SAT Preparation Tips

SAT Preparation Tips

As one of the prominent standardized tests required to study abroad, the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) consists of three main sections, i.e. Reading, Writing and Mathematics with an essay as an optional one. SAT scores are mainly required to apply for undergraduate programs abroad especially in countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc. While gearing up for the SAT exam, it is necessary to know about the different preparation strategies you can utilise to fetch a high score in the exam. Read through this detailed blog imparting you with the best SAT preparation tips you must know to crack the exam with flying colours! 

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SAT Tips and Tricks 2021

The SAT exam comprises 3 main sections like Reading, Mathematics, Writing as well as an optional section of the essay. To obtain a higher score, it is important to target each section individually.

Here are the best tips and tricks for SAT 2021:

  1. Make a plan for each SAT section
  2. Approach easier questions first
  3. Take as many SAT practice tests as possible before the exam
  4. Know your mistakes and weaknesses and work on them
  5. Eliminate wrong answers first
  6. Read passages in SAT reading with interest and then answer
  7. Highlight the important parts in the question before answering
  8. Use the assess and analyze in SAT writing
  9. Do the difficult questions later
  10. Fill the bubbles in the sheet after completing the section and mark the answers booklet first.
  11. Memorize useful facts for SAT section
  12. Try finding your own answers for SAT Reading and then cross-check.
  13. Master your grammar basics
  14. Skip questions if they are taking too much time
  15. Most importantly, stay calm throughout and answer questions by double-checking.

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SAT Reading Tips

The Reading section of the SAT consists of mixed passages of both long and short readings. Thus, you must begin by identifying the main idea or storyline upon which the passage focuses on. Take a look at the following SAT preparation tips for the reading section: 

  • Skim the passage thoroughly and do not skip directly to the questions.
  • Underline and note down the key phrases, words or sentences which provide the crux of the passage.
  • Don’t start reading a paragraph from the middle. Always read the entire paragraph from its start till the end.
  • Understand the meaning conveyed by the connotations and try determining the context of the passage which will help you get to the right answers.

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SAT Writing Tips

The writing section evaluates four main skill areas, i.e. Expression of Ideas, Command of Evidence, Words in Context and Standard English Conventions. It contains multiple-choice questions with four answer choices in each question. Here the SAT preparation tips for the writing section which you can utilise to effectively answering each question. 

  • You must revise the basic grammar rules before practising the questions under this section. 
  • While attempting the test, do not select answers by focusing on what ‘looks’ right. Adhere to the grammar rules and answer accordingly. 
  • Be careful while attempting the rhetoric questions. You must critically examine the given passage and then answer the questions.
  • In case, you come across a question where more than one option is correct, select the option which completes the given sentence in a precise manner.
  • Do not immediately jump to rhetorical questions without going through the passage. Always read the passage carefully and then move towards the questions.

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SAT Mathematics Tips

The mathematics section is divided into 2 sub-sections i.e., with and without a calculator. You must strengthen the basic mathematical concepts and don’t just mug up formulas but practice them through sample papers. For the Mathematics section, you must consider the following SAT preparation tips:

  • During the beginning stage of your preparation, focus on your weak points and practice them thoroughly.
  • Make a list of all the formulae that you come across while preparing this section.
  • Always read the questions carefully and underline the part that needs to be solved. By adopting this practice, you will not get confused about what the question is asking for. 
  • Avoid skipping difficult questions by utilising the elimination method. 

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SAT Essay Tips

Note: The SAT College Board has recently discontinued the SAT Essay. This section is just for you reference.

For the essay question, you will be given an argument in the form of a passage. The main motive behind this is to check how well you can analyse the main argument of the passage. During the 50 minutes you are given, you must spend at least 5-7 minutes scanning the passage thoroughly. Listed below SAT preparation tips which will assist you in drafting an impressive essay:

  • Prove the mentioned argument by using appropriate examples.
  • Do not write less than the given word limit.
  • Focus on writing simpler and well-structured sentences.  
  • Stay focused on one side of the argument. Do not dwell upon both sides as it can complicate your essay and confuse the examiner.
  • Proofread the essay during the last few minutes and correct any grammatical or spelling errors. 

Thus, we hope that these SAT preparation tips will surely help you in carrying out your preparation for this exam. Sign up for an online demo session with our Leverage Edu experts and we will assist you in drafting the right study plan along with equipping you with the best preparation guides and exam day tips to help you achieve your target SAT score!

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  1. Thank you! It is quite a challenge to prepare for the SAT (at the last minute). It is one of my first very important tests. I really hope to be successful.

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