Photography Jobs

Photography Jobs

The art of Photography originated centuries ago and has evolved from noisy, single-lens cameras to DSLRs and high-quality mobile cameras. In earlier times, Photography was pursued as a hobby but with the advent of digital technology, this profession has become one of the most lucrative and highly pursued career paths amongst students. With a range of platforms to showcase your talent, Photography has transformed into a full-fledged profession that is utilised heavily in the media fields. Here is a blog which sheds light on famous work profiles and prospective Photography jobs you can explore in this artistic and rewarding career field.

Photography Jobs in Media

Media has immense scope for budding photographers. From working with magazines to delving deeper into the social issues of the country as a Photojournalists, you have plentiful photography jobs to choose from. Here, we have elaborated the major career profiles in Photography for those passionate about working in the field of Media.

  • Photojournalist

One of the most popular work profiles in the list of Photography jobs is that of a photojournalist. A photojournalist is tasked with taking dramatic pictures of people and places that tell a story. These professionals usually work for different media platforms like news agencies, magazines, and journals. As a photojournalist, you are expected to find stories around you and depict them through thought-provoking shots.

  • Fashion Photographers

Free from creative restrictions, Fashion Photographers are tasked with capturing pictures of fashion items such as apparels and accessories. They are responsible to create visually appealing pictures which can attract people to new styles and trends. The photographers in this field are well paid in comparison to other Photography jobs.

Job Areas: Fashion and media houses, newspaper agencies, fashion magazines,  designers, fashion e-commerce companies etc. 

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Photography Jobs in Scientific/Medical Field

If you want to discover the art of Photography in a technical field, then you should definitely look for Photography jobs in the career domain of Science. Below mentioned are the most popular job profiles for Photographers who want to work in Scientific or Medical fields.

  • Scientific Photographers

These professionals produce highly accurate and detail-oriented images of scientific or medical phenomenons which are too small to be seen with a naked eye. Scientific Photographers use specialised techniques like microscopy, holography, infrared and ultraviolet microscopy, high speed, time-lapse and underwater photography to capture the subject. Documenting minuscule subjects with minimum use of editing tools is no easy task and that’s why Scientific Photography is regarded as one of the highly paid Photography jobs. 

Job Areas: Research labs, R&D Companies, Science and technology-based government institutes and NGOs. 

  • Forensics Photographers

Remember how photographers used to swarm in crime scenes and take countless photos in the CSI series? This is what primarily a forensic photographer does. Also called a crime scene photographer, these professionals are tasked with documenting every possible evidence in a crime scene. From clicking pictures of victims and weapons to blood stains and footprints, they act as a primary source of information in crime investigation. Almost all Photography Jobs are taxing but this field needs people who are both mentally and emotionally strong. 

Portrait Photography

If you love capturing irreplaceable moments and yearn for a creative profession then you should definitely go for a career in Portrait Photography. Considered as one of the most lucrative Photography Jobs, you can either work for a company or can start your own business. Apart from the basic photography skills, you also need to have good interpersonal and communication skills that will be extremely helpful in handling camera-conscious people and making your subject comfortable in front of the camera. 

Job Areas: Wedding and Religious ceremonies photographers, Pet and baby portraits specialist, photographers in event management and sports sector etc. 

Outdoor-Based Photography

Photography as a career can be pursued indoors by working at studios or in labs as well as outdoors by working as a Photojournalist or in Wildlife Photography. Below mentioned are the key outdoor-based Photography jobs that allow you to explore the outer world with the perspective of your camera.

  • Wildlife and Nature Photographer

Fascinated by nature and wildlife? Do you love adventures? Then, Wildlife and Nature Photography is an ideal field for you. From travelling on treacherous paths and mountains to facing the wrath of nature, this field needs people who have strong mental composure. If you love animals and can capture nature in a scintillating manner, then this field awaits you with its adventures and exciting experiences.

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  • Aerial Photographer

The primary objective of an Aerial Photographer is to capture the terrains from a bird’s eye view. From buildings and architectural marvels to houses and roads, Aerial Photographer documents the places out of planes and helicopters. Nowadays, drones are being used exhaustively for this purpose. Just like some other Photography Jobs, an aerial photographer must be well versed with editing tools and software. Recently, various aerial restaurants are opening around the world that requires an Aerial Photographer to capture the experiences of their guests. Further, you can also explore opportunities in the film industry, especially in action films.

Job Areas: Real estate agencies, Hotels, GIS Analysts, Films etc.

Food Photography

Have you ever come across vibrant pictures of food which made you drool and hungry? Food Photography is a new and developing field that demands people with an eye for aesthetics and a passion for Photography.  With the advent of social media, almost every food business now needs photographers who can make their food look visually appealing.

Job Areas: Photographers for magazines, websites, cookbooks, restaurant and hotels, FMCGs etc. 

Through this blog, we have tried to explain the key Photography jobs you can discover in a plethora of industries. If you wish to pursue a career in Photography but are not sure which course and university to opt for, get in touch with the experts at Leverage Edu to find the right guidance that can transform your passion to click wonderful photographs into a rewarding career.

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