SAT Exam Pattern: Section-Wise Pattern 2024

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SAT Exam Pattern: Section-Wise Pattern 2024

The SAT, conducted by the College Board, comprises two broad sections, namely reading & writing and math. Both of these sections are scored on a scale of 200–800, respectively. SAT test-takers attempting the exam for the first time or intending to take the exam in the forthcoming time can expect the questions to be primarily MCQ-based. However, the only exception to this is that certain SAT math section questions require students to write answers rather than just selecting an option.

Students will now not be marked negatively for their incorrect responses. In 2023, there were a few alterations introduced and implemented to the SAT pattern, some of which are: the reduced duration of the exam, permission for students to use calculators for math questions, and the discontinuation of the SAT Essay and SAT Subject Test. That being said, to learn more about the SAT exam pattern, read the complete blog.

Latest SAT Paper Pattern 2024

The SAT exam is primarily objective and lasts two hours and fourteen minutes. Candidates would have to attempt 98 problems from both the Reading/Writing and Math portions of the SAT. The following is the most recent SAT Exam/Test Pattern for the year 2024 for students preparing for their next SAT exam. 

Section Total Duration Questions 
Math70 Minutes 44
Reading/Writing64 Minutes 54

SAT Exam: An Overview

Study abroad aspirants are frequently confronted with a familiar quandary while preparing for their study abroad journey, namely, why is the SAT significant and why should you take the test in the first place? Well, the Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SAT, is a standardised test taken largely by individuals intending to pursue their higher education at the undergraduate level from universities overseas. Students who appear for the test are predominantly evaluated based on their English proficiency and critical thinking prowess. In other words, the SAT assesses students’ preparedness to study abroad. 

Undoubtedly, a candidate has to be well-versed in critical reading, writing and mathematical skills for the SAT exam. As per the university requirement, one has to decide whether to apply for the SAT I or SAT II subject test. Given below is the SAT exam pattern for both the versions: 

SAT I or Reasoning Test

It is a 3-hour MCQ type of test that evaluates the mathematical & verbal reasoning abilities of applicants. The majority of international universities accept this score for admission purposes.  

SAT II or Subject Test (Discontinued)

This exam evaluates the knowledge of an individual in a particular subject or subject. Some universities require SAT Subject Test along with SAT I.

SAT Section-Wise Exam Pattern 2024

SAT Exam pattern changes as per the version of the exam one plans to take. Based on the type of exam you intend to take, make a plan of action and prepare well for the same. To present a clear picture regarding the SAT exam pattern process, a candidate has to go through the SAT syllabus. Refer to the data given below to go through the section-wise exam pattern of the SAT exam.

Reasoning Test

The SAT reasoning test is 3 hours long. A total number of 154 questions are there in the exam. In the below-mentioned chat, students can understand the SAT exam pattern:

Subjects for SAT Reasoning TestNumber of QuestionsTotal Duration (mins)
Writing and Language4465
Mathematics 5850
Reading 5235


SAT aspirants need to comprehend the Maths section format. Understanding the format and pattern of this part will improve your chances of scoring higher. This section is split into two parts: SAT maths with calculator and SAT maths without calculator.

As the name implies, in one portion, you will be permitted to use a calculator to answer questions, whilst in the other, you will not be permitted to utilise any such external assistance. To get an overview of the SAT Maths Pattern, have a look at the following table. 

SectionNumber of QuestionsDuration
No Calculator 15 multiple choice, 5 grid-ins25 Minutes
With Calculator 30 multiple choice, 8 grid-ins55 Minutes


In the SAT Reading section, there are questions based on the reading passages. Equally, each passage consists of 11 questions. The main purpose of this section is to understand the ability of the student to understand the written text. Applicants are supposed to know the meaning of words. 


In the writing section, you will come across 11 different questions. You have to spot errors and rectify those with your ability. Suitable alternatives after rehashing is a prerequisite task in the writing section. Construction of sentences, proper usage and understanding of grammar would be your prime responsibility. 

So that was all about the SAT Exam Pattern. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic.

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What is the full form of the SAT?

The full form of the SAT is the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

What are the full marks on the SAT?

A maximum score of 1600 can be scored on the SAT.

Is SAT very difficult?

SAT is hard to crack but with the right preparation and practice you can get there!

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