Most Sought Courses and Countries

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Most Sought Courses and Countries

If you always wonder which countries are best to pursue a particular course? Which university is best for a particular course? What are the possible job opportunities after the completion of the course? What is ROI? And much more. These are some of the essential questions that play a crucial role in finding the right fit for you in terms of higher education. So here is a guide about the most sought courses and countries. Keep Reading!

Masters in Engineering or MTech

A plethora of students pursue higher education abroad after the completion of an undergraduate degree. 


There are numerous universities and countries that offer Mtech; however, Germany is considered the best country for technical courses. The major reason behind this statement is that Germany offers courses for almost free or with low tuition fees. Further German Universities also offer various scholarships to international students, and due to this, Germany is attractive for students when it comes to education.

Best Universities in Germany


One of the leading countries, the USA is well-recognised when it is to education and a degree granted by US universities is globally recognised. There are an array of job opportunities after the completion of a degree in the USA itself. Further, there are numerous scholarships available for students based on academic profiles. 

Best Universities in the USA 

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)

Getting enrolled in a master’s in business administration degree not only boosts skills and knowledge but also enhances future career opportunities creating a path for higher salaries. 


The United Kingdom is an ideal destination for people who are planning to pursue an MBA degree for a short period. There are numerous universities in the UK that offer a 1-year program for various MBA specializations. 

Best Universities in the UK


MBA was initiated in the USA thus it is home to one of the finest business schools across the globe.

Best Universities  in the USA 


One of the best destinations in the far East, Singapore is an accessible country with an array of job opportunities. Some of the best business schools are in this country. 

Best Universities in Singapore 


Australia has higher standards of living and is also considered the hub for management schools in the southern hemisphere. 

Universities in Australia 


Due to globalisation people are travelling thus arriving for a need of good hotels and its management. Therefore, this field is considered one of the most upcoming industries across the globe. 


Mountain country and also home to swiss chocolates, Switzerland comprises some of the top universities globally. 

New Zealand 

New Zealand or Island country is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean and is considered as splendid when it is to hotel management. There are some excellent universities that offer hospitality courses. 

Universities in New Zealand


France is also home to some of the best bakery and culinary arts courses and schools are known for their cuisine. 

Sports Management

Sports being one of the highly emerging fields, sports management is the field of management which is related to sports and recreation such as sports marketing, sports finance, sports economics, event management, facility management, sports information and various other fields.


There are several countries that offer sports management courses however, Australia is considered the most superior among others. This continent country is usually the first choice for people when it is to sports management. 

Universities in Australia


What is the most demanded course in the world?

Pharmacology is one of the most demanded courses across the globe as it offers a lucrative career while helping humans. 

Which course is highly demanded in abroad?

Engineering is highly demanded across the globe and pens more than 20% of graduates. There are various types of engineering that are highly demanded among students such as mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, environmental engineering and civil engineering. 

Which country degree is most valuable?

USA is one of the best and favourite places to pursue higher education as universities here offer flexible curricula, paid internships, numerous education options, supreme quality of education and funding sources. 

Hope now you know all about the most sought courses and countries! Now that you have a basic idea of the most sought courses and countries, you can contact our team of experts at Leverage Edu to learn more about the application procedure at universities abroad.

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