Part-Time Jobs in France

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Part Time Jobs in France

France is a very beautiful country. It is not only famous for its tourism but also has a progressive education and vibrant work culture. There are several intakes in France that can help study there. But meeting the cost of daily life in some expensive cities like Paris is a bit of a hindrance. Part-time jobs in France always help in shouldering the cost of studying and serve as extra pocket money as well which no one would mind. In this blog, we have provided a list of Part-Time Jobs in France that may help you out and may even be interesting enough for you to add some adventure to your student life.

Why work in France?

Working in France provides students with a unique combination of cultural enrichment and career opportunities. The country, known for its world-class education system, provides a conducive environment for skill development and networking. Students can get worldwide experience while polishing their abilities in a varied sector covering technology, fashion, hospitality, and more. The emphasis on work-life balance in France offers a full existence, which is enhanced by superb cuisine, art, and history. Fluency in French improves employability, allowing you to enter both local and worldwide work markets. Overall, working in France provides students with priceless experiences that pave the road for a successful and culturally enriched career path.

Guidelines for Part time work in France

There are certain guidelines and rules that have to be kept in mind while doing Part-Time Jobs in France. We have listed them below –

  • International students outside of the European Union can work for a maximum of 964 hours in any given year provided the given criteria are fulfilled –
    • The university they are working for should not have any objection to the work
    • The student should have a valid residency permit
    • Students do not need temporary employment authorization or Autorisation Provisoire de Travail (APT – Temporary Work Permit) anymore. The residency permit has the inbuilt clause for the same now.
  • All students in France enrolled in the first year of university as well as students enrolled in a language program are eligible to work in France. They have a right to work in France.
  • The minimum hourly wage is about €7.61 approximately and hence cumulatively a student can earn up to €7900 per year.
  • A student can also get employment at the university s/he is studying in or any other university. Students at a university are offered a contract for 1 year that covers the period of 1 September – 31 August
    •  A maximum of 670 hours in the period between 1 September and 30 June can be taken up part-time
    • Up to 300 hours between July 1 and August 31 can be taken up full time
    • Students pursuing a 6-month program are allowed to work for about 472 hours.
  • The courses with inbuilt internships may not allow part-time work. It is better to check with your university regarding the same.

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Part-Time Jobs in France

There is a varied range of options when it comes to Part-Time Jobs in France. We have provided a list of some part-time jobs you might find interesting and worth trying in France below –

Assistant at the University

Students who are doing masters or are research scholars can apply for research or graduate assistantships with the university. Students can also work in the international office the marketing office or any of the available positions that are offered for a year tenure.

Jobs at Café

Paris is the café capital of the world and there’s enough need for people in these café and restaurants available. Students can also take up part-time employment in shops, markets, and even businesses.

Babysitting or Nanny Jobs

Looking after children after their school hours for a couple of hours is a good job option. A lot of families in France are eager to hire English-speaking nannies/ babysitters so that their kids can pick up good English.

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English Teaching Jobs

You can easily get a tutor job teaching English in France if you possess a good TOEFL score. You can sign up with an English teaching academy & offer your services or at universities or offer private teaching classes which can make you about 900 – 1300 Euros per month.

Museum Jobs

Home to the Le Louvre Paris boasts a number of top-quality museums. Wherever you go in the city there’s bound to be a museum nearby and these museums can offer a range of part-time jobs in their set-up and English speakers are highly sought after. 

Tour Guide

If you want to work in the world of tourism you can try this. Students often lead the city’s many guided experiences from boat tours to walking tours and everything that is available in between. You may just need to brush up on your French history and you’re good to go.

Hotel Work

Staying on the theme of tourism hotels are another place where your English-speaking skills could offer a leg-up into a good role. Since Paris is a famous tourist spot there’s guaranteed to work in a good location for you. 

Bar Work

Similar to babysitting bar work is a popular student job wherever you go. With a bar on every street corner, you can get work here quickly. There are several English and Australian bars in Paris too which you can try.

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Retail Work

A job in a shop could also suit you. Till-work is a pretty universal skill if you have previous experience and if you don’t it’s still easy enough to pick up so no need to worry. A number of the city’s shops like to employ English speakers to help serve foreign customers so be sure to look out for job offers that might best apply to your profile.  

Job in Disneyland

Disneyland offers seasonal work from animations to cashier work and everything in between. Again your English will give you an advantage. Some past experience would really help but as long as you’re a quick learner you could land an amazing part-time job in Disneyland.

Blogging Jobs

There are many travel blogging roles available across the internet or you could set up your own successful blog or vlogging channel to make some money from advertising. 

Volunteering Work

If you want a great experience and something to put on your CV then there is always volunteer work. You may not make money but working at one of the city’s soup kitchens, charity shops or outreach programs is likely to provide better friends and experience than other paid roles. 

You can take your pick from any of the jobs above and whichever you choose we are sure you will be living an enjoyable and adventurous life in France. These jobs will be a great opportunity for you to improve your language skills, network with locals, and earn that extra pocket money to enjoy your time in one of the most amazing countries in the world.

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Tips for Find Jobs

We know finding a suitable job isn’t easy but once you land a good job it is always worth it. We have provided a few tips that you can use to get Part-Time Jobs in France of your choice –

  • Choose a job and prepare your CV and cover letter to cater to that job. It should be compatible with the job you are applying to.
  • Keep checking the sites that provide job opportunities like Pôle Emploi (Employment Centre) and the APEC (the Association Pour l’Emploi des Cadres (The Management Employment Association) site. Keep applying for jobs that interest you.
  • Be mindful of your reputation online. Recruiters use social networks to know and research about the applicant.
  • Job fairs are a very good way to meet recruiters. You can easily get several interviews in one day. You just have to be well prepared.
  • Use your networks with your friends, fellows and even teachers to get a job. 


Do Indian students get jobs in France?

Yes, Indian students can get jobs in France. You just have to apply and be eligible for it and you’re golden.

How much can a student earn in France?

How much can a student earn in France?

The minimum hourly wage is about €7.61 approximately and hence cumulatively a student can earn up to €7900 per year.

Can international students work part-time in France?

Yes, international students outside the European Union can work up to a maximum of 964 hours in any given year.

Is it hard to get a job in France?

Getting a job anywhere requires some effort and if you are ready to put in the effort you can definitely get a job in France or anywhere else in the world.

Hope our blog on Part-Time Jobs in France helped you get an insight into how it works. Know more about living in France, the study options for international students, visa process etc. on Leverage Edu. Talk to our experts and get guidance throughout your admission and application process. We are always ready to help you in whatever capacity we can. 

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