BSc Subjects

BSc Subjects

Bachelor of Science (BSc), which is one of the most opted courses after 12th Science, is a foundational undergraduate program running for a period of 3-4 years. Not only restricted to Natural Science, but the program is also offered across Mathematics, Management, Business, Engineering domains, etc. With lucrative employment opportunities spanning across industries, including research and development and the options of exploring fields other than Science, it has become a popular choice amongst students. So, if you also want to know what are the subjects in BSc, then here is a blog where which will shed light on some of the most popular BSc subjects and the universities offering them!

When it comes to BSc, Chemistry, Physics Mathematics, Biology, Agriculture, and Computer Science are the most common options. However, you can also pursue BSc programs that concentrate on other domains, except Science. Here are some of the popular BSc subjects which you can consider pursuing.

BSc in Data Science BSc IT (Information Technology) BSc Bioinformatics
BSc Fashion Designing BSc Microbiology BSc Computer Science
BSc Home Science BSc Biotechnology BSc Animation
BSc Statistics BSc Agriculture BSc Botany
BSc Forensic Science BSc Mathematics BSc Physics
BSc Environmental Science BSc Nursing BSc Chemistry
BSc Physiotherapy BSc Optometry BSc Electronics
BSc Hospitality BSc Radiology BSc Cardiology
BSc Nutrition and Dietetics BSc Forestry BSc Anesthesia

BSc Mathematics

BSc Mathematics, which provides the language and means to strengthen analytical reasoning, is one of the most opted BSc subjects. It combines the study of Mathematics with Statistics, Computer Science, and/or Information Science and imparts knowledge in modules like Data Structures and Operating Systems, Numerical Analysis, Vector Analysis, Differential Equations, etc. Enlisted are some of the universities where you can study this subject!

BSc Forensic Science

A unique yet popular BSc subjects, BSc Forensic Science is an excellent option for those who want to pursue a career in Medical Science, however, in the field of Criminal Investigation. Apart from a Crime Scene Investigator, you can also work as a Forensic Pathologist, Forensic Engineer, Forensic chemist, etc upon graduating with a degree in this field. You can take admission in some of the BSc Forensic Science colleges given below:

BSc Chemistry

In BSc Chemistry, you will explore the theory and applications of fluid flow, energy transfer, separation, and chemical reaction for the synthesis, design, control, and optimization of general chemical processes. Upon completion of this BSc subject, you can either pursue MSc Chemistry or can work as a Chemical Analyst,  Quality Control Specialist, Safety and Health Officer, Consultant, etc. 

BSc Computer Science

Counted amongst the most opted BSc subjects, this major will equip you with the key technical skills and knowledge related to processes, data, services, and tools required to analyze, design, and manage IT projects in order to digitally transform industries. Programming Concepts, Number System and Codes, Artificial Intelligence, DBMS, Web Design and Web Technologies, Discrete Structures, etc are some of the modules taught under this course. Enlisted are some universities which you can consider for this course.

BSc Physics

The curriculum for Bsc Physics encompasses subjects from Mathematics, Medicinal Chemistry, Biotechnology, Photonics, etc. Upon graduating with a degree in this BSc subject, you can either start your professional career or can pursue courses after BSc Physics like MSc, integrated MSc-PhD, or can even opt for an MBA course!

Important Topics
Mathematics Mechanics
Electricity and Magnetism Waves and Optics
Magnetism Technical Writing & Communication in English
Oscillations & Waves Digital Systems and Applications
Digital Electronics Microprocessors & Computer Programming
Quantum Mechanics and Applications Mathematical Physics
Statistical Mechanics Nuclear & Particle Physics
Atomic and Molecular Physics Electronic Devices
Solid State and Modern Physics Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics

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