Emergency Leave Letter: Format and Samples

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Emergency Leave Letter

An emergency leave letter is written when unforeseen circumstances happen in the life of the employee and the employee wants to take leave for the same.  An emergency is not predicted but despite the reason, it is important to maintain professionalism and report your employer via an emergency leave letter. Submitting an emergency leave letter will help you take the days off as well. As a result, it is important to know how to write an emergency leave letter and explore samples that will help you write the perfect emergency leave letter. Keep reading to know how to write an emergency leave letter. 

Emergency Leave Letter Format 

Emergency letter format and samples

Below is the format for an emergency leave letter that an employee should keep in mind before writing the application.

  • Name of the employee and address- At first an employee needs to write his/her name and address. 
  • Date- Next, mention the date of the application.
  • Name of the receiver- In this step, the employee needs to mention the name of the HR or the Manager of the firm he/she is working in. Next, the employee needs to write the address of the organization.
  • Subject- Mention the reason you are writing the application. For example. Application for an emergency leave.
  • Salutation- Here you can address the reader. For example, you can address the reader as sir/ma’am. You can also use Mr/Ms if the company follows last name basis greeting.
  • Body- The body of the letter is the crux of an application. Here you can write the reason for the emergency leave requirement, the number of leaves you would require, who would take care of the work in your absence, and the expected date of rejoining.
  • Sign off- Finally, sign off the letter as ‘Yours faithfully or Yours sincerely’.  After that, you can sign the letter, and write your name and designation. Instead, of the designation, you can also choose to write your contact details.

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Emergency Leave Letter: Samples 

Here are some of the samples that an employee can refer to.

Sample 1

Emergency Leave Letter

Sample 2

The Reporting Authority
Employer Name
Employer address 

Date of Application (dd/mm/yy)

Subject: Requesting leave for personal emergency

Dear (Sir/Ma’am/Name of the Reporting Authority),

I am writing to you to let you know that I have an important personal matter to attend_______due to which I would not be able to come to work until ____.

I have informed my team members about my leave and have explained the details of the project we are working on. You may contact me on ______ in case you need me for any urgent information.
I request you to please grant me a leave for ____days (no of days) and oblige.

Employee name

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Sample 3

Requesting leave for a family emergency

Dear ____,

Sub: Emergency Leave Letter

I would like to inform you that my family member ___is admitted to the hospital due to ____. I need to be there for support during this critical situation. 

Hence, I request you to grant me a leave for ___ (number of days) starting today. I plan to rejoin my work on____. I have informed my team members about my leave.

You may contact me on ____in case you need to connect with me for urgent work.
Thank you, anticipate your approval of leave at your earliest.

Employee name 

How to Apply For an Emergency Leave?

Emergency letter format and samples

Below are the steps that you can follow to apply for an emergency leave letter.

  • Explain the reason to your manager- The first step is to talk to your manager or your supervisor over the phone and explain the need for an emergency leave. At this stage, you can also ask them to reassign the important tasks to another employee. Finally, you can write an emergency leave letter.
  • Follow the format of an emergency leave letter – Do note that the format of an email emergency letter and a printed emergency leave letter slightly varies. Also, include all the details required in the emergency leave letter format given above.
  • Be honest and proactive- Explain the reason for an emergency leave. However, know that it is not compulsory to disclose any details that you are not comfortable with. If possible you can complete any pending work before taking the emergency leave.
  • State the period and contact details-  Explain the duration of your leave and the contact details in case the team wants to contact you.
  • Provide only necessary information- It is important to keep in mind that you need to provide only the necessary information for leave. Do not go into details about your personal life or circumstances. The reasons for emergency leave include personal illness or injury, family emergency, and medical appointments.

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Q.1. What is a personal emergency?

Ans: A Personal emergency means a medical situation that needs immediate attention, severe accident, family medical emergency, or other hardship that requires the employee to take a period of time off from work.

Q.2. How do I give a reason for emergency leave?

Ans: Some of the basic emergencies include family members or children being sick, going for blood donation, employees being sick, being met with a minor accident, and so on.

Q.3. How do I ask permission for urgent leave?

Ans: To ask for urgent leave you can either directly convey it to your manager. Another way is to call them up as soon as you can and explain the situation. Give only those details that you are comfortable sharing so that he/she can understand the urgency of the circumstance.

An emergency leave letter is an application requesting emergency leave from work. An employee can avail of the emergency leave by writing an emergency leave letter.  Some of the reasons for emergency leave include accidents or injuries, and medical and family emergencies. To discover more such articles visit Leverage Edu.

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