SOP for MBA: Essentials to Mention & Samples

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While thinking to pursue a course like MBA from top business schools around the globe, candidates have to look closely into the admission process and documents required to study abroad. A Statement of Purpose or commonly known as SOP is an essential part of the application process for academic programs offered by leading universities across the world. Be it undergraduate or postgraduate courses in any domain, aspirants require this document to accomplish the application process. If you are planning to study a master’s degree in Business Administration abroad and need help in drafting an SOP for MBA, then you have certainly come to the right blog. Through this blog, we aim to answer the question of how to write an SOP for an MBA by elaborating upon the essentials as well as providing you with suitable samples. 

What is an MBA SOP?

In simple terms, a Statement of Purpose mainly includes why a candidate wants to enroll in MBA courses and how this degree can potentially help in their career. The SOPs provided by MBA applicants are generally more detailed in comparison with those opting for other master’s degrees because candidates applying for MBA abroad have rigorous work experience that is mainly preferred by the admission committee. The SOP is generally to know the forward-thinking of a student. Apart from the GMAT, and IELTS scores, the admission committee also evaluates the LORs and SOPs closely. An SOP for MBA must include the achievements, skills, and future goals of the aspirant.

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SOP for MBA: Essentials to Mention 

The most popular query among the candidates while drafting this document is: What to be included when writing SOP for MBA? Some universities provide a format and a list of questions that need to be answered in the essay. However, some leave it to the students to design and format the essay as per their preference. Some of the points that are to be kept in mind while writing an SOP for an MBA are as follows: 

  • Showcase interest in the MBA program

The most important thing you need to add in your SOP for MBA is the central reasons why you chose this degree with the particular specialization. Connect it with your interests and skills and elaborate upon how this program can help you professionally as well as personally.

  • Specify the long-term and short-term goals

Detailing your goals is another crucial element of an SOP for an MBA that you must focus on. Write about your plans and objectives that you are aspiring to accomplish through your chosen degree course.

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  • Research Well

Rather than browsing through SOPs and copying what others have written, research your specialization as well as the university, and this will also help you answer the “why MBA” question. Moreover, tell the admission committee how your candidature is different from the pile of others by showcasing your research about the institution and what you will be bringing to the table.

  • Plan of Action 

Your SOP for MBA must show your meticulous career planning and how it aligns with your set goals and objectives. Mention what you are aspiring to learn from the degree, and how it will accomplish your career objectives and assist you in sailing further in your professional journey.

  • Academic Track Record

Other than emphasizing your professional endeavors, it is also significant that you highlight your academic achievements, be they scholarly or extra-curricular. Again, make sure that you connect it with your future goals as well as underline the lessons you learned through them.

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SOP for MBA in Finance

The admission committee looks for the following characteristics in a statement of purpose for an MBA in finance at top institutions abroad:

  • Capability to control and manage different financial sources
  • Understanding of financial concepts such as banking, accounting, economic trends, and stock markets, as well as real enthusiasm for the program
  • Strong analytical abilities, as well as the ability to consider critically and handle complex problems. Emphasize any experiences or skills that show these characteristics.
  • Potential for leadership and the capacity to inspire others
  • Relevant professional expertise, including any finance-related projects managed, such as the company’s budget, financial reports, stock value, acquisitions and mergers, and so on.

SOP for MBA in Human Resources

The SOP for an MBA in Human Resources should shed light on students’ ability to comprehend and handle a company’s culture. Because hiring, managing, and retaining people is an essential part of HR’s job, students should provide an example of when they demonstrated:

  • Effective team management
  • Good knowledge of people’s personalities
  • They used their understanding of labor welfare rights to assist employees and the business.
  • A solution to the conflict between workers and senior management was proposed.

SOP for MBA in International Business

In the SOP for MBA in International Business, students should emphasize their interest in a career in business management around the globe. Aside from that, you could include:

  • Show how your academic background, including any pertinent coursework or study experience, has prepared you for an MBA in International Business.
  • Any endeavor involving how globalization causes businesses to combine commercial activities with international business.
  • Showcase your world perspective and cross-cultural awareness. Highlight any foreign experiences, language skills, or cultural competencies you’ve gained.
  • Demonstrate your ability to effectively convey ideas and form relationships with people from various cultures.
  • Knowledge of international trade policies and markets, as well as the ability to handle export and trade risks, are required.

Sample SOP for MBA 

Now that you are aware of the central elements of a statement of purpose, let’s now take a look at a sample SOP for MBA:

A successful career in Business Management requires adequate knowledge to utilize the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. In my undergraduate degree, I majored in economics and psychology because I believe that understanding these two fields is important for leading a successful business. I want to increase my experiences and knowledge further by pursuing an Executive MBA, which will equip me with advanced skills that are necessary to achieve my career goals.

As I have carried out various leadership positions, I have learned how to efficiently work in teams and pursue specified goals. In my previous company, ABC, I successfully implemented the strength-cum-weakness finder software which helped us assign projects to the groups based on the mapped data. As employees got allotted tasks as per their efficiency, it resulted in a 30% net gain for the company over the following year. I believe that a successful business leader understands the importance of strategically utilizing a company’s resources to ensure the maximum potential and development of the company. Further, the pivotal thing I learned about myself by taking up leadership roles is that teamwork is a crucial element of successfully achieving an organization’s objectives. An Executive MBA will help me furnish my leadership skills imparting me with the knowledge of hierarchical structures and how to work with other leaders of different domains in an effective manner.

Studying for an Executive MBA, I plan to take charge of multiple team projects throughout the duration of the degree so that I can polish my teamwork skills. I aspire to work under industry leaders and attain global exposure. Pursuing this degree from your institution, I aim to gain professional as well as personal skills that can help me soar through my career journey.

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Tips to Write MBA SOP

  • Use the right format
  • Check the university guidelines before submitting
  • Ensure the details you write are legit
  • Try to use simple vocabulary
  • Clearly mention the reasons you are choosing the university
  • Don’t copy and paste your answers from the internet
  • Write the opening and closing like very catchy to grasp the attention

How Long Should an SOP for MBA be?

The length of your MBA SOP varies based on the requirements of the university to which you are applying. The majority of universities recognize a statement of purpose for MBA that is 1-2 pages long and 500-1000 words long. Some business colleges may also provide a more detailed set of instructions, which may include formatting, font size, and line spacing requirements, whereas others may provide a particular set of essay questions with a word limit.

Within the word limit stated by the university, include your unique qualities, strengths, academic and professional experiences, future goals, and reason for pursuing the MBA program.


What should an MBA SOP include?

Introduction to Self
Academic Qualifications
Professional Experience
Short and Long-term career goals.

How do you write an SOP sample?

Personal and Financial Background
Academic details
Justifications for choosing this particular college for your studies.
Motives for interest in the field of study.

What are the main qualities that any SOP should have?

The personal touch, purpose, passion, readiness, potential, preparation, plain Language, and positivity are the eight Ps that distinguish a SOP.

Hence, we hope that this blog has helped you comprehend the key things you must include while writing an SOP for MBA. If you are aspiring to pursue overseas education and need assistance regarding any step of the application, our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you throughout the admission process, be it finding the right course and university or drafting impressive SOPs and LORs.

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