Algebra Questions

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Algebra Questions

Nowadays, with cut-throat competition, scoring well in competitive exams like GMAT, SAT exam, SSC CGL, etc has become difficult. And with a number of sections evaluating a candidate’s knowledge on various parameters, it has become essential to practice all the topics in-depth in order to smoothly sail through the admission process of top universities in the world. Just like scores of other exams, the quantitative section of GMAT is highly important and the trickiest of all. Out of all the topics, Algebra questions also form an integral component of this section. So, if you are preparing for GMAT, then here are some of the questions for you to practice.

Algebra Questions: SET 1

  • A stationery shop sells pens at Rs. 3 and Rs.5. The shop sold m pens for Rs. 3 and n pens for Rs. 5. How many possible values of “m” can be there if m and n are natural numbers?
  • What will be the highest value of ‘k’ for which the equation x^2- 8x+ k= 0 will have 2 distinct and real roots. 
  • For the given quadratic equation x^2- px+ 8= 0, what real value of ‘p’ will have equal and real roots?
  • If z>0 and x^2 -12x +z= 0 has integer roots, how many distinct integer values will ‘z’ have?
  • In Raghu’s poultry farm, there are chickens and cows only. One day, Raghu counted the head of the stock he had on the farm and the total was 200 heads. However, on counting the number of legs, total came out to be 540. Calculate how many more chickens were there on the farm? 

Apart from the Algebra questions, here are some Time and Work Tricks for GMAT!


  • The one-way train ticket fare from Lucknow to Delhi for a child between the age of 3-10 years costs half the regular fare price for an adult. Also, there are some extra charges for the reservation on both the tickets. If a ticket for an adult costs Rs. 216 and a ticket for an adult, as well as a child, costs Rs. 327. Determine what is the basic fare for a child ticket. 
  • The equation z= a^2 +ba+ 169 cuts the x-axis at (h,0) and (k,0). Find the minimum value of k, considering h and k are integers.
  • 3 years ago, Rohit was 24 years older than his son. Right now, Rohit is 5 times older than his son. What will be the age of the son after 3 years?
  • While working alone, Aman can complete his work in ‘a’ days and Badal can complete his work in ‘b’ days. They both work turn by turn and work 2 days at a time. They finish the task in exactly 10 days if Aman starts. But if Badal starts, it takes half a day more to end the task. How long will it take to finish the entire task if they work together?
  • (x-1) (x-3) (x-5) …(x-93)<0 and x is a positive integer, how many values can x take?

Now that you have practiced some Algebra questions, check out Sequence and Series questions for GMAT!

Algebra Questions: SET 3

  • a, b, c are positive numbers. If b^2+ c^2= 117, then what will be the value of a^2 + c^2
  • There are 22 students in a dance class. All the students either have a sibling or a pet. If 14 students have a pet and 18 students have siblings. How many students have both a sibling and a pet?
  • At a ration shop, a whole wheat bread costs Rs. 2.50 per pound on a minimum purchase of 20 pounds. If Rohit paid Rs. 80 for some whole wheat bread, how many pounds did Rohit by extra?
  • Rohan’s teacher asked him to divide a number by 6 and then add 12 to the quotient. But by mistake, Rohan first added 12 and then divided the number by 6. The answer he got was 112. Find out the correct answer.
  • Mr. Kapoor had to pay off a debt of Rs. 3600. He decides to pay it in 40 installments which are in the Arithmetic Progression. He suddenly dies after paying the 30th installment and leaves behind 1/3rd of the debt unpaid. What is the value of the 8th installment? 

And you have finally completed all the Algebra questions! Now have a look Mean Median Mode questions to boost your preparation.

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