How to Apply for Sabbatical Leaves?

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how to apply for sabbatical leave

Even though sabbatical leave is unknown to many employees, it’s still one of the essential leaves that employees can leverage. Whole sick leaves, earned leaves, casual leaves, and other leaves are concerning for everyone, it’s a fact that many employees don’t know the meaning of sabbatical leave. If you belong to a group of employees who don’t know the meaning and how to apply for sabbatical leaves, this blog is perfect for you. Make sure you read this article to the end to know more information about the sabbatical leaves. 


Meaning of Sabbatical Leaves

Sabbatical leaves mean a change or break from your everyday routine as an employee. Unlike the other leaves that are short-term, the sabbatical leave is long-term. As you’ll receive an extended break from your work, you will be able to divert your focus to other things. Apart from handling some personal responsibilities, you can also go for higher study, research, or follow your interest while on sabbatical leaves. 

When on sabbatical leaves, the employees will be on the employer’s payroll without performing their corporate duties. 

Here’s a YouTube link that would help you know more about sabbatical leaves:

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Advantages of Sabbatical Leaves 

Many employees know the definition of sabbatical leaves. However, they are unaware of the benefits of these leaves. Hence, they don’t apply for these leaves and end up missing a huge opportunity to take a break from their monotonous work routine. Here are some great benefits of sabbatical leave you need to know. 

You Can Get a Break from Your Work 

Working continuously for weeks will take a toll on both your mental as well as physical health. You will be exhausted. If you want to take a break from your work and relax your body and mind, why don’t you apply for sabbatical leaves?

Sabbatical leave will help you get rid of professional issues. You don’t need to worry about unemployment. 

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You Can Explore New Career Options 

If you want to explore new career options but don’t want to lose your current job, sabbatical leaves are the best solution. This is because you can do anything you want during your leave period. You don’t need to handle the office responsibilities. 

With a sabbatical leave, you will have a significant amount of time to know more about different career paths. As a result, you can choose a more deserving position without the burden of searching for another job. 

You Can Educate Yourself 

If you have plans to pursue higher education abroad, the sabbatical leaves will prove extremely beneficial. Many companies and organisations provide their trusted employees with sabbatical leave so that they can study and bring more value to the companies.

Additionally, when you pursue higher education, you will be able to reach new heights. Not to mention, you can also look for jobs that offer higher salaries. 

How Can You Apply for Sabbatical leaves?

Now that you know the definition and advantages of sabbatical leaves, you might still have questions regarding the application process. You need to know the process of applying for the sabbatical leaves so that you can leverage the benefits. Here are a couple of important steps you need to follow:

Step 1

Make sure you pay close attention to the subject line of the email. This is because the subject line will determine whether your sabbatical leave request can be approved or not. Consider writing an informative and crisp subject line for your sabbatical leaves. 

Step 2

Look for the recipient of your sabbatical leave email. While addressing them in your sabbatical leave email, make sure you use their first name instead of using their full name. 

Step 3

Use your name as well as intent while applying for sabbatical leave. You also need to showcase the reasons for applying for this leave. Make sure the reasons are genuine and valid or your employer might reject your application. 

Step 4

In your application, you need to showcase how the sabbatical leave would prove beneficial for both you and the company. If your give legit reasons, the employer would undoubtedly accept your application. 

Step 5

Consider discussing the duration of your leave. Point out the start as well as the potential ending date of your sabbatical leave. But if you’re unsure about the ending date, consider adding the month. You also need to attach the relevant documents that would help the employer understand your situation. 

Step 6

Showcase the things you’ve accomplished during your time in this company. This will help the employer know that you’re a valuable and trusted employee of the company. You also need to include the names of the people who can back you up. 

Step 7

Add a conclusion and end the letter. Make sure you show gratitude and appreciation. 

Things to Include in Your Sabbatical Leave Application

Just like other types of leave applications, there are also some common yet essential things you need to include in your sabbatical leave application such as your reasons for absence, proper introduction, rejoining date, and many more. 

To help you write an effective sabbatical leave application, here are the things you should include:

  • The start and end date of your leave 
  • Plan of workflow during your absence 
  • Reasons for leaves 
  • Proper planning to ensure that your work won’t be affected during your leave 
  • Relevant documents to back up your claim. 

When Can You Apply for Sabbatical Leaves?

Sabbatical leaves will be awarded to employees who have excellent performance during their tenure with the organization. However, you need to ensure your reasons for applying for sabbatical leave are valid and good. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Extreme health issues or family crisis
  • To study abroad 
  • To take a break from the professional life


Would you get paid during your sabbatical leave?

Most of the time, you will get paid during your sabbatical leave, either the full salary or a certain percentage. However, sabbatical leaves are unpaid in some organizations. 

Is there any difference between a career break and a sabbatical leave?

A career break is longer than a sabbatical leave, where you will spend an extensive amount of time from your work. Keep in mind that that career break will be considered as the resignation from your job. 

Are you eligible for sabbatical leaves?

If you have great performance, you will be able to apply for sabbatical leaves.

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