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A leave extension letter is written by an employee who is already on leave. It is sought by an employee when they need to extend the leave granted to him/her due to any unforeseen circumstances. The leave extension request needs to have a valid reason as well. A leave extension letter informs the employer that you will not be available for rejoining on the predetermined date. Knowing how to write a leave extension letter can help you write a professional leave extension letter when required. That, too in an impressive manner. Keep reading to know more about the leave extension application format and samples.

Leave Extension Letter Format

Below is the format for the leave extension letter that an employee needs to follow. Following the format helps you to deliver the letter professionally. 

  • Name and address of the employee: The first step is to write the name and address of the employee.
  • Date: The next step is to include the date of the application in the letter
  • Name and address of the receiver: In the next line, an employee can add the name and address of the recipient. The name can be of the manager or the HR depending on to whom you are addressing the letter. Moreover, the address needs to be an organizational address.
  • Subject: Here mention that you are writing the letter for a leave extension.
  • Salutation: Address the recipient as ‘Dear Sir/Ma’am’. In case, the employee is aware of the name of the person then that can be added. For example, Mr Rajkumar
  • Body of the letter: The body of the letter is about explaining the reason they require the leave extension. Additionally, add the dates you were expected to rejoin the company, the duration of the extension required, and any documentary evidence supporting the same.
  • Sign off: Finally sign off the letter by thanking the reader, and adding your name and employee details.

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Leave Extension Samples 

Below is the sample leave extension letter that an employee can refer to:

Sample 1:

Check The Format of the Leave Extension Samples

[Date of the Application]

[Name of the Employee]
[Address of the Employee]

[Name of the Recipient]
Address of the Recipient]

Subject: Leave extension request due to health issue

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to notify you about my sick leave status. Currently, I am on leave for_____(number of days) from ____ to____. I had been on complete bed rest for _____days. There has been a significant improvement in my health since ____.

The doctor has advised that it would take another _____days for a full recovery. Hence, I request you extend my leave to _______.
I have attached the doctor’s note for reference. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

However, I believe it will help me perform my duties more efficiently when I rejoin my work after complete recovery.

Should there be any urgency, feel free to contact me_________Thank you in advance for your kind consideration. I hope you will consider my application favourably.

Yours Sincerely,
[Name of the Employee]

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Sample 2:

Requesting Leave Extension Due to Family Problems: Check Format

Subject: Application for a Leave extension.

Dear ____,

I am writing this to apply for an extension of my current leave for another _____until____ due to some personal family problems. I am trying hard to get out of my problems so that I can work without any further disturbances. 

I apologize for the trouble caused by me. I  will come back to work on ____, so please approve my leave extension request.

I shall be obliged to you in this regard.

Thanking you.
[Name of the Employee]
Sample 3

Writing a Leave Extension Letter Due To an Accident: Check Format

Sub: Leave extension request due to accident.

Dear _________,

As you know, I met with an accident ____ and I have been on leave for the last ____days. With all your support and blessing I am gradually recovering.
Here I want to inform you that it will take another____(week/month)  to fully recover until then I have to stay in my bed.

Therefore I request you to kindly allow me to extend my leave for another ___(number of days)  and I resume my work on ____.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thanking you.
[Name of the Employee]

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Tips to Write a Leave Extension Letter

Below are the tips that an employee can use to write a leave extension letter:

  • Use formal language while writing the leave extension letter and demonstrate professionalism and sincerity.
  • Explain in brief the reason for the leave extension. Make sure that the reason is valid and legitimate.
  • Give the number of days you will require the leave and the date of your expected return
  • Add any documentary proof such as 
  • Finally, express your gratitude in advance and apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Q.1. How do I ask for a leave extension due to personal reasons?

Ans: A leave extension letter can be written to extend the number of leaves. In the application add the personal reason that is causing you to request extra leaves. For example, an injury or accident. You can also attach any supporting documents with the leave extension application.

Q.2. How do I request an extended leave of absence?

Ans: Make the initial request for leave either in person or via a call to your supervisor. Next, write an application for a leave extension. Give advanced notice before requesting the same.

Q.3. How do I request an extension of sick leave?

Ans: An employee can request a sick leave extension by writing a leave extension letter. In the application, the employee has to mention the number of days he/she will be absent, the date of rejoining, and the supporting medical documentation.

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