Business Studies Class 12 Project

Business Studies Class 12 Project

Mere bookish knowledge may fetch students the marks they have aimed for, but when the same theoretical knowledge is blended with the real functionalities of life, the student aces at life! Practicalities can be in the form of project work, hands-on work experience, research work and so on, and these combine together with an aim to make the students have in-depth knowledge about the subject. Keeping this thought in mind, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), one of the most sought-after educational boards in India has directed the students studying Business Studies in class 12th to prepare a project work wherein they can conduct their own research, gather primary or secondary data and make inferences out of the results in a presentable way. If you are struggling to make a nice project and want to have good guidance, read on to find everything you need to know about the Business Studies class 12 project.

Business Studies Class 12 Project: Allocation of Marks

Before we start with the Business Studies class 12 project, let us first talk about the total marks allocated for the project work and the factors of assessment in it. The Business Studies project work for class 12th carries 20 marks. Take a look at the distribution of marks for the various factors of the students’ project: 

Evaluation FactorsMarks
Creativity in Presentation 02
Participation, Initiative and Cooperation02
Research Work, Observation and Content 04
Analysis of the Situation  04

Business Studies Class 12 Project Topics

Now let us discuss various Business Studies class 12 project ideas offered by CBSE for students to work upon:

Project One [Elements of Business Environment] 

In this topic of the Business Studies class 12 project, given below are the important elements of the business environment:

  • Changes witnessed in packaging and economic impact over the last few years in relation to products like fruits and vegetables, plastic/wooden furniture, milk, reuse of packages, packages as a means of advertisement, etc.
  • Reasons behind the changes in “Coca Cola and Fanta in the 70s decade to Thums up and Campa Cola in the 80s decade to Pepsi and Cola in the 90s.
  • Changes in the patterns of export and import of different products.
  • The law, effects and implementation of the anti-plastic campaign.
  • Social factors affecting acceptance and rejection of an identified product (atta maker, dishwasher)
  • Effect of changes in the technological environment on employee behaviour. 

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Project Two [Principles of Management]

Under this subject of the Business Studies class 12 project, the students are required to visit any departmental store, fast food outlet or any industrial unit and perceive if applications like Fayol’s General Principles of Management or F.W. Taylor’s Scientific Management Techniques are applied or not. For clarification, have a look at the principles and techniques advocated by both the administrative gurus:

Fayol’s General Principles of ManagementDivision of Work; Unity of Command; Unity of Direction; Scalar Chain; Espirit de corps; Fair Remuneration; Order; Equity; Discipline; Subordination of Individual Interest to General interest; Centralization and Decentralization; Stability of Tenure
F.W. Taylor’s Scientific Management TechniquesFunctional Foremanship; Standardization and Simplification of Work; Method Study; Motion Study; Time Study; Fatigue Study; Differential Piece-rate Plan

Project Three [Stock Exchange]

The students who opt for the third option in the business studies class 12 project will have to learn various aspects of the stock market, monitor the stock market trends and how to calculate profit or loss in relation to stock. Through this topic, the students will be able to learn about the capital market and the sources of business finance along with a deep understanding of the concepts used in the stock exchange. Business Studies class 12 project will expect the students to work on the following parameters:

  • Create a brief report on the history of stock exchanges in India.
  • Prepare a hypothetical portfolio with a sum of INR 50,000 in any 5 top companies over a period of 20 working days.
  • Identify the reasons for fluctuations in prices, for example, change of seasons, strikes and accidents, political environment, the spread of an epidemic, international events, etc.
  • Find the value of the investments and update the portfolio accordingly through various graphical representations.

For more information, you can have a look at the official web link of Business Studies class 12 project by CBSE here.

Project Four [Marketing]

The students can consider the following products and conduct research to gather information about the various aspects concerning the marketing of the product. Some of the most prominent and sought-after products are mentioned in the table below:

AdhesivesMobile PhonesInvertersWallet
ButterToys MicrowaveNewspaper
Coffee Hair Oil ChocolateSauces
CutleryLipstick CosmeticsWashing Machine
Bread JewelleryMoisturizerNoodles
Bathing SoapHandbags CheeseMusic System
Hair DyeJeans EraserPencil

The students can choose either of the aforementioned or any of the products permissible by the teacher for their Business Studies class 12 Project. Taking any one of the products into consideration, the students will have to gather information on the following parameters.

  • Profit margin in percentage to the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer
  • Packaging of the product
  • Selling price to the consumer
  • Promotion or marketing of the product
  • Identify the USP
  • Type/category of product
  • Labelling
  • Tagline
  • Grading and standardization
  • Channels of distribution

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