Formal Letter Format, Types & Samples

Formal Letter Format

Remember the leave application you were taught in school which most of us still can repeat precisely. Letter writing is an essential aspect of the syllabus that is covered during secondary grades as the emphasis is laid on imparting students with the precise writing skills to use in different professional scenarios. In the digital age, our social media applications have certainly transformed the way we used to communicate in earlier times through letters. Now, these letters have turned into emails with quite a similar format. In this blog, we will shed light on the formal letter format, types as well as samples. 

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Formal Letter Format

The formal letter format generally consists of:

  • Sender’s Address: In Formal Letter Format, it is important that you mention the sender’s address in order to avoid any confusion and dispute. 
  • Date: Mention the accurate date for better understanding of the actual time and date. 
  • Name / Designation of Addressee: Skipping this part can lead to potential confusion thus it is necessary to include the proper name as well as the designation of the receiver. 
  • Address of the Addressee: Mentioning the accurate address of the letter will ensure that it reaches the proper destination. 
  • Salutation: This part is of utmost importance as you need to address the receiver with proper respect.
  • Subject: Write a strong subject line which can convey the meaning of the entire formal letter. 
  • Body [Introduction, Content, Conclusion]: It is important that you write your message in the body with precision and in a concise manner. 
  • Complimentary Closing Line: Write some complimentary closing line at the end of the body. It will include words like With Regards, Best Wishes, Yours truly etc. 
  • Signature / Name of the Sender: Don’t forget to include the name of the person who is sending the letter. It will clear ambiguity in the message.
  • Designation of the Sender: For the final element of the letter, you must include a proper designation of the sender. It is part and parcel of the formal letter format. 


Now take a look at the following formal letter format:

Formal Letter 
Sender’s Address
Name / Designation of Receiver
Address of the Receiver,


Salutation (Mr/Mrs/ MS)

Body of the Letter

Signature / Name of the Sender
Designation of the Sender

Types of Formal Letter

Since we are clear with the elements of formal letter format, let’s include in the below-mentioned pointers its various types of a formal letter:

  • Letter of Enquiry
  • Order Letter
  • Letter of Complaint
  • Reply to a Letter of Complaint
  • Promotion Letter
  • Sales Letters
  • Recovery Letters

Formal Letter Samples 

Now that you are familiar with the formal letter format and its types. We will go ahead and help you understand it better through some sample formal letters.

Formal letter Sample 1

Defence Colony,
New Delhi 07-04-2020
Mr Zia Shakir, MD Multimedia Productions
Lajpat Nagar, Block M, New Delhi.

Subject: Approval for Setting up a Multimedia House

Mr Zia Shakir, 

With Paramount reverence, I want to bring this into your kind notice that there has a been a massive demand from universities and colleges in the South Delhi region to come up with a multimedia organisation which could cater their internship needs. 

You are aware of the fact that it is a time of media convergence and people are showing their prime interest in choosing multimedia as their prime source of information. And it is a good fact that multimedia news discrimination has overshadowed the traditional way of information dissemination. I believe we will take all the elements of multimedia into consideration. A fully-fledged animation branch will add feathers to our cap. We should take advantage of this emerging trend and set up a fully-fledged organisation in South Delhi. 

Thanking You in Anticipation 
Zahid Hussain 
Associate professor, 
Multimedia University, New Delhi

Formal Letter Sample 2

Nishat Srinagar, Kashmir 8th April 2020
Mr Umer Fayaz, CEO Alamdar Post Magazine
HMT, Srinagar Kashmir 

Subject: Advertisement space in your esteemed magazine

Mr Umer, 
With paramount reverence, I want to inform you that we are avid readers of your esteemed news magazine which is truly standing as a stalwart example of journalism excellence. 

We would like to request you to provide us with a front-page advertisement space in your magazine. Please provide us with the prices regarding the same. Earliest action will be highly appreciated. 

Yours truly,
Residents of Nishat Srinagar. 

Hence, we hope that this blog has provided you with the essentials of Format Letter format as well as its useful samples. If you are confused about your career choices, book an e-meeting with our Leverage Edu experts and we will guide you in finding the right career path that fits your skills, interests and aspirations!

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