Universities in Munich

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Universities in Munich

If you aspire to go for higher studies abroad, then you must have explored a list of countries that offer the best education. While choosing a country to study abroad, we take various parameters into consideration which includes excellent education, tuition fee, living costs, scholarships and job opportunities. Germany, the land of castles, mansions and home to the finest technologies in the world is counted among the countries with the best education system in the world. The German universities are renowned in the world for being pioneers in research and development in the field of technology. Moreover, public universities in Germany started to offer free education to domestic and international students as well. A number of free universities in Germany offer education to international students with less or no fees. Munich, being the capital of Bavaria is located in Southern Germany. Lauded as the land of museums and heritage buildings and rich culture, Munich is a great destination for students wishing to study abroad. In this blog, we will explore some of the best universities in Munich. 

Top Universities in Munich

Universities in Germany maintain an extensive network of industrial partners to enable you to take part in real-life experiments during your course of studies and apply your theoretical knowledge in practice. There are more than 500 degrees taught in English at German universities. Thus, whatever subject you are interested in, you can study that degree in English in Munich. 

Here we present you some of the prominent universities in Munich that will match your academic goals:

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Established in 1472, Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) is a public university ranked among the top universities in the world and holds the top position among the German universities as well. Housing more than 50,000 students and 6000 faculty members, LMU is a brand name in imparting quality education in various fields like American Studies, Business administration, Communication studies, Economics, History, Law, Physics, and Political Science. It has remarkable alumni that include Nobel laureate in Physics – Wilhelm Rontgen and a Nobel Prize-winning Novelist Thomas Mann. The university offers has a range of courses at the master’s level which makes it one of the best universities in Munich and Europe. 

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Technical University of Munich

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Regarded as the best university in Germany, Technical University of Munich (TUM) is revered all over the world for offering comprehensive technical courses with technological research being at the core of it. The first on the list of best universities in Munich, TUM was established in 1868 by King Ludwig II and since then the university is pioneering in research and development in technology. Offering around 173-degree programs, the college offers undergraduate courses in Aerospace Engineering, Automotive and Combustion Engine Technology, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Informatics, Nuclear Technology, etc. The postgraduate courses offered at the university include programs in Aerospace, Architecture, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Environmental Engineering. 

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Munich University of Applied Sciences

The second-largest public university of Applied Sciences in Germany, the institution has around 18,000 students with 463 professors and 780 staff members and researchers. The Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) has 14 departments that offer over 85 bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. The multidisciplinarity in the subjects and the intensive research-based curriculum makes it one of the preferable choices for pursuing higher studies abroad. Being among the top universities in Munich, it offers a majority of courses for free. MUAS offers a great range of undergraduate and graduate courses. The bachelor’s courses offered at the university include Engineering, Architecture, Optometry, Computer Science, etc. At the master’s level, the university offers specializations in Engineering, Biotechnology and Design. 

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Bundeswehr University Munich

Established in 1973, Bundeswehr University Munich has seven departments with a core focus on technology courses. Besides this, the university offers full-fledged courses in Economics and Social Sciences. Courses like Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering are much sought after at the college. The undergraduate courses at the university span over 3 years while as 1-year masters degree programs are aimed at equipping students with necessary specialization skills to prepare them for the industry. Using the blend of high academic research and industry-standard professional training, the courses at the university offer a broader perspective of the subjects.

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Germany is home to thousands of international students who take advantage of the robust education system in free public universities. The universities in Munich enjoy close links to the industry which allows students easy access to internships and mandatory training. If you want to be a part of the leading education system and take your learning experience to the next level, Leverage Edu can help you. Our career experts have tie-ups with the top universities in Germany and they will ensure that you land in one of the best universities at an affordable cost. 

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