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Considered a stepping stone for taking the holy responsibilities such as pastoral duties, a master of divinity degree prepares you to lead a church, ministry, parachurch organization, or non-profit. A Masters in Divinity is the very first professional degree designed specifically for the pastoral profession. A graduate going for a master’s in divinity degree should expect to study in areas including the original biblical languages, a substantial amount of Bible and theology and other topics such as counseling, leadership, and ethics, among others. If you want to serve humankind and have enthusiasm for spreading the word of God then this might be the best choice for you. Read the whole blog to know more about Masters of Divinity.

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Degree NameMasters of Divinity
Degree LevelPostgraduate
Also known asMDiv
Duration3-4 Years

Why study Masters in Divinity?

The Master of Divinity program allows students to gain an advanced body of knowledge in divinity and its associated disciplines in ministry contexts. 

The program is designed in such a way that it broadens their knowledge and skills to prepare them for professional practice and further learning in the pastoral profession. 

Obtaining a master’s degree in divinity can open doors for a variety of career opportunities apart from that of a pastor, including Counselor, professor, speaker, author, and more. 

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Top Universities offering Masters in Divinity abroad

Top universities around the world that offer Master of Divinity programs as mentioned below:

Harvard UniversityCambridge, United States
Princeton UniversityPrinceton, United States 
Duke UniversityDurham, United States
Yale UniversityNew Haven, United States 
University of TorontoCanada
McMaster UniversityCanada
Tyndale UniversityCanada
McGill UniversityCanada
University of EdinburghUnited Kingdom
Liberty UniversityUnited States
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Eligibility Requirements

The entry requirements may vary for different universities. Mentioned below are the eligibility criteria for pursuing Masters in Divinity for various universities:

University NameEligibility CriteriaEnglish Language Requirements
University of EdinburghHold a degree in any disciplineIELTS– 6.5 TOEFL iBT- 92
University of TorontoHold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognized university or college, having achieved at least a B averageIELTS- 7.0 TOEFL iBT-. 93
Harvard UniversityHold a degree in any discipline or humanities and/or social sciencesIELTS- 7.5 and above TOEFL iBT- 100 and above

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How to apply?

To apply for a Master of Divinity program you can either visit the official website of the respective university or you can make the application process easy by following the step-by-step guide:

Select the course

Our trusted AI Course Finder will help you shortlist your favorite course. Contact us at 1800 572 000 and our Student Counselors at Leverage Edu will help you start with the application process.

Application status

Experts at Leverage Edu will then start with your application process at your favorite University through our common dashboard platform where you’ll be able to witness the status of your application. 

Documents Required

Documents such as SOPs, Essays, LORs and IELTS, TOEFL, etc. are an important part of the application. So you’ll have to gather and compile all the necessary documents. Here’s a checklist for the required documents to make it easier for you:

Application Submission

Experts at Leverage Edu will then start with the application process for accommodation, student visas, and scholarships/student loans after submitting your application and the required documents. 

Offer Letter

The time has come to wait for your offer letter which usually takes around 4-6 weeks. 

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Fees and other costs

The tuition fees for Masters of Divinity will obviously vary for different universities. However, it can cost you around £21,800 (INR 21-22 Lakh) to pursue Master of Divinity in the United Kingdom while USD 22,352 (INR 16-17 Lakh) in the United States. The mentioned amount is just an average amount for your reference. You can visit the official website for a detailed amount. 

Cost of Living 

The average amount of living in the United Kingdom can range from £12,000 to £15,000 (INR 12-15 Lakh) per annum.

In the United States, it can typically cost around US$ 10,000 to US$ 18,000 (INR 7-13 Lakh) per year. 

The average cost of living in Canada while pursuing a master’s degree can range from CAD 8,000 to CAD 10,000 (INR 5-6 Lakh) per annum. 

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What is the acceptance rate of the University of Edinburgh?

The University of Edinburgh has an acceptance rate of 40-50%.

Where does the University of Toronto stand in the world?

The University of Toronto, based in Canada is the #1 University in Canada and has been ranked #18- #26 by renowned rankers.

What are the English Language Requirements to study Master of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh?

You must score an overall of 6.5 in IELTS with at least 5.5 in each component or TOEFL-iBT with an overall score of 92 with at least 20 in each component.

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