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Cyber Law

With the emergence of the Internet as a basic need in the technology-driven world, we are becoming more inclined to Information and Communication Technologies. Whether it is financial transactions, bookings, sharing of data or simply chatting with family and friends, we want cyberspace to be secure and private. This gave rise to the need for stringent laws to keep the online world safe. To cater to the need, the specialized branch in law dedicated to the issues related to the Internet was established. Like other branches of law which include business law, corporate law etc, Cyber Law has taken the shape of a full-fledged career option. Students are showing great zeal in pursuing the subject as it has vast applications. For those who want to deliver justice and be the guardians of the virtual world, the career in Cyber Law is for them. 

What is Cyber Law?

A branch of law that deals with the issues that are related to the Internet. The widespread use of the internet in every aspect of our lives has made our life easy but comfort comes at a risk. The rise of criminal activities has led to the creation of the separate legal domain that deals with the prevention of cybercrimes like phishing, hacking, unauthorized data collection, harassment, threats and other frauds that are committed using the Internet as a medium. Cybercrimes can be broadly classified into three broad categories which include crimes against people, crimes against property and crimes against the government. To keep the cyberspace safe for the use of masses, Cyber Law has emerged as a specialization or an extension of the normal law degree.

The major challenges that are tackled by the cyber lawyers to ensure cybersecurity are listed below:

  • Copyright
  • Trade Secrets
  • Patents
  • Contracts
  • Defamation
  • Jurisdiction
  • Privacy
  • Domain Disputes

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Courses in Cyber Law

Students wishing to build a career in the field can take up an LLB course with a specialization in Cyber Law. Spanning over 3-5 years, LLB syllabus covers various aspects of the Law degree like criminal, civil, common, statute and environmental laws. The law schools around the world have long ago started incorporating the specialization in their bachelor’s degrees. Apart from the undergraduate courses, diploma courses like Diploma in Cyber Law and Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law are there to provide students with an easy understanding of the field. 

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Below given are some of the comprehensive courses in Cyber Law offered at various universities:

University of Maryland The university offers an online MS in Cybersecurity Law which is designed for students interested in legal and public policy aspects of cybersecurity. The coursework includes internet governance and jurisdiction, cybercrime, privacy legislation, data breaches, policies and regulations. This course is best for a high-quality learning experience in flexible study format for students across the world.

Northumbria University This 1-year full-time LLM program offers specialisation in Cyber Law to meet the needs of cyber legal practitioner and professionals working in the technology field. With the reputation of being one of the largest law school in the UK, the university’s postgraduate program provides a remarkable opportunity to enhance your career in Cyber Law. 

University of Tartu – Designed for lawyers interested to build a career in Cyber Law, Security and IT, can pursue an MA Information Technology Law from this national university in Estonia. The course trains students in real-life situations with the aim to synchronize the legal education with technological development. This 1-year program aims to build the skills necessary for practising in this area.

Drexel University The institution provides LLM in Cyber Law and Data Privacy allows students to specialise in a specific area or topic of Law. The online course focuses on EU data privacy and internet law. Other than this, the university provides online LLM in Health Care and Pharmaceutical Compliance is also available.

Georgia Institute of Technology The technology focussed college focuses on teaching security principles and emerging techniques for software, computer systems, and networks through an MS Cybersecurity. Selected courses for the Information Security track include applied cryptography, network security, secure computer systems, etc.

Michigan State University The university offers Intellectual Property, Information & Communications Law Program (IPIC) attracting thousands of scholars to teach courses in international copyright, patent and computer-related law. The study curriculum has no prerequisites as such and offers coursework essential to all lawyers working in today’s information economy.

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Career Prospects

Offering lucrative salaries with a higher prospect for growth, the Cyber Law has become one of the most sought after courses. The surging growth of the Internet-based business platforms suggests the increase in job creation in the field. The top recruitment areas after the degree includes law firms, public agencies, international organizations, IT companies and consulting firms. The fresher in the field in India can expect a yearly income of 5-8 Lakh while as in countries abroad, the salary is comparatively higher and in some cases can go up to a whopping amount 20-25 lakh a year. 

Some of the popular job profiles suitable after the specialization degree include:

  • Cyber Lawyer
  • Legal Advisor
  • Cyber Assistant
  • Cyber Security Specialist

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A degree in Cyber Law can give your career in cybersecurity a jumpstart. With a great number of job openings worldwide, a recognized degree can help you work anywhere in the world. If you have set your mind to achieving your goal, let Leverage Edu lend you a helping hand. Our experts have a network of mentors worldwide who will help you secure admissions in any of the top law schools in the world. 

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