BSc Subjects

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BSc Subjects

Bachelor of Science (BSc), which is one of the most opted courses after 12th Science, is a foundational undergraduate program running for a period of 3-4 years. Not only restricted to Natural Science but the program is also offered across Mathematics, Management, Business, Engineering domains, etc. With lucrative employment opportunities spanning across industries, including research and development and the options of exploring fields other than Science, it has become a popular choice amongst students. Here is a blog that will shed light on BSc subjects of some of the popular BSc courses that are available for aspirants to pursue. 

Full Name Bachelor of Science
Level of ProgramBachelor/Undergraduate
EligibilityClass 12th Pass (with Physics Chemistry, Math/Biology)
Duration3 years 
Admission ModeEntrance Exam and/or Merit-based 
Type of CourseHonours and General
Cycle of StudySemester/Yearly
Employment RolesAnesthesiologist, Scientist, Lecturer, Biology Researcher, Scientist Assistant, Laboratory Technician, Chemist, Research Analyst, Professor, Technical Writer/ Editor, Pharmacist, Plant Biochemist etc.

Before knowing the popular BSc subjects that one has to study while pursuing a BSc course, let’s throw some light upon the popular BSc courses or specialisations that are available for aspirants to pursue after 12th:

Top Bachelor of Science Courses After PCM 

The table mentioned below contains all the top BSc courses that aspirants can pursue after opting for PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) in class 12th: 

BSc PhysicsBSc Nautical Science
BSc MathematicsBSc Instrumentation
BSc ChemistryBSc Polymer Science
BSc Computer ScienceBSc Geology
BSc Information Technology (IT)BSc Physical Science
BSc ElectronicsBSc Industrial Chemistry
BSc StatisticsBSc in Data Science

Top Bachelor of Science Courses After PCB 

The table mentioned below contains all the top BSc courses that aspirants can pursue after opting for PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) in class 12th: 

BSc BiologyBSc Geology
BSc MicrobiologyBSc Biotechnology
BSc AgricultureBSc Biological Science
BSc NursingBSc Anthropology
BSc PhysiotherapyBSc Biomedical Science
BSc Occupational TherapyBSc Physical Science
BSc BotanyBSc Genetics
BSc Medical Lab TechnologyBSc Horticulture
BSc OptometryBSc Environmental Science
BSc Nutrition and DieteticsBFSc (Bachelor in Fisheries Sciences)
BSc and AH – Veterinary ScienceBSc Food Technology
BSc ZoologyBSc Home Science
BSc ImmunologyBSc Forensic Science
BSc RadiologyBSc Environmental Science
BSc BioinformaticsBSc Cardiology
BSc ForestryBSc Anesthesia

Other Bachelor of Science Courses 

Here are some lesser-known but industry-specific BSc courses that aspirants can pursue after 12th:  

BSc Fashion DesigningBSc in Interior Design
BSc in AnimationBSc in Design
BSc in Hotel ManagementBSc in Hospitality & Travel

Here’s a blog to know in detail about BSc Syllabus, Specialisations & Subjects Covered

Bachelor of Science Subjects of All Time

As previously said, BSc can be pursued in a wide range of subjects and fields, with some of the most popular being Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, and so on. Aside from that, students can follow a BSc degree course that focuses on all main Science disciplines. An overview of the BSc subjects for some of the most popular BSc courses of all time is provided below:

BSc Subjects for Mathematics

BSc Mathematics, which provides the language and means to strengthen analytical reasoning, is one of the most opted BSc subjects. It combines the study of Mathematics with Statistics, Computer Science, and/or Information Science and imparts knowledge in modules like Data Structures and Operating Systems, Numerical Analysis, Vector Analysis, Differential Equations, etc. Some of the most popular BSc subjects for the BSc Mathematics course are mentioned below: 

MatricesData Structures and Operating Systems
Sequences & Series of Real NumbersMechanics
Abstract AlgebraLinear Programming
Theory of Real FunctionsRing Theory and Linear Algebra
Discrete MathematicsComplex Analysis
Basic Statistics & ProbabilityReal Analysis
Analytical Solid GeometryDifferential Equations
Linear Programming & Its ApplicationsNumerical Analysis
Vector AnalysisProbability Theory

Top Universities for Bachelor of Science Mathematics

Enlisted are some of the universities where you can study this subject!

BSc Subjects for Physics

The curriculum for Bsc Physics encompasses subjects from Mathematics, Medicinal Chemistry, Biotechnology, Photonics, etc. Some of the popular BSc subjects in this course are mentioned below:

Mathematical PhysicsMechanics
Electricity and MagnetismWaves and Optics
ChemistryTechnical Writing & Communication in English
Oscillations & WavesDigital Systems and Applications
Digital ElectronicsMicroprocessors & Computer Programming
Thermal PhysicsMathematics
OpticsMathematical Analysis & Statistics
Numerical AnalysisQuantum Mechanics and Applications
Atomic and Molecular PhysicsElectronic Devices
Electromagnetic TheoryStatistical Mechanics
Solid State PhysicsNuclear & Particle Physics
Mechanics and Wave MotionKinetic Theory and Thermodynamics
Elements of Modern PhysicsAnalog Systems and Applications

Top Universities for Bachelor of Science Physics

Enlisted below are some of the popular universities to pursue this course: 

BSc Subjects for Chemistry 

In BSc Chemistry, you will explore the theory and applications of fluid flow, energy transfer, separation, and chemical reaction for the synthesis, design, control, and optimization of general chemical processes. The below-mentioned table contains all the popular and important BSc subjects to pursue this course:

Atomic StructurePeriodic Properties
Chemical Bondings-Block Elements
Chemistry of Noble Gassesp-Block Elements
Structure and BondingMechanism of Organic Reactions
Alkanes and CycloalkanesStereochemistry of Organic Compounds
Alkenes, Cycloalkenes, Dienes and AlkynesArenes and Aromaticity
Alkyl and Aryl HalidesChemical Kinetics and Catalysis
Mathematical ConceptsComputers
Gaseous StatesLiquid State
Solid StatesColloidal States

Top Universities for Bachelor of Science Chemistry

Here are some of the popular universities to pursue a course in BSc Chemistry:

BSc Subjects for Computer Science  

Counted amongst the most opted BSc subjects, this major will equip you with the key technical skills and knowledge related to processes, data, services, and tools required to analyze, design, and manage IT projects in order to digitally transform industries. Programming Concepts, Number Systems and Codes, Artificial Intelligence, DBMS, Web Design and Web Technologies, Discrete Structures, etc are some of the bSc subjects taught in this course. The table mentioned below contains the list of BSc subjects that are taught in this course: 

Fundamentals of Computer Organization& Embedded SystemIntroduction to Database Management Systems
Introduction to Programming using PythonIntroduction to C
Introduction to Programming ConceptsIntroduction to Number System and Codes
Introduction of Windows, Features, ApplicationAdvanced Programming using Python
Control StructuresFunctions
Discrete MathematicsComputer Graphics
C++ ProgrammingJava Programming
Discrete StructuresData Structures
Database Management SystemsSoftware Engineering
Operating SystemsComputer Networks
Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsInternet Technologies
Theory of ComputationArtificial Intelligence
Computer GraphicsData Communication & Networking
Advanced JavaDBMS
Operating SystemsNetworking & Security
Principles of Web Design and Web Technologies & Dot Net Technologies

Top Universities for Bachelor of Science Computer Science

Enlisted are some universities which you can consider for this course:

BSc Subjects for Forensic Science

A unique yet popular BSc specialisation, BSc Forensic Science is an excellent option for those who want to pursue a career in Medical Science, however, in the field of Criminal Investigation. Apart from being a Crime Scene Investigator, you can also work as a Forensic Pathologist, Forensic Engineer, Forensic chemist, etc upon graduating with a degree in this field. Mentioned below are some of the most important BSc subjects that aspirants study in this course: 

Inorganic ChemistryFundamentals of Biology
Basic PhysicsEnvironmental Studies
Introduction to Forensic Science & CriminalitiesLaw for Forensic Scientists
Practical – Inorganic ChemistryPractical – Organic Chemistry
Practical – PhysicsPractical – Biology
Physical ChemistryInstrumentation & Investigation Techniques
Fundamentals of Math & StatisticsPractical – Physical Chemistry
Fundamentals of Computer SciencePractical – Forensic Science
Inorganic Chemistry

Top Universities for Bachelor of Science Forensic Science

You can take admission in some of the BSc Forensic Science colleges given below:

Books for Bachelor of Science

Some of the popular books related to a bachelor of science are mentioned below.

  1. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry by Cotton and Wilkinson
  2. Fundamental Concepts of Inorganic Chemistry by Asim K Das
  3. A Text-Book of Vector Analysis by Narayan Shanti and Mittal P
  4. Inorganic Chemistry by Shriver and Atkins
  5. Optics, Principles and Applications by K K Sharma
  6. Understanding Solid State Physics by Sharon Ann Holgate
  7. Electromagnetic Theory by U A Bakshi and A V Bakshi


How long is a BSc program?

Bachelor of Science (BSc) is a foundational undergraduate program running for a period of 3-4 years.

Which are the best universities for BSc Computer Science?

University of Warwick
University of New South Wales – UNSW
University of Otago
Durham University
The University of Adelaide

What subjects are taught in BSc Chemistry?

In BSc Chemistry, you will explore the theory and applications of fluid flow, energy transfer, separation, and chemical reaction for the synthesis, design, control, and optimization of general chemical processes.

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