Physical Education Class 12 – CBSE Course Structure 2020

Physical Education Class 12

The most favourite sixth additional subject of all time is “Physical Education”. But Physical Education is way more than just a subject. It is a discipline which aims to impart the knowledge importance of maintaining physical fitness which is a very essential habit to develop at an early age. Thus, it becomes vital to study and follow such a beneficial subject in class 12th. To start a career in Health and Physical Education and opt for courses like Bachelor of Physical Education after class 12th. It is mandatory for students to opt for this subject as a compulsory subject in class 12th. Here is a complete guide of Physical Education class 12 syllabus. 

Syllabus for Physical Education Class 12

CBSE has released the latest exam structure and syllabus for Physical Education class 12. Let us study each unit with respective topics in detail: 

Unit 1 Planning in Sports 

The essential topics covered in this unit include meaning and objective of planning; committees & its responsibilities (pre, during and post); tournament – knock out, Round Robin or league & combination; intramural and extramural – meaning, objectives and its significance; specific sports programme (sports day, run for fun, health run); procedure to draw fixture – knock out (bye and seeding) & league (staircase & cyclic).

Unit 2 Sports and Nutrition

The major topics incorporated in this section of Physical Education class 12 syllabus are nutritive and non-nutritive components of diet; eating for weight control – the pitfalls of dieting, a healthy weight, food intolerance and food myths; balanced diet and nutrition – macro and micronutrients.

Unit 3 Yoga and Lifestyle

Asanas as preventive measures; Diabetes – benefits, procedure, contraindications for Bhujangasana, Paschimottasana, Ardh Matsyendrasna, Pavam Muktasna, Pachimottasana; Asthma – benefits, procedure, contraindication for Sukhasana, Gomukhasana, Chakrasana, Matsyasana, Bhujangasana, Parvatasana; Obesity – contraindications for Vajrasana, Trikonasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, procedure and benefits; Back Pain – Ardh Matsyendrasna, Vakrasana, Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Tadasana are the important segments covered in this unit.

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Unit 4 Physical Education & Sports for CWSN (Children With Special Needs – Divyang)

Unit 4 of the Physical Education class 12 syllabus provides an insight into the different types of disorder (ADHD, SPD, ODD, OCD, ASD), their nature and causes; disability etiquettes; strategies to make physical activities assessable for children with special need; different kinds of disability, their nature and causes (intellectual disability, physical disability, cognitive disability); advantages of physical activities for children with special needs; concept of disability and disorder.

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Unit 5 Children and Women in Sports   

In the fifth unit, Physical Education students will get to learn about the exercise guidelines at different stages of growth and development; sports participation of women in India; special consideration (Menarche and Menstrual dysfunction); motor development and factors affecting it; common postural deformities – Flat Foot, Round Shoulders, Knock Knee, Lordosis, Bow Legs, Kyphosis Scoliosis and their corrective measures, female athletes triad (Oestroperosis, Eating Disorders, Amenoria) 

Unit 6 Test and Measurement

Motor Fitness Tests – run/walk, sit/reach, partial curl up, modified push-ups, push up, standing broad jump; General Motor Fitness – Barrow three-item general ability; Measurement of Cardio-vascular Fitness – Rocksport Test/Harvard Step Test; Rikli and Jones – Senior Citizen Test are the mandatory topics in the Physical Education class 12 syllabus.

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Unit 7 Physiology and Injuries in Sports

This unit of Physical Education class 12 incorporates the intricate knowledge of the physiological factors determining the component of physical fitness; effect of exercise on the muscular system and cardio-respiratory system; first aid – aims and objectives; sports injuries: classification (soft tissue injuries, bone and joint injuries like dislocation, abrasion, sprain and strain); causes and prevention treatment.

Unit 8 Biomechanics & Sports 

Here students will learn about the meaning and importance of Biomechanics in sports; Newton’s Law of Motion and its application in sports; types of movements (extension, abduction, flexion and adduction); friction and sports. You will get to explore the changing trends and career in Physical Education.

Unit 9 Psychology & Sports 

Major topics under this unit of Physical Education class 12 syllabus include the types and techniques of motivation; exercise adherence, reasons and benefits of exercising; meaning, concepts & types of aggression in sports; strategies for enhancing adherence to exercise; personality, its definitions and types – traits & types (Jung Classification & Sheldon); Big Five theory. Studying such topics will help you lay a strong foundation to build a career in Sports Management.

Unit 10 Training in Sports

Major topics covered include, Endurance definition, type and methods to develop speed – acceleration run and pace run; coordinative abilities – introduction and its importance; flexibility – definition, types and methods to improve flexibility; circuit training – introduction and its importance; strength – definition, type and methods of improving strength (Isometric, Isotonic, Isokinetic); endurance – definition, types and methods to develop endurance through continuous training, interval training and fartlek training.

Note: Students are requested to check the gender and overall specifications of the tests on the official website.

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