SAT Maths Subject Test

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SAT Maths Subject Test

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is extremely popular among students who are aiming for enrolling in premium institutes abroad, especially in advanced countries like the USA, Canada or UK. Conducted by the College Board, the SAT exam is internationally recognized as a standardised test mainly for admission into undergraduate courses abroad. Along with the standardised SAT test, there are a few SAT Subject tests out there too. SAT Subject Tests are subject-centric ability tests. These tests evaluate the applicant’s proficiency in a particular subject, helping the selectors map the individual’s aptitude in a specific discipline. There are more than 20 SAT Subject Tests out there, one of the most popular among them being SAT Maths Subject test. This blog brings you all the key details of the SAT Maths Subject Test, its syllabus, scoring as well as tips to ace the exam successfully.

What is SAT Maths Subject Test?

SAT Maths Subject Test is designed to map the Mathematical and Quantitative aptitude of applicants. The test is for all students with no age bar, conducted 6-7 times in a year depending upon the nation and region. The duration of SAT Maths Subject Test is 60 minutes and comprises 50 Multiple Choice Questions which students must attempt within the given time frame.

There are two different types of SAT Maths Subject Tests that are conducted by the College Board, namely Mathematics Level 1 and Mathematics Level 2. Although there is no marked difference in difficulty, Mathematics Level 2 Test can be understood as a more advanced test, taken by students who especially want to pursue Mathematics in their studies. Test 2 is specially designed for students who are acquainted with the concepts of Vector, higher Trigonometry and Precalculus. 

SAT 2023 Important Dates

03 Dec 2022Exam – December 2022 SAT | Mode: Online
10 Feb 2023Application – Registration deadline (March 2023 SAT) – Start Date | Mode: Online
28 Feb 2023Application – Deadline for changes, regular cancellation, and late registration (March 2023 SAT) – Start Date | Mode: Online
11 Mar 2023Exam – March 2023 SAT | Mode: Online
07 Apr 2023Application – Registration deadline (May 2023 SAT) – Start Date | Mode: Online
25 Apr 2023Application – Deadline for changes, regular cancellation, and late registration (May 2023 SAT) – Start Date | Mode: Online
04 May 2023Application – Registration deadline (June 2023 SAT) – Start Date | Mode: Online
06 May 2023Exam – May 2023 SAT | Mode: Online
23 May  2023Application – Deadline for changes, regular cancellation, and late registration (June 2023 SAT) – Start Date | Mode: Online
03 Jun, 2023Exam – June 2023 SAT | Mode: Online

SAT Math Practice Test PDF

SAT Maths Subject Test Syllabus

SAT Maths Subject Test inculcates all the Mathematical concepts which are highly applicable in real life, and useful for students whether or not they choose to pursue higher Mathematics.  Here are some of the important topics covered under SAT Maths Level 1 Subject Test:

Number and OperationsOperations
Ratio and Proportion
Complex Numbers Counting
Elementary Number Theory
Algebra and FunctionsExpressions
Inequalities Representation and Modelling
Properties of Functions:
Geometry and MeasurementPlane Euclidean/Measurement
Coordinate Geometry
-Surface Area and Volume 
Trigonometry: Right Triangles and Identities
Data Analysis, Statistics and ProbabilityMean

Interquartile Range
Graphs and Plots
Least-squares Regression (linear)

SAT Math Subject Test Past Papers

For the Mathematics Level 2 test, there are a few additions to the syllabus. While the basic framework and topics of the tests are essentially the same, the Level 2 test is slightly more advanced with its curriculum. Along with all the syllabus of Mathematics Level 1 Test, Level 2 Test comes with the following additional topics:

Number and OperationsArithmetic and Geometric Series Vectors
Algebra and FunctionsProperties of Functions:
-Inverse Trigonometric
Geometry and Measurement
Three-dimensional Geometry: 
-Coordinates in Three Dimensions
-Radian measure
-Law of Cosines
-Law of Sines
-Double Angle Formula
Data Analysis, Statistics and ProbabilityRegression

SAT Maths Subject Test: Marking Scheme

Even though there are only 50 questions in an SAT Maths Subject Test, the tests are marked in a range of 200 to 800. Here is some information about the marking scheme followed for SAT Maths Subject Test:

  • Every correct answer is awarded a single point.
  • For multiple-choice questions, marks are deducted in proportionate fractions. 1/4 point is subtracted for five-choice questions. 1/3 point is subtracted for four-choice questions.1/2 point is subtracted for three-choice questions.
  • There is no point deduction or addition for unanswered questions.
  • The resultant score is scaled up to the range of 200-800 to give a final score to the applicant.

Preparation Tips

Here are some tips you need to keep in mind while appearing for the SAT Maths Subject Test:

  • Prepare as per the level of exam you are preparing to appear for. While Level 2 exam has a few more sub-topics in its syllabus, Level 1 exam compensates for this with multi-step questions which are comparatively harder to solve. Pick out the test which suits your requirements, and prepare for its specific topics.
  • It is not always beneficial to use a calculator while solving a question. While calculator use is allowed in both Level 1 and Level 2 exams, it is better to have short maths tricks which can save the time taken in using a calculator.
  • If you are able to eliminate two possible answers in an MCQ question, it is highly advisable to attempt the question with a guess. The fraction-deduction method ensures that the risk is comparatively low if the answer is incorrect.

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