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The UK is considered an ideal destination for pursuing law. The country offers students a unique opportunity to explore diverse specializations like Tort Law, Sports Law, Entertainment  Law, and Intellectual Property Rights. The average salary for a lawyer in London can be 83,000 GBP (8,351,211 INR) per year. So if you dream of practicing law in the land of royals, here are the cheapest LLM programs in the UK for international students. 

Degrees OfferedLLM, Masters in Corporate Law, MSc in Law and Finance, Criminology and Criminal Justice, International Trade and Commercial Law.
DurationFull time – 1 year;
Part-time – 2-5 years
EligibilityBachelor’s degree in a relevant field with a minimum of 60%.
Annual Course Fees19,500 GBP – 43,355 GBP (INR1,962,031 – 4,362,250 INR)
Average Annual Salary83,000 GBP (8,351,211 INR)
Job ProfileBarrister, Solicitors, Paralegal, Arbitrator, Legal Executive, etc.

Benefits of Studying Law in the UK

Application Process For LLM In UK

To apply to universities in the United Kingdom, you must meet the following fundamental eligibility requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Law, Sociology, Politics, Economics, Social Policy, Psychology, History, or a related field.
  • Scores on the IELTS or TOEFL tests as evidence of English language proficiency.

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Documents Required for LLM In UK

  • Completed application form
  • Official transcript(s)
  • Proof of English language ability-IELTS, TOEFL iBT scores.
  • CV/resume
  • Statement of purpose/personal statement
  • Written work
  • References/letters of recommendation

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Top 10 Cheapest Universities In the UK To Study LLM 

Here are the top UK universities offering cheapest LLM courses in UK:

University of Lancaster Law School

YouTube: Lancaster University

According to The Guardian’s law school rankings, the University of Lancaster is one of the top in the UK. The LL.M. can be highly personalized, for example, in topics such as Intellectual Property Law, European Union Law, International Terrorism and Law, and International Environmental Law, which are all emerging fields. In addition, the school provides complete specialist degrees in fields like Human Rights Law and Corporate Law. In addition, living costs in Lancaster are rather low (at least compared to a city like London).

  • Tuition – 19,940 EUR (1,721,021 INR)
  • Duration – 12 months 
  • Minimum IELTS – 6.5 

Programs Offered

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University of Exeter School of Law

YouTube: University of Exeter

The Law School at the University of Exeter is also listed among the best in the United Kingdom by The Guardian. It provides an LL.M. in Commercial Law and an LL.M. in International Law in addition to a general LL.M. The program’s professors are all highly-trained practitioners who combine academic theory with practical experience. The gorgeous Streatham campus of Exeter is a plus.

  • Tuition – 19,400 EUR (1,674,414 INR)
  • Duration – 12 months 
  • Intakes – September
  • Minimum TOEFL –  90 
  • Minimum IELTS – 6.5 

 Programs Offered

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The University of Nottingham – School of Law

YouTube: University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham‘s School of Law is regarded as one of the best in the United Kingdom. It is consistently listed in the top 20 of The Guardian’s league table and The Complete University Guide’s ranking each year. It offers a wide range of LL.M. programs in human rights law, International Public Law, and Maritime Law.

  • Tuition – 19,980 EUR(1,724,473 INR)
  • Duration – 12 months 
  • Intakes – September
  • Minimum IELTS – 7.0 

 Programs Offered

  • Master of Laws (LL.M.
  • Criminal Justice (LL.M.)
  • European Law (LL.M.)
  • Human Rights Law (LL.M.)
  • International Commercial Law (LL.M.)

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University of Durham – Durham Law School

YouTube: Durham Student

Durham Law School is well-known worldwide, particularly for the exceptional quality of its research, which is reflected in the LL.M. program. The Complete University Guide ranks Durham Law as the eighth-best law school in the United Kingdom. The school offers a variety of LL.M. programs in areas like International Trade and Commercial Law, Corporate Law, and other topics. Durham University is located on a magnificent campus in the Northeast of England, close to Newcastle and Leeds, two significant UK cities.

  • Tuition – 23,500 EUR (2,028,285 INR)
  • Duration – 12 months 
  • Intakes – October
  • Minimum TOEFL –  92 
  • Minimum IELTS – 6.5 

Programs Offered

  • LL.M. (General)
  • LL.M. Corporate Law
  • LL.M. in European Trade and Commercial Law
  • LL.M. in International Trade and Commercial Law
  • LL.M. in International Law and Governance

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University of Bristol – School of Law

Bristol’s School of Law is unquestionably one of the top several in the United Kingdom. The Good University Guide ranks the school 13th in the United Kingdom. Bristol, which was named the finest city in the UK by The Sunday Times newspaper, is a key magnet for international students. It’s also well-connected, with London only a couple of hours away by train. LL.M. programs are available at the law school, including ones in Commercial Law and European Legal Studies.

  • Tuition-19,900 EUR (1,717,569 INR)
  • Duration – 12 months 
  • Intakes – September
  • Minimum TOEFL – 100 
  • Minimum IELTS – 7.0 

Programs Offered

  • LL.M. Law – General Legal Studies
  • LL.M. Law – Commercial Law
  • LL.M. Law – European Legal Studies
  • LL.M. Law – Health, Law, and Society
  • LL.M. Law – Human Rights Law

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The University of Manchester – School of Law

The University of Manchester’s School of Law is likewise highly regarded by The Complete University Guide. It did exceptionally well in graduate prospects, with alumni going on to successful positions in law firms, NGOs, and multinational organizations. Security and International Law, International Financial Law, and Corporate Governance are among the LL.Ms offered by the institution.

  • Tuition – 20,500 EUR (1,769,355 INR)
  • Duration – 12 months 
  • Intakes – September
  • Minimum TOEFL – 100 
  • Minimum IELTS – 7.0 

Programs Offered

  • Law LL.M.
  • Corporate Governance LL.M
  • Healthcare Ethics and Law LL.M.
  • Intellectual Property Law LL.M
  • International Business and Commercial Law LL.M.

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King’s College London (KCL)

King’s is one of the UK’s oldest and most prestigious institutions, with the law school first opening its doors in 1909. It has been offering LL.M. programs since 2007, and they are consistently listed in the top ten of most major rankings magazines. Postgraduate legal programs are available at King’s in various subjects, including International Business Law, International Tax Law, and others. An online LL.M. in International Corporate and Commercial Law is also available.

  • Tuition – 28,770EUR (2,483,138 INR) 
  • Duration – 12 months 
  • Intakes – September
  • Minimum TOEFL – 100 
  • Minimum IELTS – 7.0 

Programs Offered

  • Master of Laws LLM
  • Competition Law LLM
  • European Law LLM
  • Intellectual Property & Information Law LLM
  • International Business Law LLM

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University of Warwick – Warwick Law School

Warwick has a strong reputation: in The Times’ Good University Guide 2018, the school was placed 20th for Law. In addition, in the Graduate Market Survey, Warwick is placed third in targeting the top employers. There are numerous LL.M. programs to choose from, including those in International, Commercial, and Economic Law and Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation. In addition, need-based financial bursaries are offered for students.

  • Tuition – 19,300 EUR(1,665,783 INR)
  • Duration – 12 months 
  • Intakes – October
  • Minimum TOEFL – 100 
  • Minimum IELTS – 7.0 

Programs Offered

  • LL.M. Advanced Legal Studies
  • LL.M. International Commercial Law
  • LL.M. International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation
  • LL.M. International Development Law and Human Rights
  • LL.M. International Economic Law

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University of Edinburgh – Edinburgh Law School

The University of Edinburgh is one of Scotland’s most prestigious and long-standing institutions, teaching Law since 1707. It offers some of the cheapest LLMs in UK. It is still going strong today, with The Complete University Guide ranking it as the finest in Scotland. Commercial Law, European Law, and Climate Change Law are just a few of the LL.M. programs available to suit all preferences and professional career trajectories.

  • Tuition – 24,000 EUR (2,0,71,440 INR)
  • Duration – 12 months 
  • Intakes – September
  • Minimum TOEFL – 100 
  • Minimum IELTS – 7.0 

Programs Offered

  • LL.M. in Law
  • LL.M. in Commercial Law
  • LL.M. in Comparative and European Private Law
  • LL.M. in Corporate Law
  • LL.M. in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

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Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)

Queen Mary’s School of Law is a relatively new institution, yet it has quickly established a strong reputation since 1965. The Guardian is ranked 17th in the UK, with notably high student satisfaction levels. Queen Mary students benefit from several distinct benefits as a result of their location in London. Not to mention easy access to a myriad of prestigious legal firms and businesses where you can work. There are LL.M. programs available in almost every field, from banking to environmental Law. It isn’t the cheapest LL.M. in the group, but it is reasonably priced compared to other high-quality LL.M.s.

  • Tuition – 24,950 EUR (2,153,434 INR)
  • Duration – 12 months 
  • Intakes – September
  • Minimum TOEFL – 100 
  • Minimum IELTS – 7.0 

Programs Offered

  • LL.M. (Master of Laws)
  • LL.M. in Art, Business, and Law
  • LL.M. in Banking and Finance Law
  • LL.M. in Commercial and Corporate Law
  • LL.M. in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution

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In the United Kingdom, how long does an LLM last?

In the United Kingdom, a full-time LLM takes 9 to 12 months. There are, however, part-time study choices that take two years. In addition, some flexible part-time Masters in Law programs in the United Kingdom can take up to five years to complete.

Is it possible to practice Law in the United Kingdom with an LLM?

No, that is not the case. Although you can study Masters in Law without having a law degree, you must have an LLB degree to practice Law in the United Kingdom.

Which university in the United Kingdom offers the cheapest LLM program?

The University of Manchester, University of Nottingham, Durham University, and the Queen’s Mary University of London provide the cheapest LLM in the UK.

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