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Marketing Consultant

Marketing, which is one of the most rewarding career fields, requires a blend of creative thinking, strong business acumen, and excellent communication skills to build a name. With globalization and the advent of technology, both new and existing businesses have witnessed growth. But have you ever thought about what makes these industries flourish? Apart from the quality of the product or service offered, the growth also depends on how well the business markets itself. Drawing the attention of the customers through creative marketing techniques in order to sell the goods is what is responsible for building a brand image. However, working full-time as an employee might not be a cup of tea for everyone. So, working independently as a Marketing Consultant is what you can aim for if you want to build your own business! So, If you are someone who wants to make big in the corporate world then here is a blog that will shed light on the steps to becoming a Marketing Consultant! 

What is the Job of a Marketing Consultant?

Depending on the business and the project an individual takes up, the job of a Marketing Consultant can vary to a great extent. The professionals examine and evaluate the customer needs and provide advisory services to the company accordingly so as to reach the targetted audience and sell products and services. Further, they are also tasked with analyzing, devising, and implementing new marketing strategies in accordance with various factors that affect the demand for the product or service. Apart from having excellent soft skills and technical know-how in marketing, the Marketing Consultants also handle Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Print or TV advertising, copywriting activities, etc. 

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Role and Responsibilities

Marketing Consultant responsibilities include:

  • Researching a company’s profile and operations to determine its marketing requirements.
  • Marketing research is carried out to identify industry trends and commercial opportunities.
  • Creating and implementing a marketing strategy based on goals and budget

Skills Required

The skills required for becoming a marketing consultant are as follows:

  • Proven experience as a marketing consultant or in a comparable role.
  • Data analysis and market research knowledge.
  • In-depth knowledge of marketing principles and best practises.
  • Microsoft Office Proficient.
  • Working knowledge of information technology and marketing software (e.g. CRM)
  • Strategic and analytical thinking ability
  • Excellent at writing proposals and reports
  • Communication (oral and written) and presentation abilities are exceptional.
  • Problem-solving ability BSc/BA in marketing, communications, business, or related field; MSc/MA a plus

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Steps to Become a Marketing Consultant

Now that you are familiar with the roles and responsibilities a Marketing Consultant has to handle, let us now go through the five basic steps that you can follow in order to become a professional in this field. 

Step 1: Obtain an Undergraduate Degree

The first and foremost step towards becoming a marketing consultant is to obtain a bachelor’s degree or a certificate in areas such as International Marketing, Communications, Service Marketing, etc. An undergraduate course will introduce you to some of the fundamentals related to marketing, branding, advertising, budgeting, copywriting, social media platforms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), graphics, and technical and communication skills as needed in the field.

Step 2: Gain Experience

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, it is always advisable for students to get work experience before they head out for pursuing a master’s in marketing. In order to become a successful marketing consultant, it is important to understand real-world marketing tactics and strategies, the nature of the responsibilities, and build strong professional networks. This is only possible when you gain experience by working at an organization or as a freelancer! 

Step 3: Select a Niche

With an array of areas to specialize in this field, the scope of marketing is immense. It can be tempting to try something new but, it is important to have a stronghold on at least one area in order to progress in the field. Self-introspect, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, identify your area of interest, and look for courses that can accentuate your skills. Be it Marketing Automation, Brand Marketing, eCommerce Marketing or conversion optimization,  you need to choose a niche so that you can provide consultation services as per your clientele. 

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Step 4: Pursue a Post-graduation Course

Though you can start your career as a Marketing Consultant after graduation but pursuing master-level courses can help you gain advanced knowledge and skills that can take your career a step forward. MBA in Digital Marketing, Master in Marketing Management, MA in Public Relations and Corporate Communications, MSc in Marketing and Brand Management, etc are some of the popular programs aspiring marketing consultants can pursue. It is important to note that some of the best universities both in India and abroad, which offer master courses, often look for candidates who have considerable work experience in a relevant field and are adept with the technical know-how of marketing. 

Step 5: Prepare a Portfolio

What makes you special? Why should a company prefer you over other marketing consultants? Of course, before hiring you, the company or a client would like to see the projects and their results that you undertook and your achievements both on the professional and personal fronts. So, from the initial years itself, create building a portfolio that includes samples or mock-ups, business campaigns, flyers, logos, etc, which are relevant to the industry/company you are targetting.

Marketing Consultant: Job Scope

Being a marketing consultant is a rewarding profession. Marketing consulting is an excellent option for those who have worked in marketing for many years and want to venture out on their own. Working as a marketing consultant is essentially a freelance job that requires you to build a clientele in order to make money.

As a result, being a hard worker and a quick learner is essential for success as a marketing consultant. It takes years of experience and time to build a career as a marketing consultant from the ground up. Those in which you excel are well compensated and have ongoing growth and job opportunities.

Offering your services as a marketing consultant can be a great way to put your skills and experience to use while also working on a flexible schedule for a variety of clients.

Marketing consultants come in a variety of flavours, including strategic thinkers, day-to-day project managers, general doers, and specialists. Each has a different cost, making marketing consulting an exciting career path with numerous options.

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What do you do as a marketing consultant?

A Marketing Consultant investigates company profiles and operations in order to comprehend market demands. They also conduct research on industry trends and business opportunities. They combine this information with other data points to determine what people want or what attracts them to a product.

Why is marketing consultant important?

Hiring a Marketing Consultant is advantageous because they can provide you with valuable marketing advice that you might not have considered otherwise. Marketing Consultancy aids in the improvement of your marketing campaigns, increasing the likelihood that your customers will spend time and money on your products and services.

Is being a marketing consultant hard?

Working as a marketing consultant is essentially a freelance job that requires you to build a clientele in order to make money. As a result, being a hard worker and a quick learner is essential for success as a marketing consultant. It takes years of experience and time to build a career as a marketing consultant from the ground up.

So, If you think you have the potential and career skills to achieve milestones in this field, you should definitely consider becoming a Marketing Consultant! However, if you are confused about which Marketing course you should choose so as to accentuate your skills then Leverage Edu is here for you! Our expert mentors, through a psychometric test, will help you find the course which aligns with your interests and skills.

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