Business Studies Class 12 Case Studies

Business Studies Class 12 Case Studies

The Central Board of Secondary Examination [CBSE] carries out periodic changes frequently in the structure of syllabus and question pattern across different commerce subjects. With more and more questions being added which aim to evaluate concept-application, analysis and interpretation, the prevalent practice of theoretical learning is being done away with. The inclusion of Business Studies class 12 case studies is a step in this direction. Further, the vast nature of syllabus in the subject makes this way testing much more practical in place of merely listing and rewriting. Here, we present a full-fledged guide on how to tackle these case studies questions in a way that can get you better scores.

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Overview & Structure

Business studies broadly encompass ‘Principles and Functions of Management’ which deal with management, its nature, elements, theories and application as well as ‘Business Finance and Marketing’ which concerns financial markets, marketing management and consumer protection. Before taking a look at the Business Studies Class 12, take a look at the pattern of the paper is as follows:

SectionsNo. of QuestionsUnit MarkWord Limit
81One word or sentence
B5350-75 words
C64Approx. 120 words
D35Approx. 150 words
E36Approx. 200 words

Note: Case studies are not separate sections or parts. They can be asked as all across the above-mentioned sections.

What is a Case Study?

In particular, case studies are based on real-life scenarios which concern business-related situations. This involves, for instance, cases wherein a person starts a business concern, problems faced in its management, a unique set of circumstances encountered and a host of other different situations. The students are required to correlate concepts in management and solve questions based on their understanding of such concepts. Identification of a particular aspect of Business Management is also a highly used testing criterion.

Business Studies Class 12 Case Studies: Examples

Here are a few examples of case study questions you can expect to see in the Class 12 Business Studies paper based on official CBSE Question Paper 2019.

ABC Ltd is a consumer appliance company established in 1992. With its effort of quality maintenance, it has established a competent name in the market for its products. In its efforts of specialisation, it has set up different departments of finance, sales, manufacturing, technical services and maintenance services. As the spaces of operation have risen along with soaring consumer demand, ABD Ltd came to resolution to alter its current principle of management in order to meet varying requirements of the environment. 

Write the specific general principle of management the company intends to modify to meet the changing requirements.

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RTVB Technologies Ltd. entered the gaming market via its launch of a comprehensive gaming brand name that focused on gaming consoles, games and other accessories. This was done after careful consideration of changing consumer needs and market trends. While its products are expensive, they are of high quality as well as eco-friendly. Their efforts were to differentiate their product from the existing items available in the market and devoted significant efforts, time and money in the creation of the brand name as without this they can only focus on awareness for generic products and can never be sure of sale of products. After some time, their efforts led to a positive growth in demand of products and parallelly as the customers liking also grew, the higher price was no longer a buyer. Over time, the company’s gaming brand became regarded as a status symbol owing to its impressive quality and consumers by using them felt a sense of pride.

I. What is RTVB Ltd.’s marketing management philosophy?
II. In the above case, describe the benefits of branding to the marketeers.

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How to Solve Case Studies in Business Studies Class 12?

Since they aim to analyze the student’s understanding of business studies and management studies, the case studies in Class 12 can be intricate and complex ones to comprehend. But there are many ways to easily solve them and grasp the concepts covered under Business Studies. We have enlisted some of the best tips and tricks you can utilise to crack the case studies in Business Studies Class 12:

Read NCERT Books for Business Studies thoroughly and go through all the topics covered in each chapter. NCERT books can be your best buddy in exploring the nuances of business and management as they describe the essential topics in a simpler and uncomplicated manner. Once you have read all the chapters given in NCERT as well as the case studies under each chapter then move towards studying with reference books.

While solving case studies for Business Studies Class 12, understand the question carefully and highlight all the key aspects mentioned that seem important. This can vary from the changes brought forward by a business firm to a decision that led to something important or the beliefs and philosophies an enterprise started with. Highlight all the key pointers and then start drafting the answers.

If the question asks an analysis of a certain aspect of a decision or management, it’s better to write down all the key pointers elucidating the pros and cons of the issue you are asked to analyse. Once you have the pointers, you can write down the answer easily.

Don’t write lengthy answers and try to make them concise and insightful. Adhere to the word limit provided and draft a comprehensive answer accordingly.

Some questions might explicitly mention the topic from the syllabus for Business Studies Class 12 such as “analyse the step taken by ______ Manager as per the Functions of Management”. You can use this as a hint to answer the question as per the concepts covered under the Functions of Management in the syllabus. Look out for such hints in the question on case studies as they can help you draft an impressive and high-scoring answer.


While preparing for the class 12 examinations, one can make use of the following resources:

It requires a solid grasp over business and management concepts to tackle Business Studies Class 12 Case Studies. If you are planning to pursue a degree in Business after class 12, take assistance of our team of experts at Leverage Edu and we’ll help you find a suitable course and university thus gearing you up for a successful future ahead.

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