SAT Exam Dates

SAT Exam Dates

SAT exam is a mandatory test to take to seek an undergraduate degree overseas. Two different versions of the SAT exam i.e., SAT1 and SAT2 are available for the students to choose as per the requirement of their bachelor’s program. The major SAT1 and SAT2 difference lie in the purpose behind taking the test. SAT is available for 7 times in a year and candidates are free to choose amongst the prescribed dates. Read our exclusive blogs on SAT exam dates to know about all the available options!

SAT Exam Dates 2021

Given below are the important SAT dates for the upcoming SAT exam in 2021, have a look:

Test DateSAT General TestSAT Subject TestEarly RegistrationRegistration DeadlineDeadline for Changes
8 May 2021AvailableChemistry, Korean with Listening
Literature, Biology E/MChinese with Listening, Physics, Spanish with Listening,
U.S. History, Japanese with Listening,
German with Listening, French with Listening, Mathematics Level 2, Mathematics Level 1
24 March 20218 April 202127 April 2021
5 June 2021Not AvailableLiterature, U.S. History, World History, Mathematics Level 1, Mathematics Level 2,
Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics, French, German, Spanish, Modern Hebrew, Italian, Latin
21 April 20216 May 202126 May 2021

Anticipated Dates

28 August 2021SAT/ SAT Subject
2 October 2021SAT/ SAT Subject
6 November 2021SAT/ SAT Subject
December 4, 2021SAT/ SAT Subject
March 12, 2022SAT/ SAT Subject
May 7, 2022SAT/ SAT Subject
June 4, 2022SAT/ SAT Subject
August 27, 2022SAT/ SAT Subject
October 1, 2022SAT/ SAT Subject
November 5, 2022SAT/ SAT Subject
December 3, 2022SAT/ SAT Subject
March 11, 2023SAT
May 6, 2023SAT/ SAT Subject
June 3, 2023SAT Subject

How to Register for SAT

Timely registration for the SAT exam is an important step in your journey of getting into your dream university. As soon as you begin to prepare for the SAT exam, you must register to get your exam scheduled on your desired date out of all the SAT exam dates available. Before you begin with the registration, research about SAT1 and SAT2 differences as well as the score of which variant is required for the course you desire to study. If you are opting for SAT1, check whether an essay is a requirement or not. For those who are choosing SAT2, ponder upon the subject you will select. You can follow the below-listed steps for successful registration of the exam:

  • Visit the official website of the College Board.
  • Fill in all your required details carefully.
  • Upload your latest and clear photograph.
  • Choose whether you want to be enrolled in the College Board Student Search Service or not
  • Once you have filled in the exact details, you will be asked to pay the registration fee of the exam which is US$ 46 (INR 3507) for SAT and US$ 60 (INR 4574) for SAT with essay.
  • After successful payment of the application form, take a print out of the admit card required for the exam day.

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Test Day Prep 

On the SAT exam date, make sure you get up with a free mind and try not to worry about studying. Have a healthy breakfast and timely leave for the exam centre. Make sure you reach the exam centre at least half an hour prior to the exam time. Do not forget to submit all your belongings like a tablet, mobile phone, or any other electronic device as your entry with such items will be forbidden. Only carry the essential documents and belongings inside the examination hall. Let’s us have a look at some necessary things you must carry on your dates: 

  • Admit card with a photo ID
  • Erasers with two number 2 pencils 
  • A wristwatch with all the alarms silenced
  • One approved calculator with extra batteries 
  • A snack or drink for the exam 

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We hope that this blog about SAT exam dates has helped you in selecting the ideal date. SAT is a highly competitive exam, thus, it is important to get a charming score. Enrol into interactive online sessions by Leverage Edu and attain your dream score. Hurry up for free demo sessions.

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