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A typewriting course is a great option as it not only adds value to your resume but is also available in various writing options such as transcription, WordPress, etc. The admission process is based on a merit list for diploma courses and usually has a tenure of one year. In the case of certificate courses, the tenure ranges from a few hours up to 6 months. The eligibility criteria are 10th and 12th for both diploma and certificate courses of typewriting. The greatest benefit is the availability of online courses which helps you pursue typewriting courses in times of pandemic too. In this blog, we will go through the requisites of typewriting courses.

Typewriting Courses: Highlights

Course NameTypewriting Courses
TypeCertificate, Diploma
DurationUp to 1 year
EligibilityClass 10th or 12th, depending on course
Average FeeFree to INR 10,000
Average Salary for TypingINR 2.06 LPA
Top Job ProfilesData Entry Operator, Transcriptionist, Content Writer etc.

Typewriting Course Benefits 

  • Typing helps carve you into a time-efficient human being that increases your chances of getting employed as companies look forward to hiring employees that can use time efficiently.
  • Typing is also a skill that helps you improve your focus on computer-based tasks. 
  • Typing also helps to boost professional image (something important and initial on your CV).
  • Typing is an initial stage for the development of oneself and other skills.
  • Typing also helps you to reduce fatigue as while typing you constantly see keys and bend your head to type but as you increase typing speed it helps you reduce fatigue. 
  • Typing not only helps you improve posture but also prevents injuries such as stress injuries. 
  • It also helps to find more job opportunities and if you have at least 95% accuracy, you are eligible for better-paid jobs such as transcriptionist or journalist.

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Typewriting Course Syllabus

The course is entirely self-teaching and is for typing as business professionals. The syllabus can be different in institutions. 

Course Details Description
Online Typing Aids Telling about free typing websites that you’ll need throughout the course and even after that. 
Business Correspondence Format This would help you accurately format and related etiquettes that are needed in the business world.
Speed and Accuracy BuildingLearn to type faster without making mistakes, the techniques and patterns relate to typing for typing fast. 
Speed and Accuracy Test Test for what is your typing speed which is recording words per minute (WPM).
Cumulative Reviews Review what you have learnt about since day one.

Typewriting Courses: Skillsets

You will benefit from having the following skills in a typewriting course.

  • Touch typing
  • Keyboarding
  • Detail-oriented approach

Typewriting Courses Fees and Duration

The fees of the course depend upon different institutions. As there are two types of courses, the fees of diploma courses range from 5k to 8.2k whereas for certificate courses it is up to 10k. The certificate typing course is also available for free in some institutes. The tenure for the certificate course is from a few hours to 6 months. The diploma typewriting course is available for one year. 

List of Typewriting Courses

Following is the list of typewriting courses that you can consider in various modes.

Name of the course Average Fees 
Certificate Course in Medical TranscriptionINR 5,000
Certificate in Data Entry and ProcessingINR 10,200
Certificate Course in Windows ApplicationsINR 2,500
Certificate Course in Stenography and Secretarial PracticeINR 3,000
Certificate in ShorthandN/A
Diploma in Document WritingN/A
Diploma in Archival Studies and Records ManagementN/A
Diploma in Office AutomationINR 8,125
Diploma in Medical Records TechnologyINR 3,500

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Certificate Typewriting Course

Given below is a list of typewriting courses that come with a certificate.

Course NameCourse ProviderDurationFee
Certificate in Computer-Based English TypingAICPE4 months
Touch Typing TrainingAlisonFree
Short term Course Certificate In TypingCITC Chandigarh45 hoursINR 1200
Certificate In Clerk Cum TypistIISDT60 minutesINR 1500

Diploma Typewriting Course

Here are some of the Diploma typewriting courses that you can consider. These are generally long-term courses and may require physical classes.

Course NameCourse ProviderDurationFee
Diploma in Hindi English TypingNIED1 yearINR 15,000
Diploma in Computer Application and TypingCITC360 hours
Diploma in Computer-Based English TypingAICPE1 year

Job Profiles and Salary for Typewriting Course

There is a very high scope of employment after completion of a typewriting course as it is the initial skill every company wants in its employees. The popular job profiles and salary offered after doing typewriting course is as follows. 

Job Profile Average Salary OfferedSkills Required
Assistant Typist INR 2.27 LPAUp to date with the latest technology, organizational skills, written and spoken communication skills, time and resource management.
Copy EditorINR 2.09 LPAExpert grammar knowledge, written and communication skills, ability to write in different styles and multitasking.
Content WriterINR 2.15 LPAResearch skills, ability to work in teams, self-motivated, ability to meet deadlines.
TranscriptionistINR 2.39 LPAAttention to detail, fast worker, self-motivated and accurate in writing.
Data Entry OperatorINR 1.56 LPAMulti-tasking ability, paying attention to detail, ability to work within deadlines, excellent written and communication skills. 

Top Recruiters for Typewriters

After completion of a typing writing course and attaining accuracy as well as speed, there are many opportunities for highly paid jobs. The list of top recruiters in India are as follows:

  1. Placement India
  2. Info 990
  3. Central Vigilance Commission
  4. Comptroller & Auditor General of India
  5. Central Bureau of Investigation and other Central Government Departments
  6. Wide Infoweb
  7. Ministry of Agriculture
  8. Ajilon
  9. Adecco
  10. Greene Resources
  11. Rose International
  12. Symbri

Comparison of Online Typewriting Courses

Name DurationFees 
Touch Typing Training 1.5 to 3 hoursFree
Typing Mastery: Learn to Type 48 minsINR 1,280
Typing Course: How to Touch Type Faster – New Way to Learn 1 hour 23 minsINR 8,640
Learning Typing40 minsINR 899
Typing Course: Learn how to Type & Improve your Typing Speed 1 to 2 hoursSubscription needed 

Typewriting Courses: FAQs

What are typewriting courses?

Typewriting courses teach you how to type fast using a keyboard. It may involve the study of the best practises while typing including techniques and posture, as well as the

Which are the best typewriting courses?

There are currently many typewriting courses available in the market from online certificate courses to full-fledged diploma and stenography courses. The pricing also varies from free to INR 10,000-15,000 approximately.

Where do I get a typing certificate?

You can find many good online typing courses that come with a certificate. These are generally short courses with the duration ranging from a couple of hours to a couple of months. With some course providers, you may get the course for free but may have to pay an additional fee for the certificate.

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