Leave Application for Fever: Format and Samples

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leave application for fever

For school students, making use of a leave application for fever helps them take the formal approach to inform their teachers of their absence, and ask for their support for the same. There is a certain way to draft and forward an application for fever, which we shall discuss in this blog, letting students know of the tips to follow that shall help them in writing the application. It’s important for students to know about the ins and outs of writing a leave application since the requirement to draft one is often unprecedented, and the leave application doesn’t allow for any scope of miscommunication to exist between the teacher and the student. Continue reading the blog for a better understanding of writing a leave application for fever. 

Importance of a Leave Application for Fever

The need for taking a leave of absence because of a fever is supported by the requirement of drafting an application for fever. It is essential that both requirements meet the attention of the student. Below we have mentioned why it is important to take a leave of absence because of a fever.

  1. A leave application for fever allows the student and teacher to be on the same page in regard to the former’s absence from school. 
  2. The application reflects the need of the student to take rest, prevent the virus from spreading, and for them to seek proper time for appropriate medical treatment as directed by the doctor.
  3. It’s also important for the student to draft a leave application for fever as it helps them to take time off from school so that they can prioritise their health and allow their immune system to fight the virus. 
  4. It’s important for the teacher to receive a leave application regarding fever, since they can decide their further steps, in terms of demanding a medical certificate, which can help the student’s attendance status not be majorly affected. 
  5. Most of all, a leave application for fever helps maintain a record for both parties. 

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Essential Components of Leave Application for Fever 

What is included in a leave application for fever? The following helps students to gain a better idea. 

  1. It should include all the correct information with respect to the teacher’s/principal’s name, as well as the school’s name. 
  2. It should also include the brief circumstantial condition of the student. 
  3. It should include the number of days that the student is expected to be on leave. 
  4. Further, it should include a level of politeness and decency in conveying the message. 
  5. Finally, the student should include a closing line, followed by an ending salutation, as well as their name/class/and the signature of their parents. 


For students to understand the format of a leaving application for fever, please find the table below.  

Detailed Address of the Reciever  The student is to start the application with a detailed address to the receiver that starts with ‘To Principal/ Teacher’, followed by the school’s name and address.
Date and Subject  Next, the application should include a subject that clarifies the purpose of the application, such as ‘Application for Fever to Class Teacher’; following the date the application is drafted. 
Introductory Salutation The application should then include a salutation such as ‘Respected Ma’am/Sir’, before beginning with the body text. 
Main Body  Here lies the main prominent nature of the leave application for fever. The student is to discuss that they are suffering from fever, and mention the dates they shall be on leave from school. 
Thankyou Note  Gradually after that, the student should include a thank-you note that expresses gratitude to the teacher/principal. This should read to the likes of ‘I am thankful for your support’. 
Closing Salutation Just like an introductory salutation, the student should close their application with a formal ‘Your Sincerely’ or ‘Your Truly’. 
Student’s Name and Parents’ Signature  At the end, the student is to mention their name, class details, and the signature of their parents. 

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Tips to Write the Leave Application

Writing a leave application is supported by certain tips that help students to get ahead by easily writing one. Shared below points talks about the same. 

  1. The student should make their intentions clear from the subject line itself. 
  2. The application should be clear and concise. 
  3. It may include supporting documents for any need for verification. 
  4. Using a polite and respectful tone is the way to go. 
  5. The application should not sound like an exaggeration of the student’s symptoms. It should be honest. 

Sample of a Leave Application for Fever 

To guide the students in writing a leave application for fever, a sample has been provided below. 


The Principal/ Teacher 

*Insert Name of School*

*Insert Address of School*

Date: (Mention Date)

Subject: Leave Application for Fever from School 

Respected ______, 

This is to report to you that I, _______ (student name), a student of ________ (mention school class) have been suffering from the symptoms of fever for the past _____ days. Taking the same into consideration I shall be unable to attend school from ________ to ________. 

Please find attached the doctor’s note. (attach required documents if any)

Thank you for your understanding. 

I am extremely grateful for your continued support. 

Yours Sincerely, 

*insert student name*

*insert class*

Parent’s Signature. 

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Following Up on a Leave Application for Fever 

In case there is any need for verification required following your submission of the application for fever, you can communicate with your teacher/principal with a follow-up email that can include further information/documentation as per their directions. 

Though this is not so much likely, after your return to school after an extended period of leave of absence, you can answer any questions that may arise with supporting documents.


Q1. What is the best reason to apply for a leave of absence?

Ans. Medical attention/reasons are the most prominent reasons for applying for a leave of absence. 

Q2. How do I ask for one day leave for a fever?

Ans. The student may submit a leave application for fever, informing their teacher/principal of the same. 

Q3. How do I write a fever leave application?

Ans. You can write a leave application for fever by following the format of the application, which includes the date/subject; opening and closing salutation, as well as body (that explains the circumstances of fever) text, followed by your parent’s signature.

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