2 Year Nursing Programs in Canada

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2 year Nursing Programs in Canada

Often considered as a helping hand to the doctors, nurses are an integral part of the healthcare system. The field of Nursing is named among the most sought-after career options. Often students who have studied BiPC subjects explore establishing a career in this field. Hence a variety of degrees are available such as BSc Nursing, MSc Nursing, PhD in Nursing etc. But over the past few years, candidates are more inclined towards short-term courses. As a result, 1 and 2-year-long nursing programs are available for candidates. If you are also exploring the option of pursuing similar courses, there is a blog that aims to highlight 2-year Nursing programs in Canada. 

Course Name Duration (in yrs.) Popular Universities Eligibility Entrance Exam
2 Year Nursing Program in Canada 2 University of Ottawa, McGill University, Stenberg College & others 10 + 2 with BiPC subjects (minimum marks as per university) N/A

Study in Canada 

2 Year Nursing Programs in Canada  

Canada offers a multitude of programs that generally range for various durations. Talking about 2-year nursing programs in Canada, you can explore various level courses such as diplomas, graduate diplomas, masters, PG diplomas, etc. Mentioned below are the popular programs available for nursing in Canada which have a duration of 2 years only- 

  • Ontario College Diploma in Practical Nursing
  • Diploma in Practical Nursing
  • Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing
  • Graduate Certificate in Enhanced Nursing Practice- Clinical and Critical Care
  • Master of Nursing
  • Master in Public Health Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing specialisation in feminist and gender studies
  • Master of Science in Nursing Primary Health Care: Nurse Practitioner

Subjects Covered in Nursing Courses

Nursing subjects mainly pertain to the medical discipline by default, giving the students an introduction to medical concepts and processes. These skills are sufficient to enable nurses to assist doctors with surgical procedures, while also providing enough knowledge to handle minor wounds and ailments by themselves. Here are some of the common subjects under Nursing:

Mental health and Psychiatric Nursing Health Education and Communication skills Human Anatomy and Physiology
Nutrition Midwifery and Gynaecology Fundamentals of Nursing
Paediatric Nursing Microbiology Sociology
Pharmacology Psychology Personal Hygiene
Medical-Surgical Nursing Community Health Nursing Genetics

Top Universities 

Schools of colleges or universities in Canada offer such programs in nursing. While selecting the perfect institution for your dream course, you must explore whether the program and its course of study align with your career aspirations or not. Enlisted below are some of the popular institutions offering 2-year nursing programs in Canada- 

Eligibility Criteria 

To all the aspirants looking forward to entering the popular field of Nursing, it is essential for you to align with the entry requisites that are demanded by the institutions in Canada. As the 2-year nursing programs in Canada are available for various levels of study, the prerequisites for them differ. Mentioned below are the general details that you must abide by- 

  • For diploma or bachelor’s level courses, the candidates must have completed the usual formal schooling of 10 + 2 with BiPC Subjects from a recognised institution with minimum marks demanded
  • For Masters or graduate diplomas, you must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing like BSc nursing or in some other relevant field
  • A good score in English language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc
  • SOP and LORs in the prescribed format 

Note: The above-mentioned pointers are general in nature.
Contact Leverage Edu expert for course-specific details. 

Cost of Studying

The overall cost of studying for a 2-year is much cheaper than other nursing programs. The total tuition fees for a BScN range between $52, 000 – $169, 000 (INR 38,59,668- INR 1,25,43,923) depending on the college or university you choose. Calgary University and McMaster University have the lowest annual tuition fee of $12,837 (INR 9,52,590) and $13,024 (INR 9,66,467) respectively among the top universities offering BScN.

Short Nursing Courses in Canada

Students can also choose shorter 1-year certificate courses from universities in Canada. Listed below are a few institutions that offer 1- year nursing courses. 

Course Duration
Graduate Certificate in Enhanced Nursing Practice– Clinical and Critical Care 1 year
Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Acute Complex Care for Internationally Educated Nurses 1 year
Specialty Nursing – High Acuity, BSc 1 year

Career Scope

Nursing has always been a popular career choice in Canada. Students pursue this vocation because it has a vast reach that exceeds their expectations; students gain a fast ticket into Canada’s medical and healthcare sectors through two-year nursing schools. A list of possible employment paths following this degree is shown below:

  • Nursing Manager
  • Certified Nursing Instructor
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Medical Writer
  • Assistant Director of Nursing
  • Certified Nurse Midwife
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Forensic Nurse
  • Consultant
  • Associate Dean
  • Research Nurse
  • Travel Nurse
  • Military Nursing
  • Holistic Nursing
  • Clinical Information Specialist
  • Clinical Research Manager
  • Nurse Educator
  • Nursing Instructor
  • Practical Nursing Instructor

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Is there a 2 year nursing degree in Canada?

In Alberta, there are four types of professional nursing programmes: LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse), which requires a two-year diploma to practise. Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN), requires at least a diploma (2.5 years) to practice.

Can I study nursing in 2 years?

Diploma in nursing – This certification takes three years to complete and prepares students to work as enrolled nurses or staffing nurses.

How long is RN program in Canada?

4 years

Do you want to enter one of the 2-year Nursing programs in Canada but are confused about how to choose the right one? Reach out to Leverage Edu experts and they will guide you in selecting the best course. Not only you will be assisted in choosing the right program, but your entire application process will be handled by us. 

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