Medical Leave Application: Format, Samples, Tips to Write

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medical leave application

An individual will have to take a leave of absence from the office or college at some point. Taking leave without permission is akin to digging your own grave. When planning a vacation with family or friends, it is critical to write a request for leave from an office. If your absence is due to any unavoidable medical circumstances, it is also critical to write a request for sick leave for an office.

A successful leave appeal would help your manager understand the true situation, making things easier for you and your coworkers. This also applies to students who wish to request a one-day medical leave from their principal or class teacher. This blog will help you understand how to write a medical leave application and some samples of the same.

How to Apply for a Medical Leave?

The criteria for how you can apply for a medical leave are given below:

  • The individual must have worked for the company for at least a year. You can extend this if the person is receiving medical treatment or should be admitted to the hospital.
  • If they are a family member, he or she must be in the facility for at least three days in a row or submit an application for medical leave in the office for pregnancy. The company will hold accountability for conducting two master reviews in the case of chronic diseases.
  • In the case of abortion, the company must compensate the patient’s medical records, number of check-ups, and even the birth.

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What to include in a Medical Leave Application?

When writing a sick day email, keep it brief and to the point. Include the following points in your sick day email:

  • The number of days you will be absent from the office/college.
  • Explain the reason for your absence.
  • Name of the point of contact who will oversee your workload.
  • If applicable, a doctor’s note.
  • Whether or not you will be able to respond to urgent emails and phone calls.

Medical Leave Application Format

Below, we have provided the body format of the medical leave application:

  • Salutation: In the application, use a professional term of endearment and follow it with the employer’s name.
  • Date: You must carefully mention the application date and leave date, and write them in bold for easy readability.
  • Text Body: The main part of the application is the body of the text; do not try to write too much in the application. Your application should be brief and to the point, but it should also include all of the necessary information, such as the number of days you will be absent, the reason for your absence, the name of the person who will be in charge of your work, whether you will be available for emergency calls/mail, and your alternate contact number.
  • Documents: If you have any doctor’s prescriptions, medical certificates, or reports that are required, make sure to include them with your application.
  • Sign off: Don’t forget to express your gratitude and apologise at the end of the application. Give your application a cordial sign-off such as yours truly, regards, cordially, etc. at the end.
  • Signature: If you are not sending it digitally, remember to include your signature.

Tips to Write an Appropriate Medical Leave Application

Here are some tips for you to write an appropriate Medical Leave Application:

  • The most important thing is that your application should reach you as soon as possible.
  • The application’s subject should be clean.
  • The subject of your medical leave application should be clear and concise.
  • It must include all pertinent and important information.
  • Please mention whether your leave was paid or unpaid.
  • Let the concerned person know if you will be available for an important call.
  • Suggest a colleague who can handle your work.

Medical Leave Application Samples

Here are a few samples of Medical Leave Application:

Sample 1 (For one-day absence)

Subject: Sick Leave Required
Hi, (Manager’s Name)I’m emailing to let you know that I won’t be able to make it to work today, (Date), due to a stomach illness. I’ll be available to answer emails if you require immediate assistance, but (teammate name) will handle my workload today to ensure all deadlines are met.
Thank you for your consideration(Your Name).

Sample 2 (For unclear Reason)

Subject: Sick Leave Application
Hi, (Manager’s Name)This is to inform you that I will be unable to join you at the office today. I’ve been feeling under the weather since last evening. I went to the hospital, and the doctor told me I had a severe illness. The prescribed medication will be effective for four days. The doctor advised me to stay in bed until I recovered completely.
Please feel free to contact (coworker name), who will be handling my workload until I return to the office to ensure that all deadlines are met.

Thank you for your consideration(Your Name).

Sample 3 (For Student)

To the Principal of (school name) (Address).
Subject: Application for Medical Leave
Greetings, (Sir/Madame),
With due respect, I would like to bring to your attention that my child (name of the student) is a student of your school’s class (class name and section). My child was hospitalised last night due to a serious medical problem, and he/she will be monitored by a doctor for the next two days. We are caring for him/her at [hospital name] and will be unable to send him/her to school for the next [number of days].
I request that you understand the current situation and grant my child leave from (XX/YY/XXXX) to (XX/XX/XXXX). I also attached the doctor’s prescription to this application. I assure you that once he/she is fit and well, he/she will attend school on a daily basis.
Thank you very much.Yours Sincerely(Name of the parent)(Date)(Signature)


Q1. How do I write medical leave for the office?

Ans. Dear [First Name of Supervisor], I’m sending you this email to let you know that I’ll be out sick from [mention dates] to [mention reason for your illness]. I’ve attached my medical records and a letter from my doctor stating how many days off I need to take from work to fully recover.

Q2. How do I write medical leave for school?

Ans. You must write the sick leave application in the following format: I am writing to inform you that I have been sick for two days and have been unable to report to work. I went to the doctor for a checkup today, and he advised me to rest for at least three or four more days.

Q3. How do I apply for 1-day sick leave?

Ans. An example of a one-day sick leave application:
Hello, Amrita. This is to notify you that I will be unable to attend work tomorrow due to a severe migraine headache. A day of rest will help me get over this and back to my normal routine. As a result, I request that you grant me a day’s leave on [date].

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