SAT Sample Paper

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SAT Sample Paper

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) by the College Board evaluates the Written, Verbal, and Mathematical skills of a candidate. To reach a satisfactory SAT score amid rigorous competition, it is quintessential to know the SAT Exam Pattern and SAT syllabus. Apart from regular practice sessions, candidates need to solve SAT sample papers and mock tests rigorously, to obtain an above-average score. Here is an insightful blog that concentrates on the SAT sample papers for the upcoming 2023 SAT exam!

Exam NameScholastic Assessment Test
Conducted byThe College Board
Score Range400-1600 Points
Offered7 times Annually
AdministratorEducational Testing Service

SAT 2022 Sample Paper

Considering the importance of SAT sample paper in getting a good SAT score, we have covered section-wise questions as given in the sample paper for SAT 2022, have a look:

Writing and Language Test

In the writing and language test, evaluate the evidence-based skills of the students based on 4 passages. These passages can be from any field ranging from History, Social studies, and Humanities to  Science. There are a total number of 44 MCQs in the Writing and Language section with a duration of 35 minutes. The score ranges from 200 to 800. Here are some SAT sample paper questions for this particular section:

SAT Writing and Language Test
Credit: Collegeboard

Practice Questions

Q1. Among the following options, which choice has the most applicable detail?

A) No ChangeB) supplement and convert it into gas to use as fuel in electricity production
C) supplement, while sweet whey is more desirable as a food additive for humansD) supplement, which provides an important element of their diet.

Q2. The writer is considering removing the below-mentioned sentences, do you think the writer should do this?

A) Yes, because it does not provide a transition from the previous paragraph.B) Yes, because it fails to support the main argument of the passage as introduced in the first paragraph.
C) No, because it continues the explanation of how acid whey can be disposed of safely.D) No, because it sets up the argument in the paragraph for the benefits of Greek yoghurt.

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SAT Sample Paper: Reading Section

The reading test is likely to have 4-5 passages with 52 questions in this section that are to be done in 65 minutes. The score ranges from 200 to 800. Here are some SAT sample paper questions for the Reading section:

The SAT Reading Test
Credit: Khan Academy

Sample Paper for SAT: Mathematics Section

There are 57 questions in this section, including questions on problem-solving, data analysis, algebra, and advanced math. The score ranges from 200 to 800 with a duration of 80 minutes. Given below are some SAT sample paper questions for the Maths Section

Practice Questions 

Q1. For example, y is equal to Kx, k is constant and y is equal to 24. When X is equal to 6. What would be the value of Y when x is equal to 5?

A) 6B) 15
C) 20D) 23

Q2. What would be the value of 8x when 16 + 4x is 10 more than 14?

A) 2B) 6
C) 16D) 80

Q3. Which among the following air temperatures what would be the speed of the closest sound wave to 1000 feet per second?

A) −46°FB) −48°F
C) −49°FD) −50°F

Q4. Among the following statements, What indicates the relationship between h and C?

A) C hB) C=¾ h+5
C) C=3h+5D) h= 3C

SAT Sample Papers 2022 PDF

Collegeboard, the organizer of SAT exams provides free SAT Sample Papers for students to prepare well. We have jotted down most of these Sample Papers for you so you can prepare well:

Note: The College Board has announced the discontinuation of the SAT Subjects and the SAT Essay.

SAT 2023 Test Pattern

Sections in SAT SyllabusTime AllottedTasks/QuestionsScore Range
Writing3544(Calculated with Reading section)
MathematicsWith Calculator- 55No Calculator- 2538 (With 8 Grid-in) and 20 (With 5 Grid-in)200-800
Total180154400- 1600

SAT Exam 2023 Preparation

Most SAT exam aspirants wonder, How to prepare for SAT online? The correct answer to this question is, by seeking guidance from trustworthy platforms and through regular practice. Solving SAT sample papers regularly is going to help you in getting a hang of the exam pattern. It is also going to increase your paper-solving speed. Leverage Edu is an excellent platform for SAT preparation. Mentioned below are some of the best ways and methods to prepare for the SAT. You can have a look here:

  • Get Familiar With The Pattern Of SAT
  • Learn Mental Maths
  • Read Nonfiction
  • Attempt Mixed Practice Tests
  • Revise Quickly During Your Breaks
  • Reading chapters from an SAT study guide
  • Revising your vocabulary for the exam
  • Practice mental maths
  • Take tips from friends and family who qualified for the SAT.
  • Work On Your Weak Points
  • Don Not Mug!
  • Revise Your Grammar
  • Set A Score Goal

SAT Preparation Books

Along with SAT practice tests, and regular SAT mock tests candidates need authentic study materials for their preparations. Below are some of the best SAT preparation books for the preparation of SAT questions:

  • Official SAT Guide 2020 Edition
  • SAT Prep Black Book
  • The Official SAT Study Guide 2018 Edition
  • The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar
  • Barron’s Premium SAT Study Guide
  • Kalli’s SAT Pattern Strategy 
  • Kaplan SAT Prep Plus 2021
  • The Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT, 2020 Edition 
  • McGraw Hill Education SAT Elite 2021 Edition 
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Is SAT a hard test?

The main goal of the SAT exam is to assess a candidate’s verbal, mathematical, and written abilities. It is not a difficult exam if the candidate is willing to make a commendable effort. The exam is a standard test for applicants hoping to study in the United States and Canada.

Is the SAT multiple-choice?

Except for the optional Essay section, the majority of the SAT exam questions are multiple-choice.

Can students need to be in high school to take the SAT?

No, according to the College Board, applicants in the eleventh and twelfth grades typically take the test. However, anyone can take the SAT regardless of age or academic class.

Hopefully, this blog on SAT sample paper will help you ace the test with flying colours. Are you aiming at scoring 1400+ in your SAT exam? Then get in touch with Leverage Edu and we will help you reach your dream SAT Score!

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