Diploma Courses in Canada

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Diploma Courses in Canada

Canada is a preferred study abroad destination that is renowned for its globally acclaimed universities and economical education costs. Every year, a large number of international students choose Canada to pursue their higher education. Canadian universities offer wide-ranging diploma courses in various fields. These courses come with the advantage of familiarizing students with the essential knowledge in their field of interest in a shorter duration. If you are planning to pursue a diploma course in Canada, this blog will provide you with all the key details about eligibility criteria, popular options, as well as universities offering diploma courses in Canada.

Advantages of Studying Diploma Courses in Canada

  • The tuition fees for a diploma course in Canada is affordable, compared to other countries like the US.
  • Students are allowed to work while studying in Canada so that they can explore different career opportunities while also earning money.
  • One can opt for a transition to a full-fledged master’s course while pursuing their diploma.
  • You can also apply for a full-time job immediately after finishing your degree. This gives students an opportunity to get settled directly after the completion of their degree program.
  • The visa process for Canada is fairly easy and one can easily get a student visa through a simple and uncomplicated procedure.

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Types of Diploma in Canada

There are two types of Diploma that you can do from Canada: 

After 12th – UG Diploma 

Once you complete your secondary education, you move onto further undergraduate studies in prominent fields. Below mentioned are the top 5 UG courses – 

After Graduation – PG diploma

  • One Year Graduate Diploma: It includes 2-3 semesters of academics which cost around 10,000 – 15,000 CAD. (5,87,330 INR-8,80,996 INR) They enhance your skills & employability chances to be in the chosen field.
  • Two Year Graduate Diploma: It comprises 4 – 6 semesters of academics which can cost around CAD 13,000 – 17,000 (7,63,530 INR-9,98,462 INR). The major advantage of applying for a two-year graduate diploma is that it provides you with a 3-year work stay back option.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for applying to a diploma course in Canada is not very exhaustive. Here is the major eligibility requirement you need to fulfil while applying for a diploma in Canada:

  • A high school education degree is a must in order to apply for a diploma. For those applying for a postgraduate diploma, the minimum requirement is a completed bachelor’s degree with a certain minimum percentage that varies from college to college and degree to degree.
  • Another important criterion is that you need to clear your IELTS with a certain minimum score in order to get admission in any institute in Canada. 
  • Along with this, you will require LOR and SOP

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Top Colleges for Diploma in Canada

Here are the top colleges for pursuing diploma courses in Canada:

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You can choose from numerous diploma courses provided by various globally recognized institutes in Canada. Here are the major diploma courses that are popular among international students planning to study in Canada:

Diploma Courses in Canada: Engineering

List down are the top-ranked institution of engineering with their various fields: 

Course  College/University
Mechanical Engineering Humber College
Centennial College
George Brown College
Seneca College
St.Clair College
Electronics Engineering University of Windsor
Centennial College
George Brown College
Seneca College
St.Clair College
Lambton College
Civil Engineering University of Windsor
Centennial College
George Brown College
Seneca College
Durham College
Niagara College
Architechture McGill University
Humber College
Centennial College
George Brown College
Seneca College
St. Claire College
Automotive Durham College

Diploma Courses in Canada: Humanities

For those interested in Fine Arts and are aspiring for a career in this field, a Diploma in Art Studies can equip them with the required knowledge and exposure in the expansive stream of Arts. You will get to discover the artistic marvels and masterpieces of renowned global artists along with exploring the history and study of Arts in detail.

Course  College/University
Arts McGill University
George Brown College
Canadore College
Durham College
Queen’s University
Media George Brown College
Canadore College
Durham College
Seneca College
Douglas College
Education George Brown College
Canadore College
Durham College
University of Fraser Valley
Social George Brown College
Canadore College
Durham College
University of Fraser Valley
Camosun University
Fashion & Design George Brown College
University of Fraser Valley
LaSalle University
Lakeland College

Diploma Courses in Canada: Management 

Below, are the prominent management courses in the best ever institutes in Canada:

Course  College/University
Marketing Humber College
McGill University
Centennial College
George Brown College
Ryerson University
Hospitality Centennial College
George Brown College
Seneca College
Fanshawe College
Thompson Rivers University
General Management Humber College
McGill University
Centennial College
Conestoga College
International Business Centennial College
George Brown College
Seneca College
Fanshawe College
Thompson Rivers University
Human Resource Humber College
McGill University
Centennial College
George Brown College
Finance Humber College
McGill University
Centennial College
George Brown College

Fees for PG Diploma in Canada

A number of private & Independent colleges and universities offer PG Diploma courses. Some of the institutions in Canada among international students are:

College Avg. Fees (INR/year)
Algonquin College 9,00,000
Centennial College 8,00,000
Durham College 8,00,000
Fanshawe College 4,00,000
Fleming College 10,00,000
Humber College 10,00,000
George Brown College 3,00,000
Niagara College 9,00,000
The Sheridan College 11,00,000
Sault College 9,00,000
St. Stephens College 6,00,000
North Island College 9,00,000
Luther College 12,00,000
North Island College 9,00,000

PG Diploma in Canada with Scholarships

Listed below are popular scholarships to study in Canada while pursuing PG Diploma courses:

  • International in Canada Scholarship offered by Niagara College to international students. It awards 2000 CAD (INR 1,17,000) to the students. 
  • Paul Foundation Scholarships – It is for the Indian Students planning to study abroad. It awards around 26,900 CAD (INR 15,00,000). 
  • Forktip Women Innovation Scholarships – It is meant for women who wish to study abroad. It grants 2000 CAD (INR 1,17,000).
  • Brokerfish International Student Scholarships: This is intended for students who cover their health insurance expenses. The award amount is 1300 CAD (INR 76,000). 

Jobs & Salary after PG Diploma in Canada

Here are some of the popular job roles acquired by students after completing their PG Diploma in Canada along with the salaries offered to them: 

Job Role Average Salary INR Average Salary (CAD/Year)
Graphic Designer 24, 71,215 42,000
Marketing Specialist 26, 47,730 45,000
HR Manager 47, 07,076 80,000
Executive Assistant 31, 77, 276 54,000
Accounts Manager 25, 88, 892 44,000
QA Technician 21, 77, 022 37,000
Project Manager (IT) 55, 30, 815 94,000
Programmer Analyst 35, 89, 145 61,000


Is it worth pursuing a PG diploma in Canada?

Canada holds enormous opportunities in the field of education and settling your life in the country. PG diploma courses are short-term oriented courses which cost lesser than masters courses & help you land into jobs. 

Can I get a PR after PG diploma in Canada?

Yes, it is possible to get PR after the PG diploma but one must gain working experience before applying for the PR. 

What is the cost of a PG Diploma in Canada?

Diploma courses from Canadian colleges would cost you around 7-11 lakhs.

Are there Scholarships available in Canada?

Yes, there are a handful of scholarship options for students planning to pursue diplomas in Canada.

We hope that this blog elaborating on the diploma courses in Canada has provided you with all the essential information required to get started with the programmes. Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and get assisted in choosing the best-matched course. Hurry up! Sign-up with us for a free 30 minutes session.

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