Digital SAT Brings Student-Friendly Changes to Test Experience

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SAT Exam Goes Fully Digital to Make Test Experience Easier

SAT is accessible in digital format now, with student-friendly updates. The College Board, which administers the SAT, PSAT, and other standardized examinations, made the announcement on Tuesday that the SAT Suite of Assessments will be delivered digitally. For American students, the transition to online tests will not occur until 2024, whereas international students will begin taking virtual tests in 2023. The changes have been made after taking feedback from Fall Pilots into consideration.

“The digital SAT will be easier to take, easier to give, and more relevant,” said Priscilla Rodriguez, vice president of College Readiness Assessments at College Board. “We’re not simply putting the current SAT on a digital platform—we’re taking full advantage of what delivering an assessment digitally makes possible. With input from educators and students, we are adapting to ensure we continue to meet their evolving needs.”

Modifications brought by the New SAT

The college board made significant changes to the SAT Tests in order to make them more succinct, relevant, and unique. The digital SAT Test will be shorter—roughly two hours as opposed to three hours for the current SAT—and will allow students more time per question. 

Shorter reading passages with one question will be included in the digital SAT test, and the texts will cover a wider range of topics to match what students read in college. Throughout the Maths section, calculators will be permitted. Students and teachers will receive their grades in days, not weeks. Moreover, Digital SAT Test Suite score reports will also connect students to information and resources about local two-year colleges, workforce training programmes, and career opportunities, reflecting the variety of paths that students follow after high school.

Digitization and Reducing Inequality

The College Board is attempting to address inequities in technology access as part of the shift to digital assessments. Students can bring their own device (laptop or tablet) or use one provided by the school. The College Board will provide a device on test day if students do not have one. If a student loses connectivity or power, the digital SAT Test is set up to ensure that they do not lose work or time while reconnecting.

The SAT continues to play an important part in the comprehensive admissions process, connecting students to higher education and scholarship opportunities. In a bulletin, College Board stated that it expects the Digital SAT Test format will be more equitable for all students. 

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