5 Steps to Write an Annual Leave Application Letter

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Annual Leave Application Letter

Working professionals are required to submit an online email to their respective employees when considering taking any type of leave. To write an annual leave application letter, you need to highlight the cause of your leave, the dates on which you will not be available, and other necessary details. The duration of annual leave is long and they are also at the same time paid. Are you also planning to take an annual leave and are struggling to write an annual leave application letter? If the answer is yes, then this blog will surely help you! 

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What is an Annual Leave Application Letter? 

The leaves accrued by an employee over some time and used together for personal reasons like – travelling, attending a function, etc. is called annual leave. The annual leave is paid in nature and the employee reserves the right to use the leaves according to their will. However, before deciding to take annual leave it is generally advisable to go through the company’s policy and know the rules and regulations when it comes to annual leave. 

Annual Leave Application Sample  

31 March 2023
The Manager, School Name / Company NameAddress
Subject: Application for Annual Leave 

Respected Sir / Madam, My Name is XYZ and I am currently working as a software engineer in your company. I am writing this letter to inform you that I am planning to travel with my family from 3 April 2023 to 9 April 2023.  For this purpose, I will be using my leaves sanctioned by the company and therefore, want you to adjust my leaves according to that. 

I have completed all my pendencies and before going I will make sure that the day-to-day tasks of the team won’t be affected due to my absence. Since I will be traveling, therefore, I won’t be able to take up calls but if any work-related thing comes up then I will surely revert to the E-mails. 
I would like to humbly request you to grant me leave and inform me about the same.

Yours faithfully,XYZ(Phn. No.- XXXXXXXX)

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Format of the Annual Leave Application Letter

To write a good application letter it is very important to know its format. Therefore, make sure while writing an annual leave application letter you follow the following format: 

Date – It is the first thing you need to write while writing an application. The date is always written on the top left corner and remember it has to be of the day you are going to send the application to the concerned person. 

Receiver’s address- After the date, you need to write the address of the receiver. This is also written on the left-hand side of the application without leaving any space between the margin. In addition to the address you also need to write the name of the company. 

Subject line – The subject line has to be very concise, not more than 5-6  words which should summarise in a few words what the application is about. Also, make sure that you capitalize each word in the subject line leaving the joining words like – and, the, etc.

Salutation – The next thing is to greet the concerned person with the words – Respected, Dear, Hello, etc. which will depend on your rapport with your manager. Remember if your company asks you to address your manager by their first names then avoid using sir or madam. 

Introductory paragraph – The introductory paragraph should not be more than 3 lines. Make sure you mention details like your name and the position you are working at. Simply put, the introductory paragraph is all about telling basic details about yourself and the reason behind writing the application. 

The body – The middle paragraph or the body of the application should contain a few more specific details about your leave like the dates you will be taking a leave. Make sure you don’t write any unnecessary information. 

Concluding paragraph – The concluding paragraph of the application is all about humbly requesting your manager to grant you leave. Remember to always use a professional tone in order to avoid being rude. 

Sign off- After completing the application make sure you sign it off with words like – yours sincerely, yours faithfully, best or you can even use the word- cheers, following which you need to write your name and mobile number. Remember you should use informal words like cheers if you have a little informal bond with your manager. 

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Things to Keep in Mind While Writing an Annual Application Letter 

In order to write an effective annual application letter one should always keep in mind the following things:

1) First go through the policy of your company in regard to annual leave and then write the application accordingly.

2) The tone of the application should be such that you are asking for the permission of the manager instead of telling them about the leave.

3) Make sure you also speak in person about your leave with your manager and confirm whether the leave has been approved.

4) Don’t forget to keep a copy of the application for future reference.

5) Remember that while writing the application you shouldn’t expect beforehand that your leave will be surely approved as your boss reserves the right to deny your request if the working of the team is going to get affected due to your absence. 

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Q.1. What is a formal leave application?

Ans: A formal leave application is a letter written in a professional and formal tone to inform the concerned authorities about the leave one is planning to take.

Q.2. How do I write an application for annual leave?

Ans: To write an application for annual leave one should keep the following points in mind-
a) Avoid any unnecessary information and keep the application short.
b) Always write in a professional and humble tone to avoid being rude. 
c) Do not write more than 3 paragraphs and each paragraph should not be more than.
d) Remember you don’t need to share personal information if you are not comfortable just stick to the specificity of the details.

Q.3. How do I write a formal letter for a leave application?

Ans: Refer to the format for writing a formal leave application. The two things that you should always keep in mind are that firstly the application should be concise and second, always maintain a professional tone.

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