Cost of Studying in Australia

Cost of Studying in Australia

Referred to as the land of the coasts, Australia is home to some of the world-renowned universities such as the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales. Apart from excellence in academics, it also provides a multicultural environment and warmly welcomes students from across the globe. Further, in the QS Rankings 2020, more than two-thirds of the universities in the country have featured at the top. With a higher standard of living as well as world-class education, Australia has progressively emerged as a preferred study destination amongst the likes of the US and the UK. Thus, if you are aspiring to pursue higher education in the country, here is a blog that will elucidate the key essentials regarding the cost of studying in Australia.

Study in Australia

Cost of Studying in Australia: Crucial Factors

To understand the cost of studying in Australia, we need to pay heed to certain factors like the courses, the institutions, the geographical location you are going to study at, as well as the living expenses especially the accommodation and transportation costs. So, the factors mentioned below are significant from the aspect of a future aspirant. 

Course Fees and Tuition

The decision of choosing a program and university will incrementally impact your estimation of the cost of studying in Australia. When it comes to tuition fees of courses offered by Australian universities, the criteria are specified as per the Credit Points (CP) that you are required to accomplish to earn a degree. These credit points may vary as per the course but there 24 CP fixed for each session. In one year, there are generally two to three sessions which might be categorized under a two-semester or trimester system. 

Study LevelApproximate Fees (in AUD)
English Language  Studies350$(18290INR)-450$(23500INR)/week(varies according to the duration of the course)
Vocational Education and Training Certificates4000$(209000INR)-22000$(1149700 INR) per annum
Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree15000$(783800 INR)-35000$(1829000 INR) annually
Postgraduate Master’s Degree20000$(1045000INR)-42000$(2194900 INR) annually
Doctoral Degree20000$(1045000INR)-42000$(2194900 INR) annually with 100% scholarships available 

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Living Costs

When it comes to calculating the accommodation and living cost of studying in Australia, you can either opt for a university residence or a shared apartment. If you are staying in a hostel, it will be relatively cheaper and the costs for the same might vary from one university to another. But if you stay on your own in a homestay or some rented apartment, it would put a huge dent in your pocket especially if it is some urban centre like Sydney. There are several other costs that will be included in the living costs as tabulated below:

Living ExpensesWeekly Budget(in AUD)
Groceries and eating out140$-280$
Phone and Internet15$-30$

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Accommodation Cost

As we discussed above, the location of the educational institution has both its benefits as well as some setbacks that you need to keep in mind while estimating the cost of studying in Australia. So, if you are considering staying in a city like Melbourne, then, apart from the cost of studying, living expenses would be an important cost factor. Tabulated below are different accommodation types with their respective costs allowing students to get a vivid picture of accommodation costs.\

Accommodation TypeExpenses(in AUD)
Hostels and Guesthouses90$(4700 INR)-150$(7800INR)/week
Shared Rental95$(4900INR)-215$(11200INR)/week

Transportation Cost

Multiple ways of travelling are available to international students. Depending on the distance to be covered, individuals have the option to choose the means of commute. Tabulated below is a list of options for travelling based on the distance:

DistanceMeans of Travelling
Short DistanceA short ride on the train or the bus which are all public means of transportation can cost about 3AUD. Weekly passes of 20AUD or monthly passes of 80AUD can be obtained.
Long Distance For movement across cities, or any area further away, the best way to travel is to pick any of the following options:AirwaysTrainLong-distance bus service

Financial Aid Schemes

Aspiring for higher education in Australia can demand quite an expansive budget. To help students with money-related issues, the Australian education system is designed in such a manner that it provides financial aid to the deserving candidates by offering several education loans and scholarships like Australia Awards by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, or APEC Women in Research Fellowship Program, etc. that you can also apply for in order to cover your overall cost of studying in Australia. Some major scholarships offered by universities in Australia for international students are mentioned below:

  • Australia Award Scholarship
  • ACU Destination Australia International Scholarship
  • Australia Research Training Program Scholarship
  • Scholarships by Australian Embassies
  • The Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship

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Top 10 Universities in Australia 

There is an array of public and private academic institutions in Australia that offer quality programs in almost every area of study. Even though the majority of universities featuring at the top are public-funded, the fee structure might vary as per the course and institution. So, to get a gist of the cost of studying in Australia, firstly we need to know about the leading universities in the country that are worth applying for. 

Institutions QS RankingAustralia Times HigherEducationRanking Top UniversitiesRanking 
University of Melbourne212
Australian National University 121
University of Sydney 333
University of Queensland 545
University of New South Wales454
Monash University666
University of Adelaide 878
University of Western Australia787
Queensland University ofTechnology 12912
The University of Technology,Sydney 9119

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Thus, we hope that this blog helped you understand the different factors which the cost of studying in Australia might comprise of. Deciding to pursue higher education in Australia, you can not only avail immense educational opportunities but living in popular cities like Melbourne and Sydney will also provide you with plentiful networking opportunities in your chosen area of study. Take the help of Leverage Edu’s AI tool which can assist you in exploring a wide range of courses offered at various universities in Australia and will match you with suitable mentors who can guide you throughout the application process of your chosen program as well as sorting out visa and accommodation issues.

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