C++ Project Class 12 Topics

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c++ project class 12 topics

The most exciting and fun part for all the dexterous students is the C++ project in class 12. All the budding technical savvy await this opportunity to showcase their coding skills and ultimately outshine their project. For the class 12th students, projects are their final chance to make ensure they score well and outshine in board examinations. Every computer science student strives to gauge a topic which is unique and makes everyone go awestruck, on the other hand, helps them grab a 30 on 30 scores. Thus, it becomes vital to select a topic which is a creative amalgamation of Computer Science Class 12 Syllabus. To all the students exploring some top-notch C++ project class 12 topics, here is a blog which aims to elucidate the same. 

C++ Project Class 12 Topics

Class 12th is the foundation of your career, the more you score, the merrier you will be able to attain quality education from top study destinations. Thus, it becomes vital to take safe and calculated steps, making sure they help you reach your career aspirations. To do so, you must prepare thoroughly for both theory and practical examinations. Amongst the two, it is comparatively easier to turn the ball in your court in the practical examinations as no matter how well one prepares, the face of question paper is unpredictable. So, here are some latest C++ project class 12 topics: 

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  • Banking System: This C++ program will include an accounting class with data members such as account name, account number, withdrawal amount, deposit amount and the type of account. The project will allow the customer to deposit and withdraw the amount from his account. Along with this, the user can create, modify and delete the account. The data of the customer will be stored in a binary file 
  • Library Management: Majorly in this topic, there will be a book and student class with some data members like book name, book number, author name and student name. Through the program, students can issue a book and return it within 15 days. The student will only be able to issue one book. Book and student records will be saved in a binary file. Only the administrator can modify and delete records
  • Tic Tac Toe Game: It will be a simple text game without graphics to emphasize the logic and algorithm applied in the program. Only two players can play the game
  • Supermarket Billing Project: This menu-driven C++ project class 12th, consists of a product class with its data members like product name, product number, price, quantity, tax, and discount. An invoice will also be generated for the products bought. The authority of the program can modify, create, delete and view the product record. All the product details will be saved in the binary file
  • Snake and Ladder Game: Amongst all the C++ project class 12 topics, this one is the most opted by the students. You can easily prepare this by using the procedure-oriented method to design this. Only two players can play this game, the one who crosses the 100 first will win 
  •  Casino Number Guessing Game: The program can be easily devised by using the procedure-oriented approach. To play the game, the user will have to deposit some money and can bet the amount on numbers from 1-10. If he wins, he will get 10 times the money, otherwise, he will lose all of it  
  • Hangman Game Project: From a given long list of words, the computer will choose a word. This word will be the answer and the computer will display only the first letter of the word, the player has to guess the complete word by selecting one letter at a time

List of C++ Topics

Following are some of the C++ Project class 12 topics

  1. GK Quiz 
  2. Project on Employment Management 
  3. File Handling
  4. Railway Reservation System
  5. Documentation and Report 
  6. Rotation of Triangle
  7. Balloon Shooting Game
  8. Typing Speed 
  9. Word Guessing Game 
  10. LIC Database Management
  11. Telephone Directory System
  12. Mobile Billing System
  13. Travel Agency 
  14. Soduko Game 
  15. CD Cafe 
  16. Kon Banega Crorepati
  17. Memory Game
  18. Music Store
  19. School Management 
  20. Sales Management
  21. Diabetes Detection 
  22. Address Book 
  23. Matrix Calculator 
  24. Payroll Management
  25. Cricket Score Maintenance
  26. OOP Teaching Project (How to learn OOP)
  27. Snake and Ladder Game 
  28. Casino Game
  29. Tic Tac Toe Game 
  30. Supermarket Billing 
  31. Student Report Card
  32. Library Management  
  33. Banking System 
  34. Shuffle Game
  35. Bookshop Management 
  36. Canteen Management 
  37. Salary Management 
  38. Computer Shop 
  39. Telephone Billing System
  40. Hangman Game 
  41. Hospitality Management 

C++ Project Books

Another way for getting an idea of the C++ project topic is by referring to some books written and suggested by experts in the field. Apart from the book that is referred to as your coursebook, there are various other C++ books in the market that concentrated only on the project part. Enlisted below are some of the popular ones:

Book NameAuthor
C++ Programming Projects: Activities WorkbookJohn Sestak
Visual C++ ProjectsYashavant Kanetkar
A Project-Based Introduction to C++Terence Soule
C++ for Lazy Programmers: Quick, Easy, and Fun C++ for BeginnersWill Briggs
Large‑Scale C++ Software Development: Process and ArchitectureJohn Lakos
Microsoft Visual C++ .NET: Professional ProjectsSai Kishore
Taming C++Jiri Soukup
Biological Sequence Analysis Using the SeqAn C++ LibraryAndreas Gogol-Dring and Knut Reinert
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Thus, we hope that through this blog we have provided you with ample ideas for your C++ project class 12 ideas. If you are clueless about how to proceed for your dream career path, contact us at Leverage Edu and our experts here will resolve all your career queries through free career counselling sessions.     

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