Rural Development Courses

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Rural Development Courses

Are you someone who is bored with solving mathematical problems and biology diagrams? There are some courses that contribute to changing the lives of people. One of them is rural development courses. The rural countryside might be known for its rustic touch and distance from the hustling cities but often folks residing in undeveloped areas of a country face a lot of discrepancies with the proper distribution of resources and basic utilities. In a bustling metropolis, what we have in every nook and corner like Schools, Hospitals, General Stores, easy connectivity are the necessities people from rural areas aspire for. If you want to capture an opportunity wherein, you can help those living in the rural side of a nation get better education as well as employment opportunities while also uplifting their standard of living, the ideal field for you is rural development. Here is a blog that sheds light on the various rural development courses offered around the world. 

Rural Development Courses

The emergence of capitalism in rural areas can be understood as Rural Development. It basically refers to the modernization and development of rural cities and areas. It is also concerned with the socio-economic development of rural people. Hence, those who aspire to pursue a rural development course will get to learn the same during the years of their study. The diploma or certificate level courses range from 6 months to 1 year, undergraduate courses are of 3-4 years whereas masters and management courses range around 2 years. 

Popular CoursesBA Rural Development
MA Rural Development
DurationUG (3 Years)PG (2 Years)
Admission ProcessMerit and Entrance Based
Top Recruiting CompaniesUNICEF, UNESCO, NIRD
Popular Job ProfilesVillage Development Officer
Rural Managers 
Agricultural Specialist
Average SalaryRs. 4,00,000 – 8,00,000
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Being an emerging field of, a variety of Rural Development courses are now being explored by young minds. Similarly, if you also want to grab a degree in India or abroad, you must fall under the required eligibility criteria specified by your chosen university. Let us take a look at some of the general eligibility requirements you must keep in mind while applying for Rural Development courses abroad: 

  • For admission into bachelor’s courses, applicants must have completed the usual schooling of 10+2 from any of the stream, be it Science, Arts or Commerce stream subjects with the minimum required percentage required by the university).
  • For masters-level rural development courses, it is mandatory to have a bachelors level degree in the similar or relevant disciplines along with minimum 1-2 years of work experience in the related field
  • If you aspire to attain overseas education at the post-graduate or undergraduate level in this field, you will have to prove your efficiency in the English language by qualifying the tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Along with this, to make you application shine out, it would be beneficial to have LORs (Letters of Recommendation) and SOP (Statement of Purpose)

Wherein, if you want to seek admission into Rural Development courses in India:

  • For an undergraduate course, you must complete the 10+2 schooling from any stream, preferably Arts with the required percentage as demanded by the university.
  • For postgraduate courses, you must have a bachelor’s degree with a suitable percentage.

Rural Development Courses in India & Abroad

Most the underdeveloped or developing nations are facing problems regarding the proper allocation of resources, especially in the rural areas. Thus, professionals equipped with the knowledge of Rural Development and Management are frequently hired by elite organizations to build efficient development projections. Hence, over the last decade, there has been a quick inclination of youth towards rural development courses. Catering to which a majority of bachelor’s and master’s courses are available at universities in India and abroad. Following are some leading programs and course offerings in India and Abroad: 

Rural Development Courses in India

Rural Development Courses (Bachelors)Rural Development Courses (Masters)
-BA in Rural Development 
-Bachelors of Rural Technology
and Management 
-Master of Rural Development 
-MA Rural Development 
-MBA in Rural Management
-PG Diploma in Rural Management 
-PG Diploma in Rural Development 

Rural Development Courses Abroad 

Bachelor’s Level Courses Master’s Level Courses 
-Bachelor in International Rural
Innovation and Development
-BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation
-M.Agric Rural Development
-M.Agric Extension and Rural Development 
-Masters in Rural Development & Natural Resources 
-MSc Conservation and Rural Development 
-MSc Master of Management of Development
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Right from diploma to management level courses, you will come across a variety of programs in the field. At a diploma level, you will get to study the subjects at a basic level but as you move on to higher-level courses in the industry, you may get familiar with in-depth knowledge related to rural development. The rural development course syllabus is different varying upon the type of course, university, and even the geographical location of the university. Here are a few of the topics of the BA and MA rural development course syllabus:

BA Rural Development CourseMA Rural Development Course
– Important Issues in Rural Development
– Rural IndustrializationEconomic
– Structure of Rural India
– Analysis of Population Growth in India
– Social Sector of Rural India
– Rural Development Institutions and Strategies
– Rural Development Planning
– Rural Development Theories
– Introduction to Rural Sociology
– Social Work
– Disaster Management
– Leadership Development Skills
– Human Rights
– Horticulture and Rural Development

Tabulated below are the common subjects of the rural development courses:

Rural Development Programs Land Reforms and Development Quantitative Techniques for Rural Development
Rural Development- Planning and Management Entrepreneurship and Rural Development Rural Industries 
Rural Social Development Voluntary Actions in Development Application of Computer in Rural Development
Rural Healthcare Rural Development PoliciesTheories of Rural Planning

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Rural Development Course Syllabus

The rural development course syllabus is different varying upon the type of course, university, and even the geographical location of the university. Here are a few of the topics of BA and MA rural development course syllabus:

BA Rural Development CourseMA Rural Development Course
Important Issues in Rural DevelopmentRural IndustrializationEconomic Structure of Rural IndiaAnalysis of Population Growth in IndiaSocial Sector of Rural IndiaRural Development Institutions and StrategiesRural Development PlanningRural Development TheoriesIntroduction to Rural SociologySocial WorkDisaster ManagementLeadership Development SkillsHuman RightsHorticulture and Rural Development

Top 10 Rural Development Courses Colleges in India

Selecting the right institution to give you the right edge to sail towards your dream career is one of the most vital steps for every student. For those who are in seek of quality education, it is important to thoroughly research your chosen institution. Here is a list of prominent universities and colleges that offer Rural Development courses in India:

  1. University of Mysore
  2. Tata Institute of Social Sciences
  3. Mumbai University
  4. Banglore University
  5. Sri Venkateshwara Tirupathi University
  6. Ranchi University
  7. Kalyani University
  8. Annamalai University
  9. Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth
  10. Acharya Nagarjuna University

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Top 10 Rural Development Courses Universities Abroad

Let us explore your options of Rural development courses you can study abroad. Check out the list of colleges and universities located in different parts of the world:

Jobs & Salary

After pursuing the rural development courses, you can explore a plethora of career opportunities in both the private and public sector. Especially, in a country like India, there is a wide variety of job prospects you can choose from, be it working with non-profit organisations as well as with the government departments working towards rural development. Below-mentioned are some of the interesting job profiles you can choose from:

Job ProfilesSalary in INR per annum
Village Development OfficerRs.435455
Rural Managers Rs. 12,00,000
Agricultural SpecialistRs. 590366
Rural Recruiter  Rs. 499700
Rural Development SpecialistRs. 7,00,000

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Rural Development Course Online

Once in a while, a new trend takes over the traditional methods. One such trend is online learning. Online courses help students to study in the comfort of their homes, offices, and from the top faculties around the world. Here are the top rural development courses online you can consider:

  • Center for Development Studies and Activities
  • University of the Highlands and Islands, UK

Rural Development Courses in Hyderabad

Planning to pursue rural development courses? Well, hyderabad should be on your priority list. NIRDPR is the most famous college for pursuing rural development courses in India. It was established in 2008 and students can appear for CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT for admission in the top institution for rural development courses in Hyderabad. Students can pursue full time or even through distance mode.

Credits : CIAT & SJ NIRDPR

Rural Development Courses in Maharashtra

Another popular state in India to study BA or MA in rural development is Maharashtra. Located in south India, there are plenty of courses available other than regular bachelor and masters. Checkout the list of popular colleges in Maharashtra:

  1. K.C.E. Society Group Of Institutions , Jalgaon
  2. University of Mumbai
  3. BNN College
  4. Dayanand Arts College
  5. MIT World Peach University 

Rural Development Courses in South Africa

Aiming to study abroad? South africa is an amzing option to consider for rural development courses. University of Pretoria in South Africa is well renowed institution and offers splendid masters level rural development courses. The duration of masters is 2 years and will cost around Rs. 98423 per year. The cost of living is also affordable in South Africa. The eligiblity requirements includes IELTS score of 6.5 and TOFEL atleast 85.


Are you taking a step back because you are worried about the scope or career opportunities after completion of rural development courses. We are here to bust your confusion bubbles. There is an immense scope in both India and abroad. There are different areas you can work such as human resource development, project implementation, finance, marketing and many more. Some of the major employment opportunities are:

  • Food and Beverages
  • NGOs
  • Banks
  • Welfare Ministry
  • Finance Groups


What is the duration of MA Rural Development?

MA Rural Development has a duration of around 2 years. 

What are the top institutes offering Rural Development courses?

Rural Development courses are available in scores of options in India and Abroad. Here are some top institutes offering Rural Development programmes:

Institutes in India
-Pondicherry University
-Indian Insitute of Technology (Delhi)
-Digboi College
-Jain Vishva Bharti Institute 

Institutes in Abroad 
–University of Guelph 
–University of East Anglia 
-University of Highlands and Islands 
-University of Pretoria 

How do I become a Rural Development Officer?

If you are looking forward to working as a rural development officer, you must attain a managerial level degree in the field. 

What is the scope of Rural Development?

Rural Development is an advantageous field that posses immense scope in India and abroad. As per the degree you have opted in the field, you can choose from a variety of profiles available like Village Development Officer, Rural Managers, Agricultural Specialist, Rural Recruiter, Rural Development Specialist, amongst others.

What are the rural development courses after 12th I can pursue?

You can pursue a diploma, certificate, or BA in Rural Development.

Is it possible to pursue a rural development course in distance mode?

Yes, you can study rural development course in distance mode from IGNOU, NIRDPR, etc

What are the options available for the Rural development course in AP?

Dr BR Ambedkar University, SYTR Government Degree College are the popular colleges for rural development courses in AP.

What are the options available for the Rural development course in Bihar?

Nalanda open university and Patna university offer rural development courses in Bihar.

What are the options available for the Rural development course in Mumbai?

You can study at the University of Mumbai for pursuing a course in rural development.

Thus, we hope that this blog has provided you with the different rural development courses and degree programs you can pursue to make a career in this lucrative field. Are you planning to study Rural Development but don’t know which course and the university are best for you? Then reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we will guide you in finding the right combination of program and institution with the help of our innovative and game-changing AI Course Finder that can equip you with the necessary knowledge and exposure to sail towards a successful career in this domain.

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