Short Term Courses After 10th

Short Term Courses After 10th

Students nowadays are eager to develop skills and gain knowledge about new and upcoming fields. Exploring new courses after 10th helps them not only attain skills but also helps them in realizing whether that area of discipline is well suited for them and is able to maintain their interest. If you are a student who has recently completed their 10th grade and are looking for short term courses to pursue that will help you build a strong profile while helping you getting a step closer to realizing what you are passionate about, here is all the information you will need for short term courses after 10th.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is a budding career also known as Internet Marketing that establishes a marketplace of products or services using technologies. Pursuing a short term course in this field will help students in making an excellent career in Digital Marketing that involves brand promotion & awareness. There are various Digital Marketing Jobs for freshers.

Diploma in Architectural Engineering or Architectural Assistantship

This course is yet another name in the list of short term courses after 10th offered by best architecture colleges in India and Abroad. The course duration is three years where candidates are taught job- oriented construction techniques. Students can also sign up for higher studies by enrolling into other Architecture courses.

Diploma in Cyber Security

Cyber Law is an essential part of the modern world. Pursuing a short term diploma in Cyber Security can help students gain adequate knowledge about networks, security measures, online threats, firewalls and various antivirus software. Candidates can pursue this course to make a career in Cyber Security.

Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Management

Another program that is a popular pick of students looking out for short term courses after class 10th is Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Management. The course is usually 2 years long in duration equipping candidates with basic techniques and responsibilities of Hotel Management. After gaining some experience, students can pursue another course to make an excellent career in Hotel Management

Diploma in Business Management

Diploma in Business Management is an ideal course if you wish to acquire skills like business management and administrative skills. The course offers basic and essential skills for executing business operations. The program will give you exposure to the industry so that you are able to develop functional management skills. 

Diploma in ITI Courses

The course is intended at providing vocational training in various fields such as information technologies, mechanical, automobiles, computer software, stenography, electronic appliances specialist, etc. This course will be beneficial for you if you want to develop manual skills for the industry and also if you just wish to explore different fields in order to develop an interest through the short term courses after 10th.

Diploma in Engineering Courses

If you are looking for short term courses after 10th you can consider a diploma in engineering for a bright career as engineering is a vast field with various job opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Diploma in engineering comprises of engineering fields such as mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical, etc.

SEO Training Course

Search Engine Optimization is a growing aspect of Digital Marketing. Several companies are using SEO techniques to increase their website’s traffic and attract business. While looking for short term courses after 10th you can consider SEO training as there is a high demand for people who possess the required knowledge in this field and expand your understanding in this area will give you an additional skill set.

Diploma in 3D Animation/ Graphic Designing

If you are looking for creative short term courses after 10th you can consider graphic designing as a good opportunity to explore your creativity. The course will equip you with essential technical skills that will help you in creating designs and illustrations. There is a great demand for graphic designers in recent times, so having a skillset like this will only be an asset for you and help you build your portfolio if you ever choose to build a career in this field. 

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Stock Market Training

If you have an interest in the share and financial market a training course in the stock market can open the doors to various exciting opportunities for you. The course will help you understand the techniques and skills to understand how the stock market operates, how the stock trends are examined and the different approaches of reading the market. 

Diploma in Dental Mechanics

Diploma in Dental Mechanics is another short term course that helps students in understanding the dental structures. A professional training is given to these candidates on dental health so that they can guide patients with basic techniques to maintain their teeth and gums. 

Beauty Culture Courses

The beauty industry is rapidly growing and this has created a demand for professional hair and makeup artists. This career-oriented course has a lot of scopes if you have an interest in this field and express your creativity in this manner.

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While we have tried to give you an insight into diverse short term courses after 10th, you might have varied interests that could not be contained in this blog. If you want to look at other opportunities that will help you get a push in the right direction, the counsellors at Leverage Edu can help you make the right decision based on your interests. 

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