Vacation Leave Request Email: Format and Samples

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vacation leave request email

Taking up a vacation if you are a working professional is quite a normal thing as it can help you rejuvenate and take a break from your hectic schedule. While it’s okay to take a vacation but at the same time you should remember that you need to send a formal vacation leave request email to your manager to inform them about your vacation leave and ask for their approval. Writing a vacation leave email is quite easy if you know the proper format and communicate properly about your leave through good writing skills. At the same time, you should always remember that a badly written email can lead to miscommunication between you and your manager and might lead to your manager not approving it. It can happen especially when there’s any festival where many employees are applying for leave. So, make sure that you write a good vacation email so that you get approval.

Are you also planning for a vacation and struggling with writing a vacation leave request email? If the answer is yes, then this blog will surely help you! 

What is a Vacation Leave Request Email?

A vacation leave request email is written by an employee to their manager in order to get their approval for the leaves the employee will be taking for a vacation. Many people try to bypass writing an email and instead will ask in person to their manager for approval. Although this is quite easy and can help you save some time and some work, it is never a good practice as if the audit happens to track your record then there can be misunderstanding and confusion. Therefore, it is always advisable to write a formal email so that you, your manager and the HR team have a written record of your leave that was officially approved. 

Vacation Leave Request Email

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Format of the Vacation Leave Request Email

Writing a Vacation leave request email is quite easy and entails five parts-

  • Subject – A rule of thumb for writing a subject line is that it should always be concise and should explain in a few words what the email is about. You should write the subject in such a way that your manager is able to understand what it’s about as soon as they see it in their inbox. One effective way to write a subject line is just to write – Vacation Request (Dates). 
  • Salutation – After the subject line you need to greet the manager by simply writing “ Dear XYZ ( Manager’s Name)“. Since nowadays companies prefer to greet each other by their first names instead of sir or mam, writing the manager’s name is the best way to do it. 
  • The body- The body of the email should not be more than 3 paragraphs with each paragraph having 2-3 lines. Here, you just need to tell them the duration of your vacation, the dates and when you will be joining back. Remember to always keep your tone formal and respectful. Also, you are under no obligation to tell specific details about your vacation if it makes you uncomfortable. 
  • Closing lines- Closing lines of the email are all about politely asking the manager to approve your vacation leave and assure him that your work is up to date and there are no urgent tasks on your to-do list which will hamper the work. 
  • Sign-off- The words that you need to choose while signing off highly depend on the relationship between you and your boss. For example, if you have a formal relationship with them then you can write “Kind regards” while if you have a kind of informal bond with them then you can write “cheers” followed by your name. 

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Things to keep in Mind While Writing Vacation Leave Request Email 

Following are the things that you should keep in mind while writing a vacation request email:

  1. Go through your company’s vacation policy first – before writing an email for requesting vacation leave it is always best to go through your company’s policy and check how many leaves you are allowed, how you need to notify about it and what’s the way to request for it. Checking the rules beforehand can help you get assured that you will be granted vacation leaves. 
  2. Write concisely – While writing a vacation leave request email or any other email for that matter, make sure you write it concisely and avoid any redundant information. Always stick to the important details and write it straight to the point.
  3. Never make an assumption – Don’t ever make an assumption that you will be surely granted leave and avoid putting pressure on your manager that all the preparation for the vacation is completed and you have booked the tickets. This can lead to a bad impression on your boss and they might not approve of it. Also, your boss reserves the right to not allow you to take a leave if the working of the business is going to get affected because of your leave. 
  4. Provide assurance to your manager – Make sure you provide assurance to your boss that there are no pending tasks on your list and that you have laid out a plan for the work that will get missed in your absence. This can create a positive impression on your manager that you are responsible and take accountability for your work that will be affected in your absence. 

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Samples of Vacation Leave Request Email 

Following are some of the samples for a vacation leave request email that will help you write one. 

Sample 1

Dear XYZ (Manager’s name),
This is to bring to your attention that I am planning a vacation with my family, from and to (write dates). I will make sure that all my tasks are completed and that there are no urgent things left from my side. It would be really great if it is approved by your end.

Please take this into consideration. I will be highly obliged.

Kind regards,
XYZ (your name) 

Sample 2

Dear XYZ (Manager’s name),
I am planning to take three days off work, from and to (write dates). This is because I have prior plans to travel out of the station on a holiday. I will be joining back on (joining date) and will also make sure that no work gets disturbed in my absence. It would be great if you approve this request.

Please take this into consideration. I will be highly obliged.

XYZ (your name) 


1. How do I email a vacation request?

Ans- Write a clear subject line and the body of the email should be very specific and to the point in order to avoid any redundant information. Also, make sure that throughout the email you maintain a polite and professional tone. 

2. How do I ask for vacation leave permission?

Ans- Avoid asking in person and always send a formal email while asking your manager for permission to take vacation leave. 

3. What do you say in a vacation email?

Ans- In the vacation email you need to mention the dates you will be taking leaves and the date at which you will be joining back. Also, make sure that you assure your boss that the working of the business won’t be affected because of your absence. 

4. What is a good email vacation message?

Ans- A good email vacation email is which is very specific and contains only important details avoiding any unnecessary things. Also, it should be written in a formal and respectful way. 

This is everything you need to know about how to write a Vacation leave request email. Make sure you follow Leverage Edu for more such informative articles.

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