Aviation Courses and Universities

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Aviation Courses

With the emergence of global trade and tourism, the cross-country commute of people has become a common practice giving rise to a new career possibility for the forthcoming generations. While a majority of students take up old-time courses, some dare to do differently by lining themselves with the latest trends. One such less-traveled pathway is a career in Aviation. With the gradual increase in Aviation companies in the world, the demand for professionals in this industry is growing at a great pace. If you are planning to be a part of this thriving area of study, then this is the right place for you! Read on our blog to explore an array of Aviation courses & their scope!

What is Aviation? 

Air transportation services and mechanisms fall under the domain of study called Aviation. It is majorly surrounded by the aircraft industries and mechanical flights. A multitude of job profiles falls under Aviation as a career including – Pilot, Engineers, Traffic Control Specialist, Aviation Business Manager, etc.

What is Aviation Course?

Aviation as a course and career path is only for those who are deeply interested in the subject. There are numerous aviation courses available. Any instructor-led training in which the candidate learns the fundamentals of flying, instrument reading, aviation safety, and other related topics is referred to as an aviation course. It also includes management and safety. Aside from in-depth knowledge of machines, aviation requires its employees to have a thorough understanding of the job profiles of individuals working in other departments of the industry.

Aviation Courses

This comprehensive field comprises a lot of options for applicants. Depending upon the set of preferences one exhibits, a choice of suitable degree program can be made. Given below is the list of Aviation courses that can help you out: 

While there is a list of programs available for candidates to choose from, there are some Aviation courses that stand out to be the choicest ones among others. A brief description of such programs is given below: 

Diploma in Aviation

Diploma in Aviation course is a 6 months-1 year full-time diploma course that equips students with the skills, professionalism, and knowledge required by this industry. Subjects in this Aviation course are Mathematics, Statistical Methods for Engineering, Engineering Cost Decisions, Aerodynamics and Propulsion, Avionics System, Aircrafts System, Mathematics for Engineering, Airline Operations, etc.

Diploma in Ground Staff & Cabin Crew Training

Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training covers areas like staff workers at the airport information desk, baggage handling, tickets, and fare counters, etc. activities at the airport. Subjects covered under this Aviation course are Introduction to Airport Division, Aviation Fundamentals, Reservation: Baggage Screening and Queue Management, Arrival Procedures, Ramp Management, etc. It is considered one of the most popular short-term Aviation courses.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation (BBA in Aviation)

BBA in Aviation is a full-time, 3-4 years undergraduate course, which is designed to provide a strong background to candidates in business and leadership practices, and managerial skills in Aviation management. Subjects covered under this course include Introduction to Aviation Industry, Business Statistics, Business Mathematics, Airport Functions of Airlines, Understanding of Aviation Business, Human Resource Management, etc. You can also pursue BBA in Airport Management.

Master of Science in Aviation (M.Sc in Aviation)

The Master of Science in Aviation (M.Sc in Aviation) is a postgraduate program, which is designed to emphasize the application of tools, methods, and modern management concepts to the challenges of the Aviation industry and its business. Subjects taught in this one of the popular Aviation courses include Principles and Practice of Management, Aviation Economics, Flight Guidance Information System, Aviation marketing Management, airport management, etc. 

MBA in Aviation Management

MBA in Aviation Management is a postgraduate program in management, which equips professionals with the skills and expertise that a manager requires in this industry. Job prospects after completing this degree are Aircraft Maintenance Manager, Air Traffic Controllers, and Aviation Operations Specialist. The subjects in this management course include Airline and Airport Management, Economic Analysis for Business Decisions, Aviation Law, Airline Operation and Scheduling, Airline Marketing Management, Aviation Safety Management and Accident Investigations, International Business Management, etc.

Online Aviation Courses

  • Part 1 FAA Private Pilot Ground School (Part 61) – Udemy
  • Airline Operations: Flight Planning and Flight Dispatch – Udemy
  • Flying Training. Learn to fly. Cessna 172. | Flight school | – Udemy
  • Safety Management System for Civil Aviation (SMS) – Udemy
  • Aviation: Customer Service In Airline Industry – Udemy

Top Universities

There are numerous academic institutions that offer various Aviation courses to students across the globe. To help you further in your research, given below is a list of leading educational institutes that are renowned for their degree:

Aviation CoursesUniversity
Certificate in Aviation StudiesMassey University
Diploma of Aviation ManagementTAFE Western Australia
Associate of Applied Science in AviationMontana State University
BA (Hons) Aviation and Airport ManagementUniversity College Birmingham
BSc Aviation ManagementSouthern New Hampshire University
BSc (Hons) Professional Aviation Pilot PractiseMiddlesex University
Bachelor of Applied Science – AviationRMIT University
Bachelors in Applied Sciences – AviationArizona State University
Graduate Certificate in Aviation MedicineMonash University
MS in Aviation and Aerospace ManagementPurdue University
MPhil in Aviation Management and EconomicsThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Masters in Aviation and Tourism BusinessHaaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
MSc in Aviation FinanceUniversity College Dublin
MSc Air Transport ManagementUniversity of Surrey
LLM in Space LawNorthumbria University
MBA in Aviation ManagementEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University
PhD in AviationUniversity of New South Wales

Note: This is a generalized list and not exhaustive. It is advised to go through the university website before choosing a particular course.


How long are the aviation courses for?

Diploma in Aviation Management or its variants run for 1-2 years, BBA/BSc in Aviation is 3-4 years long, MBA in Aviation is a 1-2 year-long course, BE Aeronautical Engineering takes 4 years to complete, and MSc Aviation runs for a period of 1-2 years. PhD program, on the contrary, can run anywhere between 3-5 years. It depends on the university and the PhD programme.

Which subjects are taught in Aviation courses?

Navigation systems, Space and Air Laws, Aviation Meteorology, Fundamentals and Principles of Flight Operations, Flight Planning, Monitoring, and Performance, Communications, Airport Management, etc. However, the subjects can vary based on the university and the level of education.

Thus, there is a multitude of Aviation courses that can advance your knowledge and prepare you for opportunities across this sector. If you are planning to study for any of the above-mentioned degrees from abroad but are confused about the university to choose, let Leverage Edu’s AI tool which will help you gauge your skills and will curate a list of courses and universities accordingly!

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