How to Study Abroad Under 20 Lakhs?

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How to Study Abroad Under 20 Lakhs

Studying abroad brings you to a world of adventure, pleasure, and a tremendous amount of learning. You get to travel to another part of the world, mingle with people from different cultures, and do so much more all while receiving a quality education. However, some students are hesitant to take the initial step toward their ambition of studying abroad because they are concerned about the unexpected financial implications. But what if we say that you could study abroad on a budget? Read on to find out how you can study abroad for under 20 lakhs.

Choose an Affordable Study Destination 

The first and most important step for aspirants looking to study abroad for under 20 lakhs is to make a sensible selection in terms of the country they want to study in. Aspirants should select a nation not only based on their course or field of study, but also on their financial needs so that it does not break their budget. It is feasible to study abroad on a budget, believe it or not! Some of the cheapest countries to study abroad with affordable or non-existent tuition fees, as listed below:

  1. Germany 
  2. Denmark 
  3. Norway
  4. Italy 
  5. Spain 
  6. Taiwan 
  7. Mexico 
  8. Poland 
  9. Malaysia 
  10. Japan
  11. South Africa 
  12. France 

Pick the Right Course 

After selecting the appropriate place to begin your journey of studying abroad under 20 lakhs, the next crucial step to make is selecting the proper course. If you are determined to study abroad and reduce your study abroad expenditures, you should choose a course that is shorter in duration than a 4 to 6-semester long course or program. If you want to acquire a decent job and don’t care about your college experience, you might seek one-year courses that are focused on their curriculum. These courses are not only less expensive, but they also save you money on living expenses.

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Choose the Right University 

You just cannot go wrong with this one! After deciding on the degree that you wish to follow while studying abroad, the next important choice is deciding on the correct university. A good suggestion for applicants who wish to study abroad for under 20 lakhs is to look for colleges with low tuition fees apart from shorter duration courses. Students should also choose government colleges over private universities since tuition fees at the latter are too expensive.

Don’t Miss Out on Scholarships 

As someone looking to study abroad for under 20 lakhs, your ambition should be to obtain a scholarship that can cover either all or part of your study expenditures. Scholarships and fellowships are excellent ways for foreign students to reduce their study abroad costs. Most institutions or schools have a rather simple scholarship application process. There is a set number of scholars and a deadline for submitting your applications, and any limits imposed by the institution may apply. General scholarships for aid, specialised scholarships for diversity, and support to financially disadvantaged students are among the sorts of scholarships available. Aside from academic scholarships, there are several government grants and scholarships available for international students. So, explore beyond college-level scholarships too.

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Find the Right Accommodation 

Choosing the correct type of accommodation in a foreign country can have a significant financial impact. There are numerous different forms of student accommodation available in every country. To save money on your study abroad expenses, seek accommodations that are not only reliable but also affordable. Instead of paying for pricey private or university hostels, you might live in shared PGs and apartments with a group of other students. This will eventually result in the division of living expenses such as rent, electricity bills, and so on. One should explore these options before landing in the country.

Make Wise Choices to Save Money

This one is pretty subjective! However, those who want to study abroad for under 20 lakhs should be extremely frugal with their funds. The ultimate objective should always be to spend less and save more. When it comes to things like food, accommodation, transport choices, and so on in a foreign place, one must constantly search for cheaper alternatives. Learning to cook and prepare your own food is the greatest and most cost-effective method to save money on food. Similarly, there are viable alternatives for reducing travel costs. Overall, you should aim to spend your money wisely – a lesson that will be with you for the rest of your life. Having said that, you may use some finance-related apps that can help you manage your finances in a foreign country. 

Avail Student Discounts 

Another excellent strategy to reduce your study abroad costs is to take advantage of student discounts. You may find a plethora of student and other discounts on public transportation, food, flight tickets, libraries, books, and other items in foreign countries.  Students must take full advantage of such discounts and deals and should always remain on their toes to hunt for such discounts in a foreign country.

Work While Studying 

Internships and part-time job opportunities are available in abundance in foreign countries for international students. Working part-time is an excellent way to supplement your income while living abroad. You can seek advice from your college’s career centre or ask for references from others to assist you with your first steps. Often, universities actively seek internships for their students in order to provide them with real-world experience. If you are unable to locate internships in a sector related to your school, you can seek alternative part-time employment that will allow you to continue your study abroad experience while also allowing you to study abroad for under 20 lakhs or on a budget.

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Best Universities to Study Abroad on a Budget 

After becoming well versed with how to study abroad for under 20 lakhs as an international student, it’s time to know about certain universities from different parts of the world that can help you fulfil your study abroad dream on a budget! Let’s begin:

Affordable Universities in the UK

Some of the highly renowned yet affordable universities in the UK are enlisted below for aspirants to consider studying abroad for under 20 lakhs:

Universities Average Annual International Tuition Fee in INR
Coventry University7.8 lakhs to 10.4 lakhs 
Royal Agricultural University8.7 lakhs 
University of Suffolk9.3 lakhs 
University of Cumbria9.1 lakhs 
The University of the West of Scotland9.2 lakhs 

Affordable Universities in the USA

Here is a list of some of the most affordable universities in the USA that can help aspirants to finance their study abroad journey for under 20 lakhs:

Universities Average Annual International Tuition Fee in INR
Eastern Kentucky University15.3 lakhs 
South Dakota State University15.2 lakhs 
Delta State University13.9 lakhs 
Brigham Young University10.1 lakhs 
William Carey University13.3 lakhs 

Affordable Universities in Canada 

After the UK and the USA, it’s now time to reveal the list of top affordable universities in Canada where students can study for under 20 lakhs: 

Universities Average Annual International Tuition Fee in INR
Memorial University of Newfoundland6.6 lakhs 
University of Regina11.6 lakhs 
Royal Roads University14.5 lakhs 
University of Saskatchewan12.7 lakhs 
Athabasca University10 lakhs 

Affordable Universities in Australia 

Last but not the least, here are some of the most affordable universities in Australia for international students who want to study abroad for under 20 lakhs: 

Universities Average Annual International Tuition Fee in INR
University of the Sunshine Coast10 to 11 lakhs 
University of Southern Queensland12 lakhs 
Southern Cross University 13 lakhs 
Central Queensland University12.5 lakhs 
Australian Catholic University11.5 to 13 lakhs 


Which country is cheapest to study abroad?

The top most affordable countries for aspirants to study abroad are:

How much students can earn in Canada while studying?

International students can work up to 20 hours per week during the school year and up to 40 hours per week during the summer. They can make between C$ 8 and C$ 10 per hour. During co-op terms, students can work full-time off-campus and earn between C$ 10 and C$ 15 per hour, equating to C$ 400 and C$ 1,000 per month.

Which country study visa is easy to get?

Currently, the top five countries with easy immigration for higher education include countries like Canada, Germany, Australia, Ireland, UK and New Zealand.

Is Studying Abroad fun?

Without a question, studying abroad is one of the most interesting and gratifying experiences one can have. People choose to study abroad because they want to broaden their horizons, step outside of their comfort zone, and have fun!

Which country is #1 in education?

According to the World Population Review Reports, the United Kingdom has the best educational system in the world. The United States is in second place, with over 70% of graduates continuing on to a higher education programme. Canada is in third place, followed by Germany and France.

So, these were some amazing pro tips that will help you to fulfil your dream of studying abroad under 20 lakhs. We hope that you will remember these tips and tricks while making your study abroad budget. You can anytime contact our Leverage Edu experts at 1800 57 2000 for their expert guidance that can make your study abroad journey hassle-free. 

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