Leave Application for Office: Samples, Email and Letter Formats

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Leave Application for Office

A formal method of requesting a break from work for a set period of time is to submit a leave application for office. You can express your concern to your supervisor in a variety of ways. If you are sending a formal leave email, there are certain guidelines and components you need to remember to include. Your request for leave should be succinct, and sincere and include enough information to explain the reason for your absence. Your leave request will either be approved or denied based on the information in your leave application for office. There are two varieties of leave requests: Email Format or Letter Format. In this blog, we will talk about both – the letter and Email format along with some samples on the leave application for office.

What to Include in a Leave Application for Office – Letter Format?

When writing a leave application for office in letter format to the HR Manager or your supervisor, there are a few sections that must be included.

  • The name and address of the person to whom the letter is addressed should be included at the top of your letter.
  • Subject Line: Include “Leave Application” and additional information in your subject line (If required).
  • Salutations: Add the recipient’s name to the greeting. Use only the first title if you want to identify the person.
  • Body of Letter: Include the reason for your absence, the anticipated length of your absence, the name of the coworker who will supervise your work, and a point of contact (mode and time availability)
  • Leave a Thank You Note: Thank your supervisor for acknowledging the leave.
  • Closing Remarks: Only add a formal conclusion.
  • Add your full name.
  • Add your job title under your name. 
  • Date: Include today’s date

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Sample – Sick Leave Application for Office (5 Days)

Subject – Application for sick leave

Dear (Name of Recipient),

Regarding the aforementioned subject, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I have severe back pain and that my doctor has advised taking a five-day break from work to rest. In addition to prescribing a week of physiotherapy sessions, the doctor advised getting an MRI scan.

I am unsure of my potential leave options because it depends on how much rest I can get.

Please give me a five-day leave of absence, from (starting date) to (end date), so that my lower back can heal more quickly. Please let me know if the case needs any additional clarification. I’m attaching an email along with my medical certificate.

If you have any questions or emergencies, please contact me at (email address) and (phone number). In addition, I have given (colleague name) instructions on how to complete the tasks in my absence.

Yours Sincerely


Sample – Leave Application for Office (1 Day)

Application for one-day leave of absence

Dear (Name of Recipient)

I’m writing to let you know that I must take time off on (date) in order to attend a seminar about a literary festival that will be taking place in the city. I am eager to participate in sessions that will hasten my professional and personal development.

I will give you the earliest notice if I need to attend another session meet. Please feel free to contact me at my phone number and email address (contact number). I have also explained to (name of a colleague) what needs to get done while I’m away.

Yours Sincerely


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Sample – Personal Reason Leave Application for Office (1 day)

Subject: Request for Temporary Leave

Dear [Name of the Recipient],

I’m writing to you to let you know that from [start date] through [end date], I won’t be able to come to work because I have an important personal matter to attend to in my hometown.

I have explained my tasks to the person’s name, assigned them to them, and told them to call me if they need any assistance while I’m gone.

I would appreciate it if you gave my application some thought.

With sincere regards, “Your Name”

Sample – Leave Application for Office for 2 Days Leave 

Subject: Email Request for 2 Days of Personal Leave 

Dear Name of Supervisor or Manager, 

This is to let you know that I will need to take the day off on [this month’s date]. I’ve scheduled a visit with the doctor to have my mother’s health examined. I’ll be allowed to visit the office the next morning without providing an explanation. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call me at the number I’ve provided. The daily work schedule document has been sent to you via email. I have faith that my team will manage things without me. 

I would therefore like to ask for one day of leave, which I would appreciate. I’m sorry if my absence resulted in any issues.

Yours Sincerely


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What to Include in a Leave Application for Office – Email Format?

The format of writing a leave application for office in email format is slightly different from that of the letter format. There are some elements that should not be missed while writing an email for the leave application for the office. Have a look below for the same:

  1. Subject: The subject of the email is the important element of it. The subject should precisely describe the intent of your email nicely.
  2. Salutations: Use “Dear” before the recipient’s name as it is a formally accepted way of addressing the receiver of the email.
  3. Body: Unlike the letter format, there would not be an introductory paragraph, followed by the body and then, the conclusion. The email is an electronically delivered letter format and should be written in a short and crisp manner.
  4. The Thank You: Thank the reader for reading your email to the very bottom. You may also summarise the main idea of your email before the thank you line.
  5. End: In the end, write your name and your job’s title and department under your name.

Tips for Writing Leave Application for Office

Below are some useful tips for writing a leave application for the office:

  • First and foremost, it’s critical to specify the time frame and reason for your leave requests.
  • You must submit any supporting documentation, if applicable.
  • The application’s content should be formal.
  • Your request for leave should be made clear in the letter’s expression, at least.
  • Once you have completed the application, please review it to make any necessary corrections.


Q1. What can I do with my personal leave?

Ans. These types of leave are intended to assist an employee in managing issues like a personal illness or injury, caring responsibilities, unexpected family needs, and the death or serious illness or injury of a member of their immediate family.

Q2. What exactly is a personal day off?

Ans. Personal days are time off that employees may take as needed to accommodate their personal lives and schedules, other than for illness or vacation.

Q3. What does casual leave mean?

Ans. Casual Leave: This type of leave is given when you need to take one or two days off due to an unforeseen circumstance.

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