GMAT Score Validity (2020 Update)

GMAT Score Validity

Not quite sure about the GMAT score validity? Don’t know when is the right time to get the GMAT score on your CV? Don’t worry! You are at the right place.

Let’s understand the validity of the GMAT score and how you can make the most of it:

GMAT Score Validity

Sometimes the need for your education may need to take a seat backwards. In such cases, taking leverage of the GMAT score validity is a smart thing to do.

The GMAT score is valid up to 5 years from the exact date the GMAT paper was given. For example, if the GMAT examination was given in November 2017, then the GMAT score validity until November 2022. If you are planning to apply for admission in Fall 2020, your GMAT Score should be dated 1st January 2015, (or be dated more recently).

This helps in the fact that in case you were prepared for your MBA and for some reason couldn’t get through, you can put to use the score you had secured five years back and get admission in your dream college.

[BONUS] Let’s take a closer look at what exactly is GMAT, what flexibility comes in with the GMAT score validity, and how is the GMAT score calculated.

What is GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admission Test is conducted throughout the country in various cities for admission to various management institutes across the country and abroad. The assessment is done online and examines a students’ reading, verbal, quantitative and logical reasoning skills. It is supervised by GMAC, i.e. Graduate Management Admission Council. Most importantly, GMAT is a vital exam in case the student is aiming for an MBA outside the country.

GMAT Exam Pattern

Why is it Important to Have the GMAT Score on Your CV?

Stepping into the corporate world is a challenging, yet intriguing prospect for more than half the students out there. The nervous energy when living the life of an adult, the adrenaline coursing through when under pressure, the satisfaction of task completion and the warm proud feeling of receiving praise from your superiors, is a dream in millions of young eyes.

The one advantage that a prospective candidate has when standing in the corporate race line, is the set of managerial skills that he has. Whether you have experience or whether your undergraduate degree was tough and rewarding, it is essential to have a proper education in administration and managerial aspect of the industry, before stepping into the corporate life. An MBA is one such degree that is sure to boost your market value and opens your job opportunity window, wide open.

GMAT Score Validity

While an MBA truly helps one’s career, doing it from a good university with a good course structure is equally important. To ensure admission in a good college, the GMAT exam is extremely important and needs to be prepared for, with utmost dedication and sincerity. The GMAT score and its validity is an important aspect which determines the rest of your professional future.

How is the GMAT Score Calculated?

The GMAT score is calculated based on the sections in the paper and the number of questions answered. There are 4 sections in total, namely: Reading (comprehension and passages), verbal (English and grammar), quantitative (maths and accounts) and lastly the logical reasoning section that deals with analytical questions.

Since the GMAT paper is adjustive, the score is calculated as correct answer times the difficulty of the paper. This implies that answering a few difficult questions is more beneficial than answering several easy questions. By doing so, the percentile increases for the candidate. Percentile means the number of people you performed better than. Example, 85 percentile means, performing better than 85% of the people.

This rule of acceptance of five-year-old score was introduced by the GMAC in 2012 and carried out in 2015. This also included other changes such as cancellation of scores, not showing up on the scorecard and the exam could be attempted in every 16 days as opposed to 31 days earlier.

Top colleges such as Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, the Wharton School for MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business, accepted the new rule and agreed for admission with five year dated GMAT scores. GMAC also provides the scorecard of GMAT paper given 10 years back after payment of the minimal fee.

The GMAT score validity now helps students achieve their goals even after a sabbatical. It is a chance to not lose the opportunity that had shown itself 5 years back. So do not worry and prepare with all your might and heart. Get in touch with Leverage Edu at +91-8826200293 today and kickstart your preparation for GMAT.

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