SAT Exam Pattern

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SAT Exam Pattern

SAT conducted by College Board has two exam patterns: SAT Subject Test and SAT Reasoning. Recently, the SAT College Board has discontinued the SAT Essay and SAT Subject Test to reduce the burden of the students. Candidates need to qualify SAT in order to proceed with their applications to universities abroad. To get a good score in the SAT exam, candidates need to know the SAT Exam pattern thoroughly for both the options. Referring to the latest paper patterns and SAT syllabus is going to help students perform better in the paper. Both the SAT variants evaluate a candidate’s skills at different levels. There is no negative marking in the exam. The total score for the SAT Reasoning is of 800 marks. Here is a comprehensive blog concentrating on the SAT Exam pattern 2023!

SAT Exam 2023

Earlier SAT was recognised as Scholastic Aptitude Test. Presently, it’s being called a Scholastic Assessment Test. For aspiring undergraduates who are hunting to pursue such courses in US, Canada, Australia, UK usually take the SAT exam. The test broadly covers subjects like Mathematics, Science, Foreign Languages, History and English. The table given below provides a holistic view for SAT exam fee structure:

Examination Name SAT 
Mode of Exam Written-based examination
SAT Fee 8200 (Inclusive of Regional Fee)
Score Range 400-1600 points

Undoubtedly, a candidate has to be well-versed with critical reading, writing and mathematical skills for the SAT exam. Students are examined on the basis of their capabilities, what they have learnt in their school times. Certainly, they test skills which are required to progress in an academic career. As per the university requirement, one has to make a decision whether to apply for SAT I or SAT II subject test. Given below is the SAT exam pattern for both the versions: 

SAT I or Reasoning Test

It is a 3-hour MCQ type of test that evaluates mathematical & verbal reasoning abilities of applicants. Majority of international universities accept this score for admission purposes.  

SAT II or Subject Test (Discontinued)

This exam evaluates knowledge of an individual in a particular subject or subjects. Some universities require SAT Subject Test along with SAT I.

About SAT Exam Pattern

SAT Exam pattern changes as per the version of the exam one plan to take. Based on the type of exam you intend to give, make a plan of action and prepare well for the same. In order to present a clear picture regarding the SAT exam pattern process, a candidate has to go through the SAT syllabus. Generally, the Examination syllabus can be categorized into four different categories which include: 

SAT Subject Test (discontinued recently)

The SAT exam pattern for the subject test can be described as the more specific version of the test that checks the knowledge of a student in a particular subject. The test is 60 minutes of duration. Applicants have to make a choose a subject from a list of 20. On the grade scale of 800, candidates are evaluated. The optional subjects are as follows: 

  • Italian
  • Physics 
  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • Japanese with Listening 
  • Chinese with listening
  • German with listening 
  • World history
  • Modern Hebrew
  • Literature
  • US History
  • Korean with Listening 
  • Chemistry 
  • Latin 
  • Mathematics I
Here are some Books for SAT Preparation that explains the SAT Exam pattern well!

SAT Reasoning Test

SAT reasoning test is 3 hours long. A total number of 154 questions are there in the exam. In a below-mentioned chat, students can understand the SAT exam pattern:

Subjects for SAT Reasoning Test Number of Questions Total Duration (mins)
Writing and Language 44 65
Mathematics  58 50
Reading  52 35
Aggregate 154 180


In Mathematics, students have to answer 58 questions in  80 minutes. Students have to answer questions pertaining to Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Probability. Data interpretation too plays a pivotal role in Mathematics question paper.


In Reading part, there are questions based on the reading passages. Equally, each passage consists of 11 questions. The main purpose of this section is to understand the ability of the student to understand the written text. Applicants are supposed to know the meaning of words. 


In the writing section, you will come across 11 different questions. You have to spot errors and rectify those with your ability. Suitable alternatives after rehashing is a prerequisite task in the writing section. Construction of sentences, proper usage and understanding grammar would be your prime responsibility. 

Note: You can practice the above sections under the exam pattern at the official website of SAT.


What is the full form of SAT?

The full form of SAT is Scholastic Aptitude Test.

What is the full marks in SAT?

A maximum score of 1600 can be scored in SAT.

Is SAT very difficult?

SAT is definitely hard to crack but with the right preparation and practice you can get there!

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