Paternity Leave Application: Format, Sample and More

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Paternity Leave Application

Paternity leave is granted to the male employee of an organisation immediately after the delivery of a baby. In India, government employees are granted up to 15 days of paternity leave under the Central Civil Services (Leave), 1972. As a father, you must remember that this leave can only be granted if you are about to have a baby or your baby is younger than 6 months.

Contrary to this, there is no provision for paternity leave in the private sector. The policy of leave provided varies from company to company. Hence, it is best to check with the Human Resources Department of an organisation regarding the guidelines. Keep reading to know more about the paternity leave application format and the paternity leave application samples.

Paternity Leave Application Format 

paternity leave application

Below is the format for the paternity leave application.  Employees need to include these details while writing the application.

  • Sender’s name and address: Start by writing your name and address.
  • Date: Specify the date you are writing the application
  • Receiver’s name and address: The next step is to include the receiver’s name and the organisation’s address. For example, you can write the name of your manager/HR and write the XYZ organisation address.
  • Subject: In the subject line the employee can add the reason for the application. For example, an application for paternity leave.
  • Salutation: Here you have to address the reader. For example, Respected sir/ma’am
  • Main Body: In the main body of the letter you will have to include all the details. For example, when are you expecting the child, the number of days you will require the leave, and the date you will be joining the company.
  • Thank the Reader– Finally thank the reader, sign the document, and write your name, employee ID, designation and contact details.

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Tips for Writing a Paternity Leave Application

Below are the tips that the employee can use to write a Paternity Leave Application:

  • A lengthy letter looks unprofessional. Hence, it is best to keep the main content to the point.
  • Don’t forget to mention the leaves you want to take the leaves and also the date you will be rejoining.
  • Taking the leave during early stages of pregnancy will be beneficial. Hence, plan out your leaves accordingly.
  • In the main body of the letter state the reasons, you need to be there for the child.
  • Finally, ensure that your application is approved. 

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Samples of Paternity Leave Application

paternity leave application

Please find some samples for the paternity leave application.  

Sample 1

[Name of Receiver]
[Address of Employee]


[Name of the Company]

Subject: Requesting for Paternity Leave.

Dear ___,

I, ___ from the ___(designation and employee name) requesting a paternity leave from work. We are expecting our __baby in the next ____(due date). Hence, I would like to take some time off.
Therefore, please grant me a leave of  __ days (no of days)  so that I can take care of both the mother and the child. The dates would be from___ to____. I will be available to stay in touch via __(phone/mail) and will be available to return to work on a part-time basis if needed.

I have also attached the pregnancy reports for your reference. I would greatly appreciate it if you grant my paternity leave application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Employee name]
[Employee contact number]
[Attachments: Pregnancy Report]

Sample 2

[Name of the Employee]
[Address of the Employee]
[Date of Application]

[Name of the Receiver]
[Address of the Company]

I work in your company as the ____(designation)  for___(department) and I am writing this letter to inform you that my wife is in the ___stage of her pregnancy and she can deliver our baby at any time. Since this is our ___baby (example, first/second). 

I am too excited to see my child and also want to be with my wife during delivery and a few weeks after delivery.

As we stay alone here and my parents will join us in a few weeks, I request you to grant me leave for ___ weeks from ____. I have transferred my work to my team member and he will take care of it until I get back. Kindly understand my situation and approve my paternity leave as soon as possible.

Thanks and regards,
Yours Sincerely,
[Name of Employee]

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Sample 3

To: [Email Address]

Subject: Paternity Leave Application


Greetings of the day.
I am glad to tell you that I and my wife are blessed with a baby boy on ____. Therefore, I request you grant me ____(no.of days)  of paternity leave. Moreover, the dates would be from ___ to _____.  I want to utilise my time in taking care of my newborn child.

 I have already discussed this with my superior to ensure that my work is covered. Also, I am confident that the team will be able to handle the projects in my absence. 

I understand that this may be short notice, but I hope you can accommodate my request.

Thank you and Regards,
[Name of the Employee]
[Employee Identity Number and Name of Department]
[Contact Number] 


Q. How do I ask my boss for paternity leave?

A. Employees can ask for paternity leave after going through the company’s policies, determining the number of leave they would need, and informing the employer about the same in a paternity leave application. Employees can also attach the medical report as proof.

Q. Is paternity leave applicable in India?

A. In India, paternity leave is applicable for government employees. It is granted for a period of 15 days.

Q. When should paternity leave start?

A. The paternity leave can be applied for within 8 weeks after the birth of a child. No employee can claim a leave before the birth of a child.  For paternity leave, employees can write a paternity leave application.

Q. What is the rule of paternity leave?

It is provided to male employees who have fewer than two children. It is not usually refused. It may be given for up to 15 days during the wife’s confinement, i.e. up to 15 days before or up to 6 months after the child’s birth.

Q. What is the reason for paternity leave?

Paternity leave, particularly longer leaves of several weeks or months, can foster parent-child bonding, better child outcomes, and even boost gender equality at home and at work. Paid parental leave for both fathers and moms is a significant benefit to working families.

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