GMAT Online vs Test Centre: Which One is Better?

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GMAT Online vs Test Centre

To tackle the current situation of Novel coronavirus, keeping in mind the safety of students, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has announced the option of taking the GMAT exam online. The authority has given students the liberty to take GMAT online exam from their homes. Along with the GMAT online exam, the option of attempting the exam at a test centre is also available. But the rules and regulations, as well as the structure of GMAT online exam, is set differently by official authorities, that has led to utter confusion amongst the GMAT aspirants. If you are also looking forward to attempting the GMAT exam, let us take you through some vital differences between GMAT online exam vs test centre, so that it will be easy for you to decide your medium of the exam. 

What is GMAT Online Exam? 

With respect to the hazardous consequences of the ongoing pandemic and the safety of students, GMAT can now be easily taken at home. The version of the test which you take up on a computer can be known as GMAT online. Students who decide to take the GMAT online must have their camera always on because a proctor will be watching them from the other end. Now, a lot of students could find it annoying to have someone watch them during the exam. They must also post images of their workspace and bedroom so the proctor can be sure it is a comfortable space. If someone chooses to take the GMAT from the convenience of their home, that is what it takes.

What is GMAT Test Centre Exam? 

The GMAT test-taking experience in a test centre is fairly comparable to previous exam experiences that students undergo. Proctors will be watching test-takers while they are seated inside a testing facility. Before starting the exam, students must arrive at this location and complete the necessary procedures, including verifying their identification and submitting photos. Due to COVID-19, this option was put down by the authorities. But as the unlock phase has started in many countries including India, the GMAT test centres have started their operations. 

GMAT Online vs Test Centre: Key Parameters 

A few revisions have been made in the test structure as well as various other parameters of GMAT online or GMAT test centre, let us take into consideration some of the key features and compare the new changes announced by the GMAC- 

CategoriesGMAT Online Exam GMAT Exam at Test Center
DurationApproximately 2 hours 37 minutesApproximately 3 hours 7 minutes
Registration Fee$200$250 along with the 18% GST 
Cancellation FeeCandidates can cancel before 24 hours of the testTemporally Waived
Rescheduling Fee Waived Temporary Waived
Score Scale, Section Score, Total Score along with Percentile SameSame 
Cancellation of Score Not Allowed Allowed 

Now that we have taken into consideration some of the prominent factors of the GMAT exam, let us now take a deep look into some other important factors of GMAT Online Exam vs Test Centre-

Test Structure  

In the GMAT online exam there will be only three sections such as quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning and integrated reasoning. On the other hand, if you are taking the GMAT exam at a test centre, you will have to attempt all the four sections such as integrated reasoning verbal, reasoning quantitative reasoning and analytical writing assessment. Also, in online exam, there will be a set way to attempt the exam, that is, Quant → Verbal → IR, which is not the case in test centre exams. 

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GMAT Online Exam vs Test Centre: Booking the Slot 

There is a maximum of 8 attempts that one can make to qualify the GMAT exam. Candidates must note that the online GMAT exam does not count as one of the 8 allotted attempts. Hence, this counts as one of the most important factors between GMAT Online Exam vs Test Centre. The online exam is available 24/7 and the exam at the test centre can be repeated after a period of 16 days but not more than 5 times in a period of 12 months. 

GMAT Online Exam vs Test Centre: Schools 

Those who will appear in the GMAT test in the conventional format, they will be allowed to send the scores at 5 universities or business schools of their choice. Additional fees will be incorporated if students want to add more schools. For those who want to give the exam through online mode can send their scores to as many schools they want.

Identification Proof required for the Exam

GMAT online: Students who choose to take the GMAT online should be aware that ID validation and facial recognition will be carried out online prior to the test.

You must fulfil the following four requirements to pass this verification:

  • Your computer needs to be using the proper software and have the necessary hardware.
  • The picture of identification you present must match the face on yours. Please be aware that Aadhar cards are now recognised.
  • You must send a digital photo to compare with your ID proof, item iii.
  • iv. Before the exam starts, you must upload images of your workstation for verification. Please keep in mind that the proctor will check your workplace and must approve the setup.

GMAT test center:

  • You need to carry your passport
  • Carry a government-issued ID like an Aadhar card
  • Driver’s license
  • Military ID card

Note: Remember to carry original IDs only

Knowing Your Results While Taking Your GMAT Test Centre Vs. Online

Receiving the GMAT scores is a crucial consideration when contrasting the GMAT online exam with the GMAT test centre exam. But things are altering. Let’s examine the distinction below:

GMAT Online: If you take the GMAT online exam, you can see your preliminary results on your screen right away. However, the official GMAT scores won’t be available to you for 7–10 days.

GMAT Test Centre: Students taking the GMAT at a testing facility can examine their unofficial results right away and will receive their official results 20 days later. Please take note that the results of the GMAT exam will be transmitted right away to the five business schools that they have chosen.

Score: Another point for GMAT Online! The students are given 7–10 days to decide which business schools they want their GMAT results submitted to. Sadly, people who take the GMAT at a testing facility will have to pay extra to modify their preferred business schools.

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Break and Retaking the Exam 

While taking the exam through the online medium you will be allowed only to break for 5 minutes whereas for the exam being conducted at the test centre, there will be two breaks of 8 minutes each. The GMAT online test can be taken two times in total by students. They are not permitted to take the GMAT online once more. They must go to a testing facility to take the exam. On the other hand, Students who choose to take the GMAT at a testing facility have a predetermined chance of five retakes every year.

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