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Creative Designing

Have you ever wanted to enhance your creative skills and make a career out of it? You could pursue a Career in Creative Designing. In this field, you can use your design skills to support a business or its products and services. Many printing, broadcasting and advertising agencies hire creative designers. Careers in Creative Designing include graphic designers, architectural designers and multimedia designers. Read this blog to know more about Career in Creative Designing. 

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What is Creative Designing?

Creative Designing is a field where you do computer-generated graphics and digital animation which is designed to envision a future product. It also involves projects that are creative, powerful and unforgettable. It’s about thinking out of the box to make it exclusive. It may include a custom font created by hand, designing a logo or having new imagery to make the customer stand out in their market.

What does a Creative Designer Do?

There are several qualifications that certain creative designers have in order to fulfil their roles. When it came to the most important elements expected to be a creative designer, we find that 16.9% of creative designers included graphic design, while 10.0% included adobe illustrator, and 6.1% included layout. Hard qualities like these are helpful when it comes to fulfilling important work responsibilities in various designing careers like creative designing, game designing and fashion designing.

Creative Designer Skills

Since creative designers also work with design agencies, company executives, good communication skills are required. In order to retain a range of current concepts, they need to keep up with current developments in goods, the arts, sports, marketing and advertising. Such designers must have strong management and analytical abilities and knowledge of creative resources such as graphic design systems. Major skills to pursue a Career in Creative Designing are:

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Adobe Illustrator
  3. Design Concepts
  4. Creative Direction
  5. Web Development Languages

The top skills in creative designing are divided into Core Skills and Advanced Skills. They are:

Core Skills

  • Describing the idea of visualisation by drawings, models and illustrations 
  • Overseeing concept changes and enhancements 
  • Integrating technological and artistic alternatives
  • Understanding developments within the reach of the designing sector
  • Using graphical interface and other related software applications
  • Having great communication skills

Advanced Skills

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, AutoCAD and Web Development Languages

Creative Designing Courses

Creative Designing courses can vary from Graphic Design courses to Video Design, Textile Design, Fashion Design and more. Here are the top Creative Designing Courses:


To pursue a Career in Creative Designing, you need to possess certain criteria:

  • Most companies are searching for creative designers at least with a bachelor’s degree.
  • Creative design classes can include graphic design, creative writing, media studies, website development, advertising, marketing and networking. 
  • Although schooling plays a major role in finding employment, companies are also seeking candidates with good portfolios of previous creative milestones.
  • Companies seeking for contract staff usually give descriptions of the level of qualifications and expertise they require in their freelance career designer description.


If you pursue a career in Creative Designing you can work in the publicity and advertisement industries to generate different materials, such as product labels or brochures, which contain detail about the company’s offerings. They usually work with multimedia corporations or advertisement firms. Creative Designers can also be self-employed or freelancers. 


As per Glassdoor, the average salary of a Creative Designer in India is ₹5,95,435 p.a.. As per Payscale, Graphic Designer/Artist earns ₹302,905 per year in India. Creative designers in the USA earn an average income of $75,146 per year (55 lakhs in INR) or $36 per hour. The top 10% is over $101,000 a year while the lowest 10% is under $55,000 a year. Software providers and video and filmmakers are paid the highest wages.

Colleges & Universities

There are a lot of acclaimed academic institutions offering varied designing courses. The top institutions around the world to pursue a career in this field are given below:

Creative Designing is a highly rewarding career option. Qualifications include expertise in design development, along with imagination, and a good knowledge of colour theory and the development of colour palettes. Want to pursue a degree in Design? Let our Leverage Edu experts help you find the right specialisation, course and university as per your interests! Sign up for a free session now!

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