Masters Courses in Germany

Masters Courses in Germany

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany has established itself as a preferred priority amongst those planning to study abroad. Packed with oldest universities, libraries, rich culture and history, it is an excellent study destination for those who want to attain quality education in a picturesque old-world setting of palaces and castles. Germany also avails almost free education costs for international students. The great exposure of study, life and culture provided by the country makes it an ideal place for higher studies. Let’s take a look at the multifarious facets of why you should pursue masters courses in Germany along with a list of postgraduate programs offered by the country to students across the globe.

Why Study in Germany?

Filled with plentiful benefits from scholarships, assistantships to research opportunities, pursuing a master’s degree in Germany is the best decision you will make in your educational journey. A wide range of subjects and careers concentrating on every possible area of study can be found in these universities. The country is home to many multinational companies which avail an array of job opportunities for students wanting to settle here after graduating. Apart from this, you will get the chance to explore the vivid culture of Germany from its scintillating operas, carnivals to the vibrant festivals.

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Masters Courses in Germany: Arts

Whether it is the Gewandhaus Museum, Quedlinburg Abbey or Haus Schwarzenberg Street Art Alley, the German heritage itself is a paradise for all the lovers of Arts and Culture. Thus, pursuing a Masters in Arts degree from the country is a goal of many. The following list shows some popular Arts masters courses in Germany: 

  • Masters in Art History and Museology
  • Masters in German – French History 
  • Masters in International Law 
  • MA in Innovation Design Management
  • MA in Visual & Experience Design 
  • MA in Media Spaces 
  • MA in Photography 

Masters Courses in Germany: Science

If we look back in the past, Germany has been the birthplace of a wide range of inventions such as the printing press, Bunsen Burner, diesel engine, contact lenses, electronic microphone, etc. Since ages, the nation has been rigorously involved in the arena of research and development. Thus, Science Masters courses in Germany have always been popular among every budding innovator. Below we have mentioned some of the renowned master’s degree programs that German universities offer: 

  • MS in Electrical Engineering
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering 
  • MS in Biomedical Technology 
  • MS in Automotive Engineering
  • MS in Chemical Engineering 
  • MS in Computer Engineering
  • MS in Informatics 
  • MS in Bioinformatics
  • Masters in Informatics – Gaming Engineering 
  • Masters in Data Engineering and Analytics

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Masters Courses in Germany: Commerce

Apart from arts and science courses, candidates can also choose from a plethora of commerce masters courses in Germany. The academic institutions in Germany have designed every postgraduate program in Commerce-related field with the aim of equipping students with a balanced curriculum of theoretical concepts and immense industry exposure. To assist you further in your research, here is a comprehensive list of major commerce courses offered in Germany:

  • Masters in Corporate Management
  • Masters in Business Management
  • Masters in Finance
  • Masters in Entrepreneurial Economics
  • Masters in Digital Business and Data Science
  • Masters in Business Administration 
  • MS in Business Mathematics
  • Master of Science Health Economics & Health Care Management 
  • Master IT-Management and Consulting  

Eligibility Criteria for Masters Courses in Germany

To study masters courses in Germany, students need to fulfil the basic eligibility criteria though there can be additional conditions specified by the university you are applying for. But more or less the conditions remain constant across universities. Following are the key prerequisites you should know about while applying for a master’s degree at a German university:

  • Candidates should have completed their graduation before opting for masters courses in Germany. Universities might keep a percentage bar for the bachelor’s degree which will be defined mainly under the course prospectus.
  • Students need to clear several international exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, etc in order to apply to a German University. 
  • Students willing to take up programs taught in German have to take TestDaF or DSH exams as German proficiency tests. TestDaf 4 is mostly accepted across all universities in the country. 

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Top Universities

Let’s have a look at the prominent German universities providing a varied number of masters courses in Germany:

Heidelberg UniversityHeidelberg
Humboldt University of BerlinBerlin
University of FreiburgBreisgau
Technische Universität MünchenMunich
RWTH Aachen UniversityAachen
Freie Universität BerlinBerlin
Berlin Institute of TechnologyBerlin
Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyKarlsruhe
University of BonnBonn
IUBH Bad Honnef

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Masters Courses in Germany: Prominent Student Cities

Since Germany is filled with a varied range of student cities housing eminent academic institutions that offer quality masters courses in almost every area of study, it might be a difficult task to put a finger on an ideal city you should opt for. Here is a list of some major cities in the country that are affordable and student-friendly:

  • Berlin 
  • Hamburg 
  • Munich 
  • Frankfurt
  • Cologne 

Thus, there is an array of beneficial aspects that you can enjoy by choosing to pursue masters courses in Germany. After reading this blog, if you are planning to pursue higher education in this country, then you can always reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we’ll guide you throughout the process of finding a suitable course and university as well as sending out an impressive application that can get you successfully shortlisted.

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