What is Career Guidance And Why Do You Need It?

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Career Guidance

There is nothing more succeeding than success. A single decision, whether right or wrong can have a great impact on your life. Discovering your perfect career cannot get easier than using a unique and scientific approach to career guidance. Every nation aims to build informed students that would contribute towards growth and development. Not sure which stream to choose in 11th? Still, figuring out your goals and unsure about where to go? Still, waiting for the promotion you deserve? This blog has been crafted for you to understand the importance of career counselling and how can a single piece of advice help you achieve your goals.

What is Career Guidance?

Career Guidance is an all-inclusive developmental program crafted to guide individuals in the course of establishing their educational and professional choices. Guidance helps you to attain knowledge, skills, information and experience to identify justifiable career options available for you. The objective of an adviser is to help you achieve great heights both professionally and socially.

Living in an era with numerous career options, it is reasonable to get confused. Even till today, awareness about career guidance is very low among the younger generation and the culture of going to a counsellor or a career expert is almost nonexistent in our country. We all aspire to be successful, but do not know how to make the right decision at the right time. Having a preplanned guidance for your career can make a lot of difference.

Benefits of Career Guidance

With some good career advice, the struggles of the following can be toned down:

University Students and Working Professionals

For individuals who have already chosen their career path and are on their way to progress, career guidance can be a boon. Such guidance can make them shine in their chosen paths. Some individuals after entering their professional career tend to realise that the career opportunity they have chosen, isn’t interesting enough to keep them motivated towards their goals. It’s better to be late than never. So, even the ones who are on their way to getting into their career can seek guidance so that they are well informed about their decision and that gain clarity with time. Even if your decision is full of uncertainties and involves risks, it should be wholeheartedly and you should never regret it. And, everything else is a learning process.

Students of Class 11th and 12th

Entering into secondary education is a critical point in your life, which will actually reflect what you aspire to become 3 to 4 years down the line. Students are confused and land up making a wrong decision. A career advisor can help you in many ways; right from choosing the right stream, subject combination and your higher studies after 12th. You can transform your career by connecting with opportunities and network across the world. Acting as a bridge between students and their achievements, career guidance helps it exploring the endless possibilities in your field of interest and how can one right decision help you in the long run.

Students of Class 9th and 10th

Career guidance provides a comprehensive assessment of your strengths, to explore the right career opportunities aligned with your course of study. Having your basics clear from the start allows you to become familiar with future concepts. Subject knowledge in class 9th and 10th is a foundation stone to your study at a higher level. You’re well on your way to success if you’re already thinking ahead to college and career. Counsellors help you to layout your academic path that best compliments who you are and prepare you for what you want to be.

Why Do You Need Career Guidance?

A dilemma spreads like a virus, making you contemplate for hours and might not even lead you in the right direction. Even though there is a large population of people taking planned decisions, there are a few taking vague chances. A career is the most important aspect of growing up and requires your involvement and great enthusiasm.

Wrong Career Decision

Choosing a career which matches your interest and desire is exactly what individuals look for. The realisation of whether I made the right decision or not, comes with time. The guilt of choosing the wrong career would make you passive in life rather than going high in your career. What if in the final year of MBBS you realise, this is not what you wanted to do? Going all the way down to choosing streams again, isn’t equally possible. With the help of the right career guidance, appropriate career paths can be chosen at the initial stage itself.

Right Career Choice

It’s never too early to start thinking about a career and to explore different occupations to get a sense for what interests you. At an age when peer pressure is the biggest influencer, students get diverted from what they actually want to do and what their friends ask them to do. Moreover, family traditions fall on a student more like a burden than a responsibility. If you feel stuck in similar situations, then career guidance should be your antidote. Merging your strengths and weaknesses can be the easiest way to grow and succeed.

Where Can You Find Career Guidance Programs?

There are several places where you can find job advice. When a student meets with a counsellor to discuss potential career choices and college programmes, many high schools also offer these programmes as part of their regular counselling programmes. These programmes, where you can sit down with a career counsellor and determine the practical measures you might take to realise your career aspirations after graduation, are frequently offered by universities.

In the professional world, facilities offering employment services or human services may offer career advice programmes. These may be free or charge a fee, and they can assist you at various phases of your career. To assist you in navigating your career, other organisations such as community centres, job fairs, and correctional facilities frequently offer career counselling services in certain fields.

Elements of Career Guidance at Leverage Edu 

We at Leverage Edu aim to empower every student or working professional that get in touch with us regarding their career queries. However,  we emphasize on three main elements of career guidance, such as- 

  • Qualified Career Counsellor: Seeking guidance from experts who are up-to-date about the insights of the educational world helps one get started towards their dream path early. Our educational counsellors possess a stronghold over the domain and have been guiding students towards following their passion. 
  • Secured Environment: The homely feel where candidates can talk their hearts about their career goals, study abroad budget, the destination of their choice and much more is crafted by us since the day one interaction. The counselees will definitely feel that connection with our experts and will be able to share the issues bothering them. 
  • Agreement of Trust and Confidence: Since day one, we at Leverage Edu have under an unsaid agreement of trust and confidence with our students. You will find that our counsellors will be there to guide you through your thick and thin beyond the general notion of marks and percentage

Leverage Edu as Your Career Guide

With more than 1,600 mentors from around the world offering nearly 15,000 career workshops along with a comprehensive and unique head coach, Leverage Edu provides career guidance to young students and emerging professionals aspiring to study abroad. You can also use our smart AI tool to match your profile and credentials against millions of data points to find out the ‘most suited university’ in less than 2 minutes.


What are the 5 points for career guidance?

Career Guidance System: 5 Pillars for Success – Univariety Blog
For us, there are 5 major facets to effective career guidance – Psychometric Tests, Personalized Counselling, Technology-based Research tools, Alumni Guidance, and University Engagement.

How do I get guidance for my career?

Set Goals
Network, Network, Network
Seek Out a Mentor
Consider an Internship
Shadow a Professional

What is after 12th career guidance?

After finishing science courses in Class 12, the two most popular and in-demand careers are engineering and medicine, while there are other thriving professions as well. Students who are interested in biology can choose from a variety of programmes including BDS, MBBS, pharmacy, optometry, microbiology, and forensic science.

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    1. Hi Aman, career guidance is definitely important for students as well as working professionals exploring the domain of higher studies. The role of a counsellor is essential in guiding an individual to better opportunities. Keeping that in mind, we provide genuine help to candidates and push them towards a better future.

    1. Hi Aman, career guidance is definitely important for students as well as working professionals exploring the domain of higher studies. The role of a counsellor is essential in guiding an individual to better opportunities. Keeping that in mind, we provide genuine help to candidates and push them towards a better future.