Joint Honours Degree in UK

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What are dual degrees?

A Joint Honours Degree by studying in the UK allows you to pursue two or more subjects and combine them into a single qualification. This degree is very flexible and allows you to study different subjects at once. For instance, students who are passionate about studying English, Economics or Arts have the freedom to combine these subjects and study all under one degree. Many students can combine various degrees so long as they meet the eligibility criteria and have the option to switch to a joint degree after enrolment in UK universities.

Why Study Joint Honours Degree UK?

Studying for a joint honours degree in UK can be an extra hassle for international students to study two or more subjects at the same time. Yet joint degrees are great for students who gain an interdisciplinary perspective and possess a passion for two subjects. Let’s take a look at some more benefits of studying for a joint honours degree in UK: 

  • You can avoid modules: While studying for a joint honours degree in UK, you can tailor the courses around your interests. Candidates have an option to choose modules you prefer and avoid the ones you don’t. But there are certain compulsory modules you have to study. 
  • Chance to connect with more people: Unlike single honours students, it’s an opportunity to get in touch with students from departments of joint honours degree UK. 
  • More choice for dissertation: In case of two subjects, students can decide in which they want to do their dissertation in. This enables students for more choices, access to resources and tutors. Just like modules, there are also some compulsory dissertations, students can usually choose. 

Types of Joint Degrees

There are mainly 3 types of joint degrees- And degrees, with degrees, and Triple modern degrees. The types of joint degrees are explained in more detail below:

  • “And” Degrees- It refers to combining two subjects at the Honours level. For example, English and Economics.
  • With” degrees- It means that Honours degrees can be taken up with a Major. That is, students can take up one major degree with a minor subject in the final two years
  • Triple” modern language degrees- It means to combine 3 languages- For example, Italian, French, and Spanish.

Modern Languages Joint Honours Degree can also be pursued by students. The degree involves equal study of 2 languages and 1 additional subject,.

Dual Degree vs Joint Honours Degree in UK 

Joint Honours DegreeDual Degree
Joint Honours Degree means studying two different subjects at the same timeA dual degree means studying two different fields one after the other. 
Combined into a single qualificationReceiving two separate degrees
For example: If a candidate is studying Philosophy and English they can graduate with MBA or masters with a Philosophy and English. For example: If a candidate plans to pursue a degree in International Business and after completing it, follow it with International Marketing. They graduate with separate degrees in both. 

Duration of Joint Honours Degree in UK

A joint honours degree UK is not longer than a regular degree. Studying a full-time degree with 120 credits taught per year will be either 3 – 4 years depending on the university and the program. If candidates are not pursuing a full-time degree they can opt for a Higher Education Certificate or Diploma if they complete between 120 – 240 credits respectively. The duration of joint degree will also depend if you choose to do a placement year. 

Top 15 Joint Honours Degree Courses in UK 

Following are the popular combined courses in the UK provided by certain universities in the UK. In a joint honours degree UK, over two subjects are studied simultaneously within the time duration of one honours degree. 

  • History and Politics
  • Business and Management
  • Journalism and Literature
  • Computing and Mathematics
  • Physiology and English 
  • International Business and International Marketing
  • Structural Engineering and Architecture
  • Political Science and Public Administration
  • Music and Education
  • Economics and Management 
  • Anthropology and Forensics 
  • Zoology and Botany
  • Modern Foreign Languages and Linguistics
  • Geology and Palaeobiology 
  • Pharmacology and Physiology 

List of Universities Offering Joint Honours Degree UK 

There is a wide range of prestigious universities that offer Joint Honours Degree UK. Joint honours degree students are highly recognized for the broader perspective they bring to seminars, group work and discussions. 

UniversityJoint Honours Degree CoursesExplore
University of St. AndrewsPhysics and Astronomy; Economics and Finance; Classics, Greek and Latin;Explore Now
University of LeedsComputer Science and Mathematics; Computer Science and; Artificial Intelligence; Linguistics and Phonetics; Medicine and Surgery; Chemical and Energy EngineeringExplore Now
University of NorthamptonAccounting and Economics; Criminology with Law, Sociology or Psychology; Entrepreneurship and Event Management; Multimedia Journalism and Film StudiesExplore Now
Newcastle UniversityMedia and Communication; Spanish and Latin American StudiesExplore Now
University of WorcesterAnimation and Film Production; Criminology and Psychology; Education Studies and JournalismExplore Now
University of ReadingGeography and Archaeology; English Literature and Creative WritingExplore Now
University of SheffieldArchaeology and History; Business Management and Economics; English and History; Mathematics and Philosophy Explore Now

How to Apply to UK Universities: Step-Wise Guide

International students applying to UK universities must follow a well-researched guide before starting their application process:

Step-1: Shortlist Courses and Universities

The primary step in the application process is to shortlist courses and universities according to your academic profile and preference. Students can shortlist courses and universities through AI-Course Finder and generate a list of universities where they are most likely to get through and plan their application process in advance.

Step-2: Know Your Deadlines

The next step is to know the exact deadlines of universities and colleges in the UK you are planning to apply to. International students have to take the application process well in advance (one year to 6 months before the actual deadline). This ensures that students can fulfil all the college requirements such as SOP, letters of recommendation, English proficiency tests, funding/scholarship options and accommodation.

Step-3: Take Entrance Tests

The third step in the application process for UK universities requires students to take tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or GRE/GMAT/LNAT/BMAT/MAT (in some courses). In some universities, students can be given to submit scores for SAT or ACT exams. A new addition to English proficiency tests is the Duolingo Test which allows students to appear for the exam from the comfort of their homes and is accepted across the world.

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Step-4:  Compile Your Documents

The next step is to compile all the required documents and test scores for the application process. This means students should start writing their SOPs, getting letters of recommendation from teachers and supervisors and arranging their financial statements along with other documents like tests scorecards. With the COVID-19 pandemic, students must download their vaccine certificates and specify the administered vaccine for the application.

Step-5: Get Started with Application

Once you have all the documents in place, students can start the application process either directly or through UCAS. Students applying to UK universities that accept direct applications can start by applying through the official university website. They have to select the courses, pay the application fees and start the online application process. 

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Switching to a Joint Degree

Switching to a Joint Degree is possible abroad. However, students must meet the eligibility requirements of the university. Students can switch to an honors degree for both (or all) of the chosen subjects. 


Is a joint honours degree the same as a dual degree?

No. A joint honours degree means that the student would get 1 single award by both institutions. On the other hand, a double degree would mean 2 awards by each university. A double degree is selected due to legal or regulatory requirements.

What is a BA joint honours degree?

BA joint honors degree allows students to learn more than 1 subject and to combine it into a single qualification. For example, it is possible to study a subject that a student has excelled at in college and combine with a new subject. That is, with the Joint Honours degree a student can give equal importance to both subjects.

Are joint Honours degrees good?

Yes. Joint Honors degrees are good. In fact, they are better than standard degrees as the student can give equal importance to both subjects. Moreover, the employability of the student also increases.

Studying for a joint honours degree in the UK is an ideal choice if you are tossing up between studying two different subjects. If you are interested in pursuing a course abroad in your chosen university, reach out to the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu experts and we are here to help you through every step. Call us on 1800 57 2000 and get your doubts resolved!

Studying for a joint honours degree in the UK is an ideal choice if you are tossing up between studying two different subjects. If you are interested in pursuing a course abroad in your chosen university, reach out to Leverage Edu experts and we are here to help you through every step. Call us on 1800 57 2000 and get your doubts resolved!

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