Leave Mail to Manager: Format and Samples

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leave mail to manager

Leave mail or leave application is a professional way of asking for a leave from work for a specific period. There are various ways how to address concerns to supervisors. However, rules must be included when sending professional leave mail. Some essential features to be included in your application are brief, information-rich, and genuine reasons for your absence. The content in your leave mail decides whether your leave mail to manager is going to get rejected or accepted. Sounds interesting? Keep Reading to learn more about leave mail to manager, types, format, leave mail to manager samples, and much more!

Types of Leave Mail to Manager

One of the major things that you must know before writing a professional leave request email is learning about the types of leaves. The types of leaves vary depending upon the situation, such as annual leave, sick leave, emergency leaves, etc. mostly companies provide these leaves without an application process; however, it is advised to drop a leave mail to the manager to portray basic etiquette. Before writing a leave mail, you must know the different types of leave mail to manager to identify your situation and write accordingly. Thus here are different types of leave mails to manager that you may take depending upon the situation. 

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Annual Leave

Most companies offer annual paid leave during the tenure of employees at the company. Some people choose the duration and dates of these annual leaves, such as some prefer long-term holidays or extra time for family. However, the number of annual leaves varies depending on the organization.  

Sick Leave

Sick leaves are when you cannot pursue a job due to temporary illness. This type of leave is usually for the health condition of the people. Some organizations prefer proof of the sickness, such as a clinical report, doctor’s note, or a medical certificate declaring the health condition. 

Emergency Leave

It is normal to experience emergencies while pursuing a job; they can also happen during shifts. For example, when a family member requires urgent care and travels to the hospital. Most recruiters do not have enough time to approve this request and thus accept emergency leaves on the spot. 

Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is for pregnant women who wish to spend some time at home before and after the delivery of their babies. Some organizations allow women to take more than 18 weeks of paid maternity leave. 

Unpaid Leave

Usually, employees request this type of leave when they do not have the option for annual leaves. This type of leave is generally the last option for urgent circumstances and situations out of control. 

Bereavement Leave

Compassionate leave or bereavement leave is the type of leave that allows people to spend time at home with a family member after losing their loved ones. Usually, recruiters encourage people to take time off when they are going through this phase of life. This leave allows employees to grieve by taking some time off and returning to work when they are prepared for work.  So when you want to spend some time with your loved ones after the sudden demise of someone in your family, you must consider this type of leave. This not only allows you to cope up with the emotional breakdown and also provides you with quality time with your loved ones. 

Leave Mail to Manager Format

So here are the important sections you must include when drafting an email for your manager for leave. 

  • The subject line along with other relevant information 
  • The Salutation
  • Body – State the purpose, duration, name of the colleague who shall support you in your absence, and point of contact
  • A short thank you note
  • Closing 
  • Your full name
  • Job position 
  • Date 

Tips for Writing a Leave Mail to Manager 

To help you write a professional leave request email, here are some of the tricks and tips you can use for writing. 

  • Plan your email: Planning plays a vital role when writing as it benefits you to prepare the structure and provides you with a basic idea about your leave request email. To sound more confident, include the leave you want to take, leaving date, returning date, the last shift, emergency contact details, etc.
  • Writing Your Request: the first paragraph usually includes the reason for writing an email. However, you must include leaving and return dates as it provides employer information about the duration you will not be available. 
  • Elaborate on your reasons: In the second paragraph, you must consider writing the reasons for writing a leave request in detail. Most employees prefer to know the reasons for your leave request so that they can arrange for someone to replace you when you are absent. 
  • Reassure: At the end of the email, do not forget to craft a reassuring statement to help the employer to plan work schedules. You can also mention who might replace your position and accomplish daily tasks. 
  • Thank You: it is no longer a secret that Thank You can do wonders; thus, you must include Thank You. mentioning this phrase shows professionalism and dedication to your organisation. 

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Sample of a Leave Mail to Manager

To help you in writing a professional mail, here is a sample of leave mail to manager:

Subject: Annual leave request – Aaron Dutta

Dear Charlotte,

This is to request 15 annual leave days from the 8th of October to the 23rd of October.

This request is due to the marriage of my cousin living abroad. Let me know if you need more information about this.

I will finish my projects on time and complete extra work before the leave date. If you require assistance with my departure preparations, I’ll be happy to join you. Marina said they would take on my responsibilities while I’m away and update me regularly with upcoming projects. I’ve also notified other team members of my absence.

I appreciate your time and consideration when reading this annual leave request. Many thanks for considering my request.

Best regards,

Aaron Dutta


[email protected] 

So these are the format and sample of a leave mail to manager. However, it is highly advised to first look at your situation and identify the type of leave you want to take to write accordingly. The rules and guidelines about leaves vary from company to company, as some organizations approve only two or three types of mail. 

To write a leave mail to manager, you are only required to copy the format and add the words as per the situation. However, to ensure the leave approval, you must check all the spelling and proofread your draft once before sending the leave mail to the manager. 


Ques 1. How do I ask for a half-day of leave?

Ans. I am writing to the manager to request [date’s] half-day leave to attend a personal event. I have made arrangements for my work to be covered during my absence from Ques because the event is important to me. 

Ques 2. How do I submit an application for school leaving?

Ans. Due to my poor health, I’m not feeling well. I can’t keep taking classes today. Please grant me half-day leave. Therefore, I kindly request that you accept my application and grant me leave.

Ques 3. What are the valid reasons for taking a leave?

Ans. Being ill, sustaining an injury, or having a child or family member who is ill or injured are personal circumstances that can be used to request a half-day leave. In the event that you, your kid, or a relative are infectious or in torment, you might not be able to focus on your work, and it could influence your efficiency.

Hope you find this Blog helpful and that it resolved all your queries related to leave mail to manager. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu for more relevant blogs. 

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