management, marketing, human resources, event management, and business administration. If you are passionate about traveling and a people’s person then here is a list of travel and tourism courses in the UK and kickstart your career in tourism!

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Why Study Travel and Tourism in the UK?

Education in travel and tourism is greatly unheard of. Nonetheless, very few know the benefits that this industry holds. All you need is a passion for traveling and serving those who travel:

  • Unlimited Opportunities: The best thing about travel and tourism education is that the knowledge is not restricted to only one country. If you study in the UK, the same techniques apply to the entire world. Therefore, it is an industry full of worldwide opportunities. 
  • Creative: Thinking on your feet and keeping the ones around you safe and comfortable is what the job demands, even if you sit as the minister of tourism in your country or a wildlife safari guide.
  • Scope: Travel and tourism come with no boundaries and maximum flexibility. You can become a tourist guide, tour manager, travel consultant, event and conference manager, air cabin crew, hotel manager, tourism manager- the scope is limitless. 
  • Networking: Travel and tourism education teach you how to treat people in this service-oriented industry. 
  • Travel Opportunities: One year you will be skiing in the Alps, the other at the beaches in Bangkok. Who knows where your tourism and travel job takes you but you’ll surely have fun! Universities in UK are the perfect spot for you to camp and get your degree in the travel and tourism field before you enjoy the perks and peril of your dream job. 

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Top Universities for Travel and Tourism in UK

We’ve curated a list of the best universities in UK that have the most fitting travel and tourism courses for you and you will be surprised to see how none of the high ranking universities make it to the list! 

The top 10 universities for travel and tourism courses in UK are:

While some of these colleges are seldom heard of, they are the hidden gems that provide the best travel and tourism courses in UK. 

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Top Courses for Travel and Tourism in UK 

Expensive as well as cheap universities in the UK offer the most diverse courses in travel and tourism.

Undergraduate travel and tourism courses in UK:

  • BA Tourism and Hospitality Management 
  • BSc International Travel and Tourism Management 
  • BA International Tourism Management
  • BSc Aviation and Tourism Management
  • BSc Tourism Management 
  • BA Tourism with Business
  • BA Tourism and Events Management 
  • BA Tourism Planning and Management

Postgraduate travel and tourism courses in UK:

  • MSc Tourism Management
  • MA Tourism, Environment and Development
  • MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management 
  • MSc International Tourism Planning and Management
  • MSc Tourism Development and Culture
  • MSc Tourism, Heritage and Sustainability 
  • MSc Management and Sustainable Tourism 

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Eligibility Requirements 

As an Indian student, you are required to be qualified in the following criteria to be eligible for travel and tourism courses in UK:

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Application Process

The application process for travel and tourism courses in UK is the same as that of any university in UK. To give an easy understanding of the application process, we have given below a streamlined guide:-

  • Choose the tourism and travel course suitable to your interests and finalise a list of universities you wish to apply to. 
  • Register yourself with the UCAS portal. Remember you can apply to up to 5 universities at one time on this portal. UCAS has developed a mobile app as well for your ease. 
  • Attach all the documents required for admission in UK to your application.
  • The processing time for the application can be anywhere around 6 to 8 weeks. 
  • Once you are accepted into a university, you can start looking for accommodations. 
  • Apply for the UK Tier 4 visa.

Applying for a visa might be the end of the application process but also a tedious process. Have a look at the UK Visa Application for complete details on the process. 

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Cost of Studying Travel and Tourism in UK

The cost of studying travel and tourism in UK inculcates two types of costs- the cost of education and the cost of living in the UK. The cost of education includes all the pre-arrival costs as well as the tuition fee of the travel and tourism course in the UK. The cost of education has been given below:

Type of Expense  Average Cost (INR)
Tuition fee ₹10-₹20 lakhs per year
IELTS ₹14,700
TOEFL ₹13,867
UCAS Application fee ₹2,683 for multiple choices 
UK Student Visa fee ₹35,903

Now let’s look at the cost of living when you set foot in UK as an international student living independently:

Type of Expense  Average Cost (INR)
Accommodation ₹41,320-₹61,980 per month
Food  ₹4,130-₹5,165 per month
Travel ₹3,205 per month
Utilities (Internet, mobile bill, etc) ₹5,165 per month
Entertainment ₹10,330 per month 

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Job Opportunities 

When you look for travel and tourism courses in UK, you also wonder whether there are enough job opportunities for you in the future that can compensate for your study abroad hard work. The average starting salary of a tourism graduate is ₹16.5-₹20.63 lakhs per year. This figure depends upon the location and job position as well. So who hires tourism graduates in UK? Here’s a list of the companies that hire tourism managers, travel writers and other travel and tourism-related job profiles in UK:

  • Trailfinders
  • Jet2Holidays
  • TravelRepublic
  • Virgin Holidays
  • Trivago
  • Emirates Holidays
  • British Airways Holidays
  • National Geographic Traveler
  • Coast
  • Caravan
  • Travel Channel


Can I do only a PG course in travel and tourism in the UK?

Yes, you can do your undergraduate from India and PG from the UK.

How do I know whether I am fit for the tourism course in the UK?

If you are passionate about traveling and are a people person, you can consider yourself suitable for the course.

What is the average tuition fee for travel and tourism courses in UK?

The average tuition fee is ₹10-₹20 lakhs per year.

Will I have to travel during my tourism course in UK?

It depends upon your course syllabus whether you are required to travel for your course or not. 

What is the average salary for a tourism manager?

The average salary for a tourism manager in UK is ₹36.11 lakhs.

Are there short term courses for tourism available in UK?

Yes, there are courses on-campus as well off-campus for short term courses in UK for tourism. Warnborough College offers multiple short term courses as such. 

How many years long is the UG tourism course in UK?

The UG courses for travel and tourism in UK are 3 years long. 

How many years long is the PG tourism course in UK?

The PG courses for travel and tourism in UK can be 1 to 2 years long. 

Want to study travel and tourism courses in the UK? Apply with the Leverage Edu experts and get started on your study abroad journey. 

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